Thames Street, Windsor

Thames Street, Windsor, 1897

29 January 1904: To Let: Brighton – St George’s Boarding House, 2 Pavilion Parade, overlooking Pavilion Gardens, near Palace Pier; terms 25s to 2 guines – Mrs Arthur Hunt (late of Thames Street, Windsor);

Respectable maid wanted for house work; one just left school; indoors – Mrs Stoneham, 53 Thames Street, Windsor;

Stamp collections and rare stamps bought for ready cash; also a good collection of stamps for sale – Write or call, E. Luff, 13 Thames Street, Windsor

29 January 1904: Advertisement: E. V. Tull, 18 Thames Street, Windsor:

Advertisement: Titt & Son, 24 Thames Street, Windsor. Nurseries: Osborne Road

Advertisement: Windsor Electrical Installation Co., Ltd., mains are now laid in Peascod Street, High Street and Thames Street, Windsor, and Eton:

Advertisement: W. G. Stoneham, 53 Thames Street:

Advertisement: Thos E. Luff, 47 St Leonard’s Road, or 13 Thames Street, Windsor: