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12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Avening: Abode: Nailsworth, Avening: John Webb. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Chalford: Daniel Webb; Abode: Quay Inn, Bourne: Richard Webb; Abode: St Aldate’s Square, Gloucester: Alfred William Webb. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: Wine Street, Bristol: Charles Webb.

31 October 1855: Birth of John son of John Webb, New Zealand, Bedworth, ribbon weaver

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of houses in Holy Trinity parish: John Webb for a house in Berkeley Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: Alfred William Webb, for a house 16 Worcester Street; Charles Webb, for a house in Northgate Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St Nicholas: Richard Ayers Webb, for a house 57 Westgate Street.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of James Webb, [Reg. No:] 4733, Royal Artillery; [born:] Drayton, Berkshire; [trade] labourer; [age] 22½; [size:] 5[ft] 8¾[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] blue; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 27 February 1879 [at] Ipswich; [marks & remarks:] cross left arm, mole left of neck

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Frederick Brown, 4 Vernon Place, Bloomsbury Square, warehouseman, in favour of Thomas Webb; and a bill of sale by William Webb, 41 Aston Street, Birmingham, baker, &c., in favour of United Loan, &c., Association

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Poole. Vivandière, cutter, Major Webb, which is now chartered by a pair of gentlemen, arrived here on Saturday, and will proceed to the Channel Islands and the French coast shortly. Yachts that have been in harbour during the week are:- Abona, s.s., Mr Sheldon; Erne, cutter, Hypatia, yacht, Mr Benmore; Corinna, s.s., Mr Lambe; Vanity, cutter, Mr J. E. Vaughan; Siesta, schooner, Mr S. Brown; Arelia, schooner, Mr E. B. Forbes; Erl King, s.s., Major A. H. Davis; Ellida, yawl, Mr Corrie; Blandusia, s.s., Mr E. T. Cradock; Sybil, cutter, Mr Hacon; Sea Snake, s.s., Mr Kennerley; Joraida, schooner, Mr Gardner; Enchantress, schooner, Mr Belbin; Galatea, cutter, Lieut. Henn, R.N.; Cithona, s.s., Mr Evans; Semibreve, 1/2-rater, Colonel Gibbs; Aquila, yawl, Mr Popham; Kathleen, cutter, Mr P. Dean; Editha, 1-rater, Mr Wilton; Viva, 1-rater, Mr Ditcham; Chloris, yawl, Mr W. Garfit; Lady Godiva, yawl, Mr Hannyngton; Cassandra, s.s., Mr F. M. Huth; Moorhen, 1-rater, Capt. Orme Webb; Corinnette, 1/2-rater, Mr Lambe.

Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts visiting the Roads last week: Katherine, cutter, Mr Potter; Insect, s.s., Colonel Dugmore; Auriga, schooner, Mr Close; Lohengrin, Marquis of Carmarthen; Seaweed, yawl, Mr Harold Simpson; Morven, s.s., Mr J. K. Hoare; Chrysallis, s.s., Mr E. Salvin Bowlby; Vista, Mr Frederick Cox; Veldiz, Admiral Grant; Aziola, Mr H. D. Crosse; Susan, Major Finch; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Paulina, Mr A. Shuttleworth; Luna, cutter, Mr T. B. Jameson; Nerine, s.s., Mr Cecil Murray; Christabel, Mr A. C. Rennard; Vivandière, Major H. N. Webb; Vista, Mr Cox; Corinne, Mr Goschen; Gabriell, the Hon. John Baring; Chloris, yawl, Mr Garfit; Dierdré, Lord Lonsdale; Inyoni, Lord Dudley; Orelia, Mr Forbes; Freelance, Captain Ellis; Matador, Major Finlay; Cassandra, Mr F. M. Huth; Assegai, Colonel Crozier; Wasp, Mr Stanley; Mera, Mr P. Ralli; Tambourine, Mr Spooner; Dycillio, Mr Joseph Mosell; Siesta, Mr William J. Brown; Ariadne, the Hon. Mrs Meynell Ingram; Vera, yawl, Mr Llewellyn; Wanderer, Mr Densham; Alvina, Mr Cave; Gladys, Mr Barton; Goshawk, s.s., Mr West; Violet, s.s., Earl de la Warr; Lassie, Mr Stevenson.

29 January 1904: ‘Eton Fire Brigade. On duty: Escape-Foreman F. E. Goddard and Fireman W. S. Fountain. Tuesday – Parade at the Fire Station for “Curricle” drill at 7 p.m. R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.’ ‘Eton Fire Brigade. The annual meeting of the Eton Fire Brigade was held on Friday evening at the Bridge House Hotel, when the majority of the members were present, together with Mr Ingalton Drake and Mr Cecil Howlett, members of the Eton Urban District Council. On the proposition of Mr Hasted, seconded by Mr Westoby, Mr Howlett was voted to the chair. The minutes of the last annual meeting having been past the following report was read by the Hon. Secretary (Mr W. G. Clarke):- “Gentlemen, I have pleasure in presenting my report for the past year:- Fires.- Called by telephone to the premises occupied by Messrs Butler and Bowden, drapers and general stores, High Street, Slough, comprising six shops and premises adjoining, on Thursday 1 January 1903. Call received at 4.30 p.m.; cause, ignition of goods in shop window of the drapery department by assistant in lighting up; contents and buildings insured in the Atlas Fire Office; damage, the entire block of buildings destroyed; estimated damage, about £18,000; manual engine and eighteen members present. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Baldwin’s End, Eton College, in the occupation of Mr R. S. Kindersley, being a dwelling-house and cottage adjoining, on Monday 1 June. Time of call, 4.5 a.m., premises alight from end to end; approximate time of outbreak 3.55 a.m.; cause, unknown; contents insured in Guardian Office, building insured in the County Fire Office; lives, first body discovered 4.45 a.m.; second body 6 a.m., life extinct; fire extinguished by hydrant supply, assisted by steamer from Windsor Fire Brigade and steamer from Slough Fire Brigade; members present, 14; damage, the entire building destroyed by fire, smoke and water; cottage adjoining slightly damaged by smoke. – Called by stranger to the premises occupied by Mr A. M. Goodhart, Eton College, on Sunday, 13 September; time of call, 2.30 p.m.; cause, over-heating of gas-stove in kitchen; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present 2, damage, stove by fire, kitchen by smoke and water. – Called by inmates to the premises known as Gulliver’s, Eton College, occupied by Mr J. M. Dyer, on Friday 27 November; time of call, 4.55 p.m.; cause, unknown; extinguished by firemen with buckets and hand=pump; members present, 2; damage, room first floor, curtains and painted work, general damage by water; estimated damage, £2. – Called by strangers to the premises known as 86 High Street, Eton, in the occupation of Mr J. Wilcox, dairyman and greengrocer, on 22 December. Time of call, 7.47 a.m.; cause, sparks from fire; contents insured in County Fire Office, building in Norwich Union; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 13; damage, kitchen on ground floor and contents severely damaged by fire, heat, smoke and water, rest of house slightly by smoke; estimated damage, £10. – Called from fire alarm box 52 to the premises occupied by Messrs Gane and Co., bootmakers, 125 High Street, Eton; cause, overheat of stove; insured contents, Norwich Union Fire Office; extinguished by firemen with buckets; members present, 5; damage, about 4 ft super of flooring and mantelpiece, and cutting away by same in back room first floor, rest of contents in room slightly by smoke; estimated damage, about £3. … Competitons. – National Fire Brigades Union, South Midland District. Annual district competition drills held at Luton on 24 June; the Brigade was represented in several drills, Escape-Foreman Goddard and Fireman Bennett being awarded second prize in the two-men drill, in which 19 brigades competed. – The annual competition drills of the Brigade were held as usual on Fellow’s Eyot, Eton College (by kind permission of the Provost and Fellows), and, notwithstanding a very wet afternoon, were witnessed by many interested ratepayers. Escape-Foreman Goddard won the one-man championship of the Brigade in 52 seconds, Fireman G. Bennett being second in 52 2/5 seconds. 20 August – Brighton Volunteer Fire Brigade annual drill competitions were held on 31 August at Preston Park. The Brigade was represented in the one-man, two-men, three-men and six-men drills. I regret that Fireman J. Webb suffered a severe accident on this occasion, and unfortunately the Brigade was unsuccessful in every event. … I wish to tender my best thanks to Mr A. A. Somerville, chairman of the Fire Brigade Committee, and to Mr Councillor Howlett for his untiring energy in the interest of the Fire Brigade, and his special journey to Liverpool and Blackpool to inspect appliances there, accompanied by Escape-Foreman Goddard, to whom I offer my best thanks; also to Hon. Secretary W. G. Clark for the ready help given on all occasions. Votes of thanks – to the honorary officers of the Brigade, the Reverend J. Shepherd, Dr E. Hale, Mr J. E. Gale, Mr F. Goddard, Mr H. B. Brown, the best thanks of the active members are gratefully tenders … the Governing Body of Eton College per their Bursar, Mr H. C. Holloway-Calthrop, for the munificent gift of the steam fire-engine and part fire-alarm system and fire-escape for use by members of the Brigade … R. G. Dugdale, Chief Officer.” This report was agreed to on the proposition of Mr Plumridge, seconded by Mr Halliday senior. Mr Hetherington asked if the Gamewell system was fully installed, as he thought some members were still not on the system. … There was a contest for the Chief Officership. Mr Bennett proposed, and Mr Halliday seconded, the re-appointment of Mr Dugdale, while Mr Westoby proposed Mr F. E. Goddard, and this was seconded by Mr F. Husted. … Mr Bennett junior championed the cause of their former captain with considerable warmth … Mr Goddard [said] he had felt the unpleasantness of being deemed an undesirable member for holding the escape-foremanship on account of his living out of Eton, although he spent most of the day in the town … He objected to being stabbed in the back, and if any member had anything to say against him let it be said to his face. … Mr Hetherinton thought that as escape-foreman Mr Goddard was the right man in the right place … [Mr Dugdale was re-elected] … The other appointments were:- Foreman, Mr Hetherington; engineer, Mr W. W. B. Hill; escape-foreman, Mr F. E. Goddard; sub-engineer, Mr Bettridge; committee, Messrs Plumridge, Fountain, Goddard, Hill, and Bettridge, while the latter was asked to again take up the duties of canteen steward. … On the proposition of Mr Baker, seconded by Mr Hollyer, a vote of thanks was heartily accorded to Mr Ingalton Drake …’

27 February 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Suffolk: ‘Dear F.   Just a P.Card shewing about half the number of people that attend this big Mission thats being held here  I went last Wed. enjoyed meeting very much  hope you are well   with love E.B.  staying with my sister for weekend’

12 April 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dear F   just a card hoping it may find you well   I will send letter soon   I am afraid you are wondering what has become of me  Have you heard any more whether G. is coming or not   hope your hands are better   love from your old N.’

11 May 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Suffolk: ‘I shall not be able to visit you this week as I expected to, being unable to get away just now   Trusting this will find you well   with much love   C…’

20 May 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ’20/5/05   Dear F   thank you very much for letter   I hope this may find you well   also hope you had a nice time on Friday   how is Edie looking   I suppose she is busy.  What did you think of G.   love from old Nell’

10 July 1905: Postcard to Miss F. E. Webb, 189 Cauldwell Hall Road, St John’s, Ipswich: ‘Dear F.   Thanks for P.C.   So you have started your holiday.   You are having lovely weather & I hope it will continue so   Tho I should like to be there with you it would be company lent   You must get out as much as you can  I have not heard anything about Nellie yet   Hope you are well   Much love Nance’  ‘I hope you will have an enjoyable holiday’

18 August 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage: ‘just a line to let you see I arrived home safe   hoping you did the same   It hasant this been a day  I am so glad this is not the day for our returning  will write a letter soon   love from N’

21 August 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Suffolk: ‘We are having busy time here   hoping you feel better for your change   with E  M  & J’

23 October 1905: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Suffolk: ‘Sunday  Dear F.  Thank you so much for letter   will answer soon   am glad you were able to have a little time with Nance   this is a view of Wood Hall   I expect you remember it from the one I have when I was here   Love from Nell’

15 August 1906: Postcard to Miss Florrie Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Stowmarket: ‘Dear F   We arrived quite safe in London yesterday  We went to Earls Court  A went in this Chute  but I did not  but went in the Big Wheel  then went to British Musium in on to Westminster Abbey  & came down to Shortlands  now going to have a look round Bromly & then to the Palace  …….. met me  Ede’

10 July 1907: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dr. F.   I hope this finds you quite well as I am at present. Am glad you could go to see Nell. does she look as well as ever? I expect you are looking forward to your holiday &c. I hope you will have fine weather much love in haste   Ys affec: K and E’

September 1909: Altar Flowers. Many thanks to Mr Hyett, who has most regularly sent flowers on Saturdays, and also to Miss Payne, Mrs Webb, Miss E. Walton, Miss K. Sayer, and last, but not least, to All Saints Vicarage Garden

Good Shepherd Altar Flowers. The following gifts of flowers are gratefully acknowledged: – Mrs Drinkwater, Mrs Williams, Mrs Postill, Mrs Webb, Mrs Herbert.

31 December 1909: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr. Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dear F.   A Happy New Year to you true from N.’

28 January 1910: Postcard to Miss N. Webb, Barford House, Churt, Farnham: ‘8 Holboro’ Rd   Snodland   Dearest Sis   I am off to Ips: tuesday all being well   I am not sure if E. is coming or not  Ebb says this is just like the one in the … shop   Thank you for letter dear  I too much do you …. there but lets hope it will be so some day   I am quite sure ……   I do wish you were there   Nance    I hope you will like E’s little list’

8 June 1910: Postcard to Miss F. Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dearest Sister   we are now sailing away from dear old England   it is begining to ….. Just turned 8 p.m.   We have had a trying day   such a long hot journey   Remember us dearie.   It is a large boat & everything lovely. Such a dear little little cabin   good bye dear both    Love from Nance & Abb   nothing but Sea in sight’

19 July 1910: Postcard to Miss Webb, Framsden Vicarage, near Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dear F   Many thanks for letter received , please thank Miss Reid very much    we shall hope to see them   if A cannot shall get some one to go with me. It has been a nice day today  quite a change   hope it will continue fine   it is the Flower Show here on Sat   I see you have one near you   are you going to see the ….. go up   Hope you are all well ……… with love & many thanks E & A’

21 August 1910: Postcard to Miss Webb, Framsden Vicarage, near Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dear F   We shall be pleased to see you & hope the weather will keep fine   Hope you are quite well   With love from all yours E & A’

13 February 1911: Postcard to Miss Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘Dearest F.   we hope to get to Ips. on Friday   you will try and get up there to meet you; you may guess I cannot realise it after such a long time   I had a card from France Saturday  Hope you are all quite well. Send love from both. yours.  we are the next village to Rickmansworth’

29 September 1911: Postcard to Miss Webb, 6 Martin Road, Stoke, Ipswich: ‘Dear F   Just a card to let you know I am alright   hope you are enjoying your holiday as I am  I went to Otley Wednesday and to Ipswich yesterday   so I feel very tired to day   I expect it is because I am not used to walking   hope you got home safe   well best love to all from Edie   x x x x’

8 February 1913: Postcard to Miss Webb, 19 Chilworth Street, Westborne Terrace, London, W: ‘Mr Dearest Addie. I trust that you are both quite well, I shall try and come to see you next week dear, if convenient to you. We have nearly finished our Spring Cleaning now. My fondest love to you both, Yours always xxxxxx Flo.’

28 July 1913: Postcard to Miss Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Nr Stowmarket, Suffolk: ‘A card from the beach. We have had a grand day and are so sunburnt  We came across the Canadians   wish you were with us   Madge is now crawling on the beach with Uncle   Love from all   Nell’

30 October 1914: Postcard to Miss Florrie Webb, Framsden Vicarage, Suffolk: ‘Dear Florrie   Just a Card to Wish you Many Happy Returns of your Birthday   hope this will find you well   Love from Maude and Dick’

22 December 1915: Postcard to Miss (Flo) Webb, Framsden Vicarage, near Stowmarket: ‘Dear Auntie Flo  I hope you will have a happy Xmas   lots of love & kisses from little Madge’

8 July 1916: Postcard to Miss Katherine Webb, The Rowans, Buckland, Lymington: ‘let me have card again   Dear Kath   Sorry I could not come up yesterday   went to G F S after all   I had a nice long letter from A. this morning   he as been in hospital ill & did not get any of my letters   will tell you all & give you is message Sunday   very busy now havent time to answer is letter   as you can guess I am Darky’

24 January 1920: Biography of Mr Samuel Salt, formerly of Congleton, on being appointed chairman of the Birkenhead and Wirral branch of the United Kingdom Commercial Travellers’ Association. Colleagues mentioned are Councillor Webb of Birkenhead; Mr John Wilson town clerk of Congleton and Mr George Sproston, clerk to Congleton magistrates

1922: Marriages at Hartburn: The following Church members have been married recently. All of them, unfortunately, are leaving the parish and making their homes elsewhere. We wish them every joy and happiness, and God’s blessing on their married life. We shall miss them at Hartburn, but we hope they will continue their Church membership by attaching themselves to the Church of the parish where they are taking up their residence:

August 5 – Robert Blain and Mary Atkinson

September 20 – John Stephenson and Barbara Blain

At Iffley – Harry Webb and Dorothy Kate Jackman

January 1927: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: Miss D. Webb, 36 Sandown Road, Redland, Bristol

January 1932: Candidate for juvenile membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: P. W. Webb, 10 Reddins Road, S.E.15

July 1939: Elected Members of the Parochial Church Council: Mrs Alford, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Bilney, Mrs Henley, Mrs Postle, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Wingrove, Miss English, Miss A. Gall, Miss Howe, Miss Naunton, the Reverend W. Macray, Messrs G. Booth (vice-chairman), H. Brandon, C. H. Henley, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell (honorary secretary), C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, F. W. Pulford, H. C. Skerritt, P. M. Webb, William Woodcock;

Sidesmen: Messrs G. Booth, H. Brandon, E. K. Capon, W. N. Green, H. C. Henley, C. F. How, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell, C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, A. P. Scolding, H. C. Skerritt, F. Smith and P. M. Webb;

Honorary Secretaries &c.: Free-Will Offerings: Miss J. Hewetson, Market Hill; Parish Magazine: Mrs E. Bilney, Barton House; Mothers’ Meeting: Mrs Barnardiston & Mrs Arnott; G.F.S.: Miss Saunders, Mrs P. Webb & Mrs Dand; Sunday Schools: Miss A. Gall, Ipswich Road; Girl Guides: Miss Ethel A. Booth, Capt., Miss B. Hunt, Miss D. Nunn, Lieuts.; Brownies: Miss Amy Girling, Brown Owl.; 2nd Woodbridge Scout Group (St Mary’s) – G.S.M.: The Reverend G. R. D. Bennett; A.S.M.’s: Mr A. J. Grayston, Mr S Rhodes; C.M.: Mrs B. A. Postle; A.C.M.’s: Miss D. N. Skeet, Miss G. Girling. Elder Lads’ Club: Miss Culham, Leader; Melanesian Mission: Miss O. English, Hon. Sec.; Mothers’ Union: Mrs R. F. Cobbold, Hon. Sec.

December 1945: Candidates for juvenile membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: J. W. Webb, 41 Querns Hill, Cirencester, and W. J. Webb, 24 Sunlea Avenue, Cullercoats; candidate for membership: Miss V. Webb, 16 Westfield Drive, Kenton

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Mr Sydney and Mrs Patricia Edith Webb, 87 Kitchener Road, Weymouth; and against Doris Webb widow, 82 Brecon Drive, Bury; and against Mrs Eva Webb, 10a (Underhouse) Walter Street, Abertillery

17 February 1973: R. Webb (chemist), ball donor, Aldershot v Torquay

6 August 1979: Postcard to Mr Webb, 34 Holly Close, Chudleigh: ‘Dear Dad, I have arrived at camp safely. I am having a great time   See you soon   Love Michael xxxx’

c1990: Maurice Webb, Jim Westland, Kath Pattman, 51 Summerheath Road, Hailsham, Sussex BN27 3DR

29 September 1990: Programme for a performance of Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path, at King’s Head Theatre Club, 115 Upper Street, Islington: Administrative Assistant: Helen Webb

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