Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne

Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne, 1910

July 1920: ‘KENT’S RESTAURANT (Proprietor: E. H. STONE), Whitchurch Road, Pangbourne, Berks. Luncheons. Teas. Catering. CUSTOMERS’ OWN HAMPERS PACKED. OX TONGUE. POTTED MEATS. HOME-MADE BRAWN. AGENT FOR PASCALL’S AND FULLER’S CONFECTIONERY. High-class Ham, Beef & Confectionery Stores.’

W. T. WRIGHT, F.R.H.S., Landscape Artist and Designer. Reliable Seeds. Bulbs. Fruit Trees. Roses. Shrubs. Herbaceous Plants. Cut Flowers. Pot Plants. Bedding Plants. Rustic Work. Fertilizers. Insecticides. Landscape Work. Tomatoes. Cucumbers. Grapes. Anthracite Coals. Gardens kept in order on monthly and quarterly contracts. Estimates Free. Everything for the GARDEN. THE FLORAL NURSERIES, PANGBOURNE, BERKS. Retail Branch for Fruit, Flowers, Vegetables, etc. – 2 Whitchurch Road.’