Turvey, Bedfordshire

Turvey [‘Turnye’], Bedfordshire, 1612

Turvey, Bedfordshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Turvey, Bedfordshire, 1899

25 June 1502: At Westminster the morrow of Midsummer 17 Henry VII [25 June 1502] before Thomas Wode, William Danuers, John Vauasour, and John Fyssher, justices, adjourned to octaves of Hilary 19 Henry VII [20 January 1504]: John Mordaunt and William Mordaunt plaintiffs v. Edward duke of Buckingham and Alianora his wife, deforciants of view of frankpledge, assize of bread and ale, chattels, waifs and strays of felons, fugitives, outlaws, deodands and treasure trove in Turuey. Deforciants acknowledge the premises to belong to the plaintiffs, for which the plaintiffs grant the deforciants a rent of 3s a year at Michaelmas and Easter