Wheeler [230805]

May 1835: Directory of Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and Neighbourhoods. Surgeons: James Wheeler, Alfreton.

c1840: ‘List of Passengers and Packets Recd. at Bombay and Aden for Suez on board the Victoria: Major Wheeler

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Horsley: Abode: Wotton-under-Edge: Joseph Wheeler. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Eastcombe: Peter Wheeler. Parish of Mickleton: Abode: Mickleton: William Henry Wheeler

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: George Wheeler, Prince Street. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Barton St Michael: Thomas Wheeler for a house in Barton Street. Occupiers of houses in Holy Trinity parish: James Daniel Wheeler of Kingsholm for a counting house 9 Berkeley Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St Mary de Crypt: Alfred Cummins Wheeler of Kingsholm, for a warehouse in Blackfriars. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: Alfred Cummins Wheeler of Kingsholm, for a house and shop in Northgate Street. Occupiers of property in South Hamlet: Alfred Wheeler of Spa, for a house, Spa Villa.

25 March 1880: Robert Wheeler, Pallasbeg, Pallasgreen, Limerick, v. Richard Dawson, Bunratty, esquire

29 January 1904: In Windsor County Court, George Wheeler of Cookham wheelwright sued Mr J Hatch for the balance of account for the cost of furnishing a landau with a new hood. Hatch had been landlord of the New Inn, Cookham, but sold the business to a Mr W. E. Phillips. Mr Stuchberry, of Maidenhead, appeared on behalf of George Wheeler.

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Lane  –  Mrs Richards 3d, Mrs Clissold 3d, Mrs Stanton 3d, Mrs Knight 3d, Mrs Bullock 3d, Mrs Woodward 2d, Mrs Cook 3d, A Friend 1½d, Mr R. Smith 10d, Mrs Lane 3d, Miss B. Lane 6d, Mrs Foster 3d, Mr Wheeler 3d, Mrs Matthews 3d, Mrs Jowett 3d, Mr Hopton 6d, Miss Price 6d, Mrs Gammon 3d, Mrs Morriss 3d, Mrs Mundy 6d, Friend 3d, Mrs Palmer 6d, Friend 2d,  –  ½d, Mr V. Frost 6d,  –  2d, Mt Wherat 1d, Mr Hartwright 6d,  –  3d,  –  2d.  Total 9/-

E. Wheeler, grocer and dairyman, Vauxhall Road, Gloucester:

June 1917: ‘Once more our young people have assisted in the sale of flags, and their efforts yielded £10 18s. Under the guidance and encouragement of Mrs Dagnall, Misses Hobson, McLaren, Dagnall, Morris, Mayo, Nelson, Brown, Wilson, Wheeler, Gwilliam, Callaghan, Walton, Bamforth, Garlick, Shuffleton, Taylor, and Mrs Wood they made good use of their opportunity, and we thank them for their splendid work.’

July 1933: The following boys came top in their forms in the last final term examinations. Before the economy campaign the L.C.C. would have given each boy a book or some other valuable prize, but now these boys have to be content with a certificate. Form 2: 1 E. A. Rudd; 2 W. G. Wheeler; 3 R. D. Williams; 4 R. R. Sandford; 5. A Littlefair.

10 August 1935: Postcard to Mr & Mrs Wheeler, Oxford Street (Top End), Barrow in Furness: ‘Fort William   I’ve had a wonderful week up here. The Highlands are most glorious.  I feel quite Sorry to leave tomorrow.  …..  Tuesday will you please give as my response 1st verse of I need shoe   Thanks if you will  I will write you later   Much love Gertie Leach’

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mr Wheeler, 73 Cambridge Street, Aylesbury

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Caroline Nelly Wheeler (wife of Alfred Charles Wheeler), Flat 4, 13 Powis Terrace, Kensington, letter of furnished apartments: in favour of London & Westminster Loan & Dis. Co. Ltd

25 May 1979: J. E. R. Wheeler, prizewinner, Sutton Valence School

c1990: Mrs Juliet Lee (father sir Geoffrey Wheeler; son Christopher James), 7 The Cottages, Beare Green, Dorking RH5 4PE