26 February 1726: Order of John Legh [signs: J Legh], John Davenport [signs: J Davenport] and Edward Thornycroft [signs: Edw: Thornycroft] esquires justices of the peace and quorum

Touching the Maintenance of a Female Bastard Child Lately borne in the Townesh’pp of Over Alderley in the said County vpon the body of Hannah Tollett of Over Alderley aforesd Single woman Which said Child is now Chargeable to Alderley aforesd & is Likely so to Continue.

First vpon the Examinac’on of the Cause & Circomstances of the [matter taken] vpon Oath before vs & due Considerac’on thereof being Likewise had by us we doe Adjudge Peter Pott of Macclesfield in the said County to be the putitive Fa[ther there]of  And for the Endempnyfieing the said Towne’pp of Over Alderley aforesd in p……… for the Maintenance & bringing vp of the said base Child wee doe he[reby o]rder That the said Peter Pott shall Weekly & every Week from the birth of the [said] Child vntill it shall Attain the full age of Ten Years if the said Child shal[l happe]n so Long to live or for so Long thereof as it shall be Chargeable to the sd Towne’pp of Alderley pay or Cause to be paid to the Overseers of the poor of Alderley aforesd for the time being the sum’ of sixpence