Vaughan [220121]

Michaelmas 1558: Kent. Nicholas Vaughan & Alice his wife executrix of the testament of Thomas Playne otherwise called Thomas Playne of Tunbrydge aforesaid senior yoman v. Henry Stubbersfeld late of Tunbrydge in the county aforesaid yoman otherwise called Henry Sedrersfeld of Tunbrydge in county Kent yoman & Thomas Stubbersfeld of Tunbrydge in the county aforesaid yoman otherwise called Thomas Stopersfield of Tunbrydge in county Kent brother of the aforesaid Henry. Debt £40. Defendants have not come; had been ordered to be summoned; have nothing; to be taken, for morrow of All Saints [3 November 1558]. Writ to Thomas Frankeleyn deputy sheriff of the county aforesaid

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by William George Rogers, Silver Key, High Street, Durdham, Bristol, beerhousekeeper, in favour of Philip H. Vaughan and another; and a bill of sale by George Vaughan, 91a Cardiff Road, Aberdare, Glamorgan, ironmonger, in favour of William K. Lee

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Dartmouth. Yachts that have been in harbour during the week are:- Abona, s.s., Mr Sheldon; Erne, cutter, Hypatia, yacht, Mr Benmore; Corinna, s.s., Mr Lambe; Vanity, cutter, Mr J. E. Vaughan; Siesta, schooner, Mr S. Brown; Arelia, schooner, Mr E. B. Forbes; Erl King, s.s., Major A. H. Davis; Ellida, yawl, Mr Corrie; Blandusia, s.s., Mr E. T. Cradock; Sybil, cutter, Mr Hacon; Sea Snake, s.s., Mr Kennerley; Joraida, schooner, Mr Gardner; Enchantress, schooner, Mr Belbin; Galatea, cutter, Lieut. Henn, R.N.; Cithona, s.s., Mr Evans; Semibreve, 1/2-rater, Colonel Gibbs; Aquila, yawl, Mr Popham; Kathleen, cutter, Mr P. Dean; Editha, 1-rater, Mr Wilton; Viva, 1-rater, Mr Ditcham; Chloris, yawl, Mr W. Garfit; Lady Godiva, yawl, Mr Hannyngton; Cassandra, s.s., Mr F. M. Huth; Moorhen, 1-rater, Capt. Orme Webb; Corinnette, 1/2-rater, Mr Lambe.

2 June 1909: Baptism of Alfred son of Mr and Mrs Vaughan, 32 Bishopston Road

November 1923: Alder House. News of Old Girls (leaving from Alder House): ‘Kathleen Vaughan (1923) is gone to St Annes, and attends Saxenholme School there.’

January 1927: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: A. T. Vaughan, 69 Hainault Road, E.11, Essex

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: J. L. Vaughan, 56 Regent Street, Leamington Spa

January 1936: Valete: II B: D. C. H. Vaughan has gone to Surrey;

Examination Successes: Oxford School Certificate Examination Results 1935: Certificate with Honours and Matriculation Exemption: A. B. Banks, A. L. Barlow, K. F. J. Belt, R. A. Coleman, C. D. Coomey, A. Cope, K. Farrell, R. F. Hammond, H. Littlefield, M. G. Lovell, E. Newbery, W. L. Oakshatt, E. E. H. Osgood, R. Reeds, R. L. Vaughan, D. J. Wilkes, E. Wilkinson, K. F. Wood, G. B. D. Wroe. Certificate with Honours: W. P. Padbury. Certificate with Matriculation Exemption: R. E. Connor, F. H. Elsey, R. James, R. Lacey, V. Lillie, F. W. Newman, D. Vick. Certificate: E. K. Barnfield,  J. E. Boxall, B. Chamberlin, F. L. G. Dickson, B. E. Dyer, G. S. Englefield, H. R. Evans, A. Flower, R. W. Godfrey, J. Grace, B. E. Hébert, J. M. Holder, T. Ireton, L. Jeffries, J. J. R. Kelsey, H. W. Laishley, H. Morrow, N. Norris, E. H. Peters, A. E. Smith, E. H. Sutton, R. Tallack, L. Wilman. Distinctions: English – G. B. D. Wroe; Mathematics – C. D. Cooney, A. Cope, K. Farrell, H. W. Laishley, W. L. Oakshatt, R. L. Vaughan, G. B. D. Wroe; Latin – G. B. D. Wroe; Physics – K. Farrell; Geography – G. B. D. Wroe; Additional Mathematics – K. Baisbrown, J. H. C. Nightingall, S. E. Prior. The following Special Candidates passed in Additional Mathematics: K. Baisbrown, L. J. Evans, L. C. Ley, E. R. Nicholas, J. H. C. Nightingall, B. A. Page, S. E. Prior, G. W. Rose

Prize List, 1934-5: 4th Year  –  G. B. D. Wroe, R. L. Vaughan, C. D. Cooney, K. Farrell, A. L. Barlow, E. Wilkinson, R. A. Coleman, D. J. Wilkes, A. Cope, K. F. J. Belt, E. Newbery, W. L. Oakshatt, H. W. Laishley (Maths)

4 October 1963: Elizabeth Vaughan, artist, Covent Garden Opera

7 May 1977: Nigel Vaughan, footballer, Newport County