Taylor [20012512]

20 February 1529: Ordinations at Eccleshall prebendal church by Geoffrey, bishop of Coventry & Lichfield: Subdeacons Secular: John Taylor, by title of the nuns of Westwood, diocese of Hereford, by letters dimissory

6 October 1558: London. Thomas Pulloxhill otherwise called Thomas Pulloxhill citizin and drap of London (by Oliver Shotthyllworth) v. Christopher Taylor late of Bedill in county York drap otherwise called Cristofer Tayllor of Bedill in the countie of Yorke drap, John Burton late of London clothworker otherwise called John Burton & Peter Robynson late of London clothworker otherwise called Peter Robynson cittesin & clothworker of London. Debt £9, and 22s adjudged damages. Defendants have not come; had been ordered to be taken; not found; lurk, rove and stray in county York; ordered sheriff of York to take them, for quindene of Hilary [25 January 1559]

27 October 1558: [Nottinghamshire] Richard Goston & Barbaria his wife executrix of the testament of Peter Taylor, Henry Raylton and James Taylor coexecutors with Barbaria, otherwise called I do orden & make Barbara my wyff  Henry Raylton and Jamys Talor my executors of this my laste wille & testament (by Simon Bracebridge) v. James Worresley alias Atkynson late of Edyngley in the county aforesaid mrcer: Debt £6 13s 4d. Defendant has not come; sicut pluries had been ordered to be taken; not found; to be exacted, for quindene of Easter. Writ to Thomas Chalfount deputy sheriff of the county aforesaid

1559: Lewes Rape, Sussex: The names of thable men apointyd to Srue the queene’s Highnes and to be in a redynes apon one hours warnynge wth the names of their Capitaynes: Archers: William Taylor

13 August 1697: William Nicholas [marks] junior of Smalewood in the parish of Asbury in the county of Chester constable yeom’, Thomas Taylior/Taylor [marks: T] of Mackesfeild and George Taylor (marks: R) of Ranow eurnie in the county of Chester aforesaid yeomon, to William Reddich and Henry Burges of Over Alderley overseers of the poor of Over Alderley in the county of Chester yeomen, bond in £50: Whereas the aboue named William Reddich hath vndertaken for the Consideration of seuerall summs or weekly paymts of money to Table wth meat drinke And Lodginges fire & houseinge One Katharin Taylor Late of Smalewood Beinge great with Chyld, from henceforth for And dureinge soe Maney weekes at it shall please god she shalbe safely deliuered And Able to be Removed safely which said Katharin Taylor did Lately Reside in Smalewood aforesaid in the pish of Asbury  And doth now inhabitt & dwell at the house of the said William Reddich in Over Alderley, which May become Chargable if Care be not taken vnto the Townpp of Over Alderley Aforesaid (to keep harmless). Witnesses: John Johnson [marks: W], William Sellers [marks], Roger Hough [signs]

29 July 12 George 1726: Henry Taylor [signs], Richard Hardman [marks] and James Barton [signs] churchwarden and overseers of the poor of the township of Thornton in the county of Lancaster: to the churchwardens and overseers of the township of Over Alderley in the county of Chester: being informed by Thomas Hodgson of Thornton aforesd Taylor That for ye better support & maintainance of himselfe & Mary his wife he designes to come & labour within your sd Township: settlement certificate. Witnesses: Richard Hodgson [marks], John Dobson [signs]. Seen and allowed by Geoff: Hornby [signs] and W Bushell [signs] justices of the peace and quorum 29 July 1726

28 November 1752: Jonathan Taylor [signs] sole overseer of the poor of the township of Chelford: settlement certificate of John Goostrey, Elizabeth his wife and Pheby, Moreton, Ellin, Charles, Daniel and Elizabeth their children. Witnesses: Wm. Dean [signs], William Smith.  Edw Stanley [signs] and J. Baskervyle [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of William Smith the witness

May 1835: Directory of Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and Neighbourhoods. Butchers: Abraham Taylor, Riddings, and Charles Taylor and William Taylor, Alfreton. Joiners: Lesson and Taylor (and builders), Alfreton. Shopkeepers and Dealers in Groceries and Sundries: Abraham Taylor, Riddings. Taverns & Public Houses: John Taylor, Dog and Doublet, Pye Bridge.

19 July 1845: English galliot Traveller, captain Taylor, at Antwerp, for Liverpool, with cargo;

19 September 1845: English galliot Traveller, captain Taylor, at Antwerp, from Liverpool, with rice;

25 October 1845: English galliot Traveller, captain Taylor, at Antwerp, on a venture, with ballast

27 January 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Ostend, Triton, [commander:] Taylor, British, 204 tons, at Custom House, [shipper:] Redhead

30 January 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Antwerp, Kingston, [captain:] Taylor, British, 79 tons, Cherry Garden; shippers: Schenk Brs

1 February 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Ostend, Triton, [captain:] Taylor, British, 204 tons, Cus; shippers: Redhead

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Shipton Moyne: Abode: Pinkney, Wiltshire: William Taylor. Parish of Tetbury: Abode: Long Newton, Wiltshire: William Taylor. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Chalford, Robert Taylor; Abode: Minchinhampton: John Taylor. Campden Polling District: Parish of Chipping Campden: Gotherington, Richard Taylor. Parish of Mickleton: Abode: Mickleton: Samuel Taylor. Cheltenham Polling District: Township of Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Bishop’s Cleeve: William Taylor. Hamlet of Gotherington in Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Gotherington: John Taylor (2) (duplicate). Cheltenham Parish: Abode: St Philip’s Place, Leckhampton: John Taylor.

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Giles Taylor, Sweetbriar Street, Henry Taylor, Suffolk Street, Henry Yates Jones Taylor, Upton St Leonards, Hugh Taylor, Saint Mark Street, Thomas Taylor, London Road, and Thomas Taylor, Sweetbriar Street. Occupiers of houses in St Catherine’s parish: William Taylor, for a house in Water Street. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Littleworth: Charles Taylor for a house in Lower Southgate Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St Mary de Crypt: Benjamin Taylor for houses in Longsmith Street; Thomas George Taylor of Constitution Walk for Brunswick House, Constitution Walk. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: Henry Taylor, for a house in Columbia Street; Thomas Taylor, for a house 40 London Road. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Michael: George Thomas Taylor of Brunswick House, for a lodge and garden in Brunswick Road. Occupiers of property in South Hamlet: Thomas Taylor, for a house in Wellington Street; Thomas Taylor, for a house, 1 Somerset Place.

7 April 1879: Deserters from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of William Taylor, [Reg. No:] 5951, Grenadier Guards; [born:] Stourbridge; [trade] chain maker; [age] 26; [size:] 5[ft] 8¼[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] brown; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 4 March 1879 [at] London; [marks & remarks: blank];

Charles Taylor, [Reg. No:] 1248, 37th Foot; [born:] Barnstaple; [trade] groom; [age] 25; [size:] 5[ft] 7½[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 2 March 1879 [at] Devonport; [marks & remarks:] tattooed on left arm;

Henry Taylor, [Reg. No:] 1731, 50th Foot; [born:] Berkhamstead; [trade] labourer; [age] 24⅓; [size:] 5[ft] 6½[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 8 March 1879 [at] Edinburgh; [marks & remarks:] took the whole of reg. nec.;

William Taylor, [Reg. No:] 2261, 10th Brig. Dep; [born:] Hull; [trade] fisherman; [age] 21¼; [size:] 5[ft] 8½[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] brown; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 22 March 1879 [at] Bradford; [marks & remarks: blank]

Thomas Taylor, [Reg. No:] —, 12th Brig. Dep; [born:] Chelsea; [trade] groom; [age] 24; [size:] 5[ft] 8¼[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] black; [date of desertion:] 20 March 1879 [at] London; [marks & remarks:] recruit, approved;

Deserter from the Lancashire Militia —  absent from training: James Taylor, [Reg. No:] 2665, Lancashire Militia; [born:] Manchester; [trade] chairmaker; [age] 24; [size:] 5[ft] 6[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 17 March 1879 [at] Lancaster; [marks & remarks: blank];

Thomas Taylor, [Reg. No:] 2666, Lancashire Militia; [born:] Manchester; [trade] labourer; [age] 20; [size:] 5[ft] 6¾[in]; [hair:] light brown; [eyes:] blue; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 17 March 1879 [at] Lancaster; [marks & remarks: blank];

Deserter from Her Majesty’s Sea Service — £3 Reward for the apprehension of Charles Taylor, deserter from H.M.S. Excellent, 26 January; stoker, 2nd class; [age] 24; [size:] 5[ft] 5[in]; [born:] Ryde; [hair:] dark brown; [eyes:] brown; [face:] fresh; [marks & remarks:] served in Asia

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by Jacob Marshall, 30 Church Street, Dukinfield, waste dealer, in favour of Joseph Taylor (absolute sale)

25 March 1880: Pursuer: Joe Dyson Taylor, family grocer, 7 Crown Place, Crosshill. Defender: Henry Frederick Walters, 14 Albert Drive, Crosshills

25 March 1880: County court judgment against – Taylor, Romsey, Hampshire, ironfounder

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Swaffer, 22 Upper High Street, Winchester, assistant, in favour of Solomon Blaiberg; and a bill of sale by Charles Taylor, Stillers Farm, Crondall, farmer &c. in favour of Imperial Deposit Bank; and a bill of sale by Sidney Taylor, 7 Vicarage Terrace, Lewisham, ironmonger and china &c. dealer, in favour of Edgar Taylor; and a bill of sale by John Whitfield Hardy, 201 Oldfield Road and 44 Glen Street, Salford, greengrocer, coal dealer, &c., in favour of James Taylor; and a bill of sale by Robert Smith, 105 Great Jackson Street, Hulme, assistant, in favour of Thomas Taylor; and a bill of sale by Thomas Smith, 120 Hertford Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, skipmaker, in favour of Samuel Taylor; and a bill of sale by John Taylor, Broadcar, Mossley, and Hartshead, Ashton-under-Lyne, agent and shopkeeper, in favour of Samuel Taylor; and a bill of sale by Walter Taylor, 3 Palmerston Road, Kilburn, builder, &c., in favour of Joseph J. F. Garnsworthy; and a bill of sale by William Taylor, 55 North Street, Shrewsbury, hotel porter, in favour of Solomon Blaiberg; and a bill of sale by George Bayliss, 8 West Street, Stafford Street, Wolverhampton, labourer, in favour of James H. Taylor; and a bill of sale by John Haycock, 42 St John’s Square, Wolverhampton, toolmaker, in favour of James H. Taylor; and a bill of sale by Charles Henry Taylor, 1 Ryder Street, Greets Green, West Bromwich, shingler, in favour of Marcus Gordon and others; and a bill of sale by Henry Potter, 3 Beverley Road, Barnes Common, Barnes, merchant, in favour of Edwin A. W. Taylor, assignment and declaration of trust; and a bill of sale by James Taylor, Church Street, and Waterland Farm, Homewood, Dorking, carman and farmer, in favour of Moses Phillips; and a bill of sale by Thomas Alfred Toussaint, signwriter, and William John Taylor, tailor, 5 Southampton Street, Addington Square, Camberwell, in favour of South Western Loan, &c., Co.; and a bill of sale by William Taylor, Travellers’ Rest, Blackwell Street, Kidderminster, beerhouse keeper and carpet weaver, in favour of William H. Green; and a bill of sale by John Clark, Thixendale, Yorkshire, farmer, in favour of Horsley Taylor; and a bill of sale by Hardy Taylor, Flixton, Yorkshire, cattle dealer, in favour of John Bradley; and a bill of sale by John Taylor, 7 Court, 5 Ellison Street, Sheffield, bladegrinder, in favour of William Ashby

28 August 1891: For sale: Typewriters. Remington’s in perfect condition, from 5 guineas. Every make of machine for sale or hire, from 10/-a month. Old machines taken in part exchange or purchased for cash. Machines sold by instalments. Particulars free. N. Taylor, National Typewriter Exchange, 74 Chancery Lane (Holborn end).

For Sale: Neat striped dust cloak, 52in. long, quite new. Cost 17/6; take 9/-. Mrs Taylor, 186 Mary Street, Balsall Heath, Birmingham

January 1896: St Matthew’s Church, Higher Audley, Blackburn, Clergy and Church Officers: Sexton: Mr Thomas Taylor, 89 Cambridge Street.

25 December 1902: Christmas postcard from Mrs Fawthrop to master Donald Taylor, 10 King Edward Road, Middlesbrough

11 June 1903: Marriage, at St George’s, Wembdon, by the vicar, the Reverend J. M. Evans, A. J. Taylor son of the late Mr Samuel Taylor, of Bridgwater, to Annie Cook daughter of the late Captain Cook, also of Bridgwater

29 January 1904: At Slough Petty Sessions, William Pursey, George Harris and John Taylor were charged with refusing to do their tasks at the Eton Union Workhouse in Slough, according to Thomas William Earl, superintendent of the casual wards

‘The little drama, in which Mr Taylor has played a leading role – namely, the freeing of Maidenhead bridge – affords a sorry picture of English public-spirit. An influential society joined in the crusade against the iniquitous toll until it discerned, or received a promise of a capitulation of the town authorities, and then left the onus of the costs of the legal machinery to be borne by Mr Taylor only. The Corporation of Maidenhead also, by acknowledging the falseness of its position by abolishing the tolls and going to Parliament to get acquittance for the century of mistake, deemed it a sound policy to try and keep Mr Taylor from a quittance of his costs of his public action in this matter, which had been deemed just by results on every hand. Truly it is now a fatal delusion for any man to take a practical interest in the welfare of his country; Let him work for his own selfish interests; let him even go the front on the chance of a selfish promotion – but fight disinterestedly for his country, never!’

‘Windsor Royal Infirmary. The Committee beg to acknowledge with their grateful thanks the following gifts:- Collected at Willow Tree inn, Cotton Hall, Eton, £7 7s; workmen in employ of Messrs Nevile Reid & Co., £4; Crown and Cushion Slate Club, Eton; box at Crispin inn, Sunningdale, 5s 8d. Rabbits, from His Majesty the King and Sir Francis Tress Barry, Bart., M.P.; a grant of clothes, from the Berks and Bucks Needlework Guild; old linen, from the Misses Taylor and Mrs Goodhart; Christmas tree for the Children’s Ward, from the Hon. Mrs L. Cust; dolls, toys, &c., from the Masters de Paravicini, Mrs Creak and Mrs T. Dalton; a turkey, from the Rev. J. H. J. Ellison; and a case of wine, from the Mayor of Windsor, for the nurses and patients’ entertainments; a metaphone, from Mr C. Harrison; books from the Religious Tract Society; a scrap book for the children, from “A Friend” at Datchet; magazines, from the Countess of Arran, Captain Mugford, Mrs Ewen, Mrs Herbert, Mrs Bampfylde, Miss Dyer, the White Hart Hotel, and anonymously.’

‘The annual meeting of the members of the Windsor and District Liberal Club was held at the Gladstone Hall on Friday evening, when there was a large attendance. Mr Watson, the secretary, presented a very satisfactory report. … The balance sheet, which was audited by Messrs M. R. Blackford and F. W. Whittington, was together with the report, unanimously adopted. The President (Sir A. D. Hayter), Hon. Treasurer (Mr W. R. Smith), the Secretary (Mr W. Watson), and the Auditors (Messrs Blackford and Whittington) were re-elected, whilst the following vice-presidents were elected by ballot: Mr A. W. Milner-Gibson, Councillor F. T. Ryland, Councillor Sir J. T. Soundy, J.P., Sir W. C. Bruce, Bart., Mr G. Wargent, Alderman E. Bampfylde, J.P., Mr T. D. Bolton, M.P., Mr J. Taylor, Mr W. G. Stoneham, Councillor J. E. Mitchell, J.P., Mr F. J. Patton, J.P., and Mr C. Pearce. The contest for the General Committee resulted as follows:- C. Mulford 132, W. Walter 123, P. Dolan 122, E. Shrimpton 105, W. R. Smith 101, H. R. Taylor 95, G. D. Williams 95, A. New 90, W. E. Moore 85,W. J. Hearne 77, G. Stinton 73, R. Float 73, W. G. King 66, E. Quelch 65, W. Miles 65. During the evening a splendid full length engraving of the late W. E. Gladstone was presented to the club by Mr E. Hopper, of Alma Road, who was heartily thanked by the members.’

‘Sports and Pastimes: Windsor and Eton team against Reading Amateurs in the League match at Reading on Saturday will be selected from the following players: M. Mackay, W. Wellbourne, F. J. Rowland, L. Williams, C. Wren, H. Cook, E. Skinner, G. H. Hobbs, C. Hyde, J. Wilkins, G. Prior, J. Kingston, H. Gillingham, C. Ewins. The players will travel by the 12.55 train.

The replayed tie in the divisional final of the Junior Cup between Windsor and Eton Reserves at the Dolphin Ground on Saturday should attract a large number of football enthusiasts from Windsor on Saturday. The Reserves will be at full strength, F. Holtum and W. Fountain having recovered from their injuries. The team will be: – H. Tilly; F. Holtum, J. Cort Starie; W. Hester, G. Cox, L. Blane; W. Henry, S. Perry, W. Fountain, J. Bourne, F. Taylor. Reserve, C. Ewins; linesman, C. Barker. 1.40 and 2.15 G.W.R. trains.’

c1905: Alma Taylor

28 July 1905: Postcard to David Taylor, 43 Lowndes Square, Belgravia, London: ‘Dear David, Thank you so much for P.C. I am sorry but I can’t get you one of Shudy Camps. Are you collecting them now   Love from Hilda’

26 August 1905: Postcard to Mr D. Taylor, 43 Lowndes Square, London S.W.: ‘Dear D.   very sorry I didn’t see you but couldn’t get out. I will come tonight saturday if possible about six oclock  With love from L’

27 May 1908: Arthur Frederick Taylor [born 26 January 1880], of Place Farm, Lyston, Long Melford, farm labourer, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Still contributing through to December 1929.

8 October 1908: Postcard to Miss D. Hickman, 33 Maitland Road, Sydenham, Kent: ‘131 Mayola Road, Clapton   Dear Dolly, I suppose by now you are quite used to your new home and forgotten all about Miss Maggie’s school. Hope you are all well, be pleased to hear from you. With much love from Alice Taylor

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Clifford  –  Mrs Woodcock 3d, A. Wellington 6d, Mrs Limbrick 3d, Mrs Moulder 2d, Mrs Baghurst 6d, Mrs Whitmore 1d, Mrs Wintle 3d, Mrs Taylor 1d, Mrs Darke 3d, Mrs Hine 1d, Mrs Alford 3d, E. Salmon 1d, L. Waldron 3d. Total 3/3

Victoria Street  –  Friend 2d, S. Barry 2d, W. Hodges 4d, J. Yule 6d, A. Binning 1d, C.E.S. 2d, J. Salmon 2d, Mrs Batt 3d, J. Jones 3d, Friend 1d, Well-wisher 2d, Mrs Beard 1d, Mrs Herbert 3d, Mrs G. Taylor 2d, Friend 2d, Mrs Windo 4d, Miss Jones 3d, Mrs Baldwyn 3d. Total 4/- [sic]

2 September 1909: Postcard to E. A. Taylor, Esq., “Lynton”, Paget Road, Wolverhampton: ‘We are having a magnificent time fishing, rabbiting & motoring. We have had Several trout meals. We are Staying on another fortnight. It is glorious country. We are only a few miles from this view. Love to all  Yrs Alfred’

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Bay Hotel: Mr and Mrs William Lawson, Major Scott, R.E., Dr and Mrs Spencer Badger, Mr and Mrs Taylor, the Reverend and Mrs Vaeker, Mrs Holm, Dr Duprey, Mr and Mrs Sidebottom, Miss Lawford, Mr Dawson. Waratah: Mrs William Blew Jones, Miss Treloar and friend, Miss Sandbrook and friend, Miss Taylor, Birmingham

January 1915: George V. Taylor, baritone, 144 High Street, Camden Town (Tel: 5164 City); Russell Taylor, base, 19 Stapleton Hall Road, N.

December 1916: Advertisement: H. C. Taylor & Co., house furnishers, Letchworth. Phone 59

June 1917: ‘TAYLOR‘S STORES (Formerly NUTTALL’S) The noted shop for variety in Hardware, Tools, Domestic Utensils, Glass, China, and Earthenware. PRICES MODERATE. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. GOODS DELIVERED ANY DISTANCE. Note Address, 120, CONRAN STREET. Closed on Wednesdays at 1-0 o’clock.’

June 1917: Mr A. Taylor, sidesman, Harpurhey St Stephen; “Once more our young people have assisted in the sale of flags, and their efforts yielded £10 18s. Under the guidance and encouragement of Mrs Dagnall, Misses Hobson, McLaren, Dagnall, Morris, Mayo, Nelson, Brown, Wilson, Wheeler, Gwilliam, Callaghan, Walton, Bamforth, Garlick, Shuffleton, Taylor, and Mrs Wood they made good use of their opportunity, and we thank them for their splendid work.”

10 February 1918: Postcard to Miss Lily Taylor, 43 Cavendish Street, Sheffield: ‘Dear Lily   Just a line to wish you many happy returns of your birthday  From Minnie & W. H. & Florrie’

10 November 1918: Baptism of Charles Herbert Taylor

7 March 1920: Albert James Henderson Taylor, 39 Gibson Street, Harpurhey, baptised;

April 1920: Mr A. Taylor, sidesman, Harpurhey St Stephen;

Annie Taylor confirmed;

TAYLOR‘S STORES (Formerly NUTTALL’S) The noted shop for variety in Hardware, Tools, Domestic Utensils, Glass, China, and Earthenware. PRICES MODERATE. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. GOODS DELIVERED ANY DISTANCE. Note Address, 120, CONRAN STREET. Closed on Wednesdays at 1-0 o’clock.’

14 August 1921: Baptism of Ethel daughter of Harry and Eva Taylor

28 August 1922: Baptism at Ashington: William Daniel son of Laurence Victor and Margaret Robinson Taylor;

16 September 1922: Burial at Ashington: Margaret Taylor, aged 78 years;

October 1922: The first Annual Meeting of the St Andrew’s Branch of the Alliance of Honour was held in St Andrew’s Vestry on 1 September. Chairman, Mr J. E. J. Peyton. The Secretary, Mr R. G. Allen, in giving an outline of the work for the twelve months, said the branch was started on 27 August 1921, with a nucleus of 7, and had now a membership of 79 – 45 Members and 34 Associates – whilst the president had left the district, three members had joined the Army, and one had died. Twelve meetings had been held, and addresses appertaining to purity had been given at each. The speakers had been the Reverend J. E. Gordon Cartlidge, Reverend J. E. Reilly, Mr H. Floyd, Mr S. Snow, and Dr D. Revie. … Mr C. Taylor has been secured as Secretary, and Mr J. R. Ray as Treasurer, and Mr C. Greenwell, Trainer. The branch was sorry at the loss of their president, the Reverend J. E. Gordon Cartlidge, who had started the branch and helped it in every way possible, being personally acquainted with almost every member. … The Secretary cordially thanked Mr S. Swinhoe and Mr R. Ellwood for their services as Treasurers in the past year, and the following members for getting out notices of meetings and the quarterly issues of Honour and Chivalry, the official organs of the movement: Messrs L. Slaughter, A. McLeod, R. Bradshaw, J. R. Ray, P. Allen and W. Allen. The Chairman (Mr J. E. J. Peyton) gave a short address …

1923: Examination Successes: Present Pupils: Victoria University of Manchester: Hulme Entrance Scholarship, £35 for 3 years  –  Muriel Barratt; Distinguished in the Scholarships Competition  –  Zillah Taylor; Theodores Exhibition (divided)  –  Zillah Taylor.  Given by the Manchester Education Committee: University Scholarships, value £60 a year for 3 years  –  Marjorie Baird, Zillah Taylor; Leaving Scholarship; value £60 a year for 3 years  –  Muriel Barratt; Senior Domestic Scholarships (about £80)  –  Margery Callis, Hilda Walker, Margaret Stampe; Entrance Scholarships to the Municipal High School of Commerce (value £30 for 2 years)  –  Freda Sower, Muriel Stacey, Eileen Rigby;

Examination Successes, 1923: Higher Certificate Examination: Marjorie Baird (distinction in Mathematics), V. Livesey (distinctions in English and History); Ina Pickles, Zillah Taylor. Subsidiary Subjects only: – Nellie Chadwick (English, Mathematics, Chemistry); Nellie Cock (History, Mathematics, Botany); J. McNichol (English, French, History);

1923: Leaving Certificates: From Upper VI: Marjorie Baird, Muriel Barratt, Violet M. Livesey, Ina Pickles, Zillah Taylor. From Lower VI: Jean McNichol, Phyllis Nutter, Marion Raw, Mercedes Shirra. From Form V: Dorothy Babbage, Phyllis Booth, Phyllis M. Bourne, Rosalie E. Ince, Marjorie Smith, Freda M. Sower, Muriel C. Stacey, Margaret M. Stampe, Hilda M. Walker;

1923: Prize Winners: Upper VI  –  Marjorie Baird (European History, Science, Mathematics), Muriel Barratt (History, Latin), Violet Livesey (History), Ina Pickles (Botany), Zillah Taylor (History); Lower VI – Nora Rigg (Art); V – Dorothy Babbage (Needlework); IVaα – Jennnie Knowles (Drilling), Nellie Roberts (Four Years’ Perfect Attendance), Ethel Simpson (Art); IVbα – Marjorie Hughes (General Proficiency); IIIbα – Ivy Ogden (General Proficiency), Edith Watson (General Proficiency); IIIbβ – Bessie Taylor (General Proficiency); IIIbγ – Lucy Norah Templar (General Proficiency), Marjorie Brown (Drilling); IIaβ – Maude Hodgkinson (Needlework), Jean Purcell (General Proficiency); Upper I – Mary Brennand (General Proficiency); Lower I – Irene Atkinson (General Proficiency), Audrey Stampe (General Proficiency), Phyllis Whiffen (General Proficiency)

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Zillah Taylor (1923), after a strenuous year as Captain of the School, followed the excellent example of her predecessor, Marcelle Sugden, and left with a veritable flourish of trumpets. She divided the Theodores Exhibition, which is given on the results of the University Entrance examinations for Modern Languages, and gained also one of the Scholarships of £60 a year for three years offered by the Education Committee on the results of the Higher Certificate examination. Zillah has elected to study for French Honours, and we wish her very heartily the successful career which she so well deserves.

Captain 1922-3 – Zillah Taylor

General Notes: ‘Mr Arthur Taylor, the Headmaster of St Margaret’s School, which has sent us many of its girls at different times, retired this summer. He is still living at 13 Withington Road, and gives special private lessons to Junior Pupils and to those seeking admission to High Schools.’

Old Girls’ Society. Committee. President – Miss Field. Ordinary Members – [*Elected 1923] Miss Burns, Miss Gorsuch, Edith Church, Gertrude Clayton, *Kathleen Percival, *Zillah Taylor, Doris Brown, Marcelle Sugden, *Marian Raw, *Norah Thomas. Secretary and Treasurer – Miss Grace Blaikie, 16 Blair Road, Alexandra Park. Sub-Secretaries – [*New Sub-Secretaries] 1909. Sybil Walshaw, 157 Withington Road, Whalley Range; 1910. Olive Pearson, 29 Queen’s Road, West Didsbury; 1911. Miss Gladwell (née Alice Appleton), Isca, Wilmslow; 1912. Elsie Watts, Abbotsford, St Werburgh’s Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1913. Edith Church, 3 Filey Avenue, Whalley Range; 1914. Marjorie Ashley, 53 Nicholas Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1915. Winifred Davies, 32 Mauldeth Road, Withington; 1916. Mrs Sephton (née Florence Hallam), Deane, Chester Road, Poynton; *1917. Mamie Wald, 32 Warwick Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; *1918. Kathleen Percival, Edgecumbe Mount, Edge Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1919. Francis Bowden, 16 Burford Road, Whalley Range; 1920. Doris Brown, 9 Talbot Road, Old Trafford; 1921. Winifred Jones, Eastleigh, Ryebank Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1922. Marcelle Sugden, 71 Sloane Street, Brooks’s Bar; *1923. Zillah Taylor, 113 Wilmslow Road, Withington.

1924: E. Taylor, footballer, Huddersfield Town, referred to in 1976 in a review of the club’s performance in the 1924/5 season

August 1924: ‘The School takes a keen interest in the work of the British and Foreign Bible Society, and on Sunday, July 20th, gave a hearty welcome to Miss Taylor, who has been appointed to supervise the efforts made throughout the country to interest young people in the aims of the Society. Miss Taylor was greatly interested in our various departments, and expressed her appreciation at the Board Meeting. We are pleased to learn that our good friend Dr Ritson, who is at present travelling abroad in the interests of the Society, has been elected at the Wesleyan Conference president-designate for the Conference of next year. The honour is well-deserved, and we offer our hearty congratulations.’

April 1925: Primary Department A: scholars’ birthdays during April: Alwen Baxter, Jessie Johnson, Ellen Winifred Taylor, Betty Standring

January 1927: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: B. W. J. Taylor, 1050 London Road, Alvaston, Derbyshire; F. H. E. Taylor, 85 Hawthorne Grove, S.E.20. (junior); E. E. Taylor, 58 Wolverton Road, Leicester (family).

16 May 1928: John Albert Taylor baptised

8 July 1928: Harold Taylor baptised;

18 July 1928: Alexander Taylor baptised

July 1930: O.Y.S.A. A. J. P. Taylor, after spending some time in historical research at Vienna, has taken up an appointment as Lecturer in Modern History at Manchester University.

1 April 1931: Re the retirement of Detective Taylor from Leicestershire county police force after 37 years service. “Among the seven murders Mr Taylor investigated was the mysterious green bicycle case ten years ago. In another case a widow was murdered, and her assailant was traced to Folkestone, where he was arrested. On the journey from Leicester he had lavishly spent many threepenny pieces which had been hoarded by the dead woman, and it was by means of this trail that he was caught.” A presentation was made to him on his retirement by Captain C. E. Lynch-Blosse, the chief constable of the county;

Urban council elections: Arnold: candidates: C. W. Judge, S. Spencer, Edith H. Mountain, G. Bowley, S. Dove, G. Hartshorn, C. H. Saxton, J. Wardle, S. Hammond, T. Leivers, W. Clay, T. Sturton, S. Barnett, F. Needham, Sybil Fisher (elected). Not elected: R. L. Wright, A. E. Flowers, W. Askew, J. Hopkinson, F. Funge, T. Nix, F. Lee, J. Ball, A. S. Rigley, W. P. Henshaw, A. Jackson, A. Chisholm, Agnes Bartram, H. Harris, J. Clay, H. J. Cast, T. H. Leivers, H. Tinkler, H. J. Ironside, E. Fretter, E. Mapletoft, A. Casterton, C. E. Barlow, G. W. Bee, H. Lynham, W. Lester, E. Price, H. Miller, J. W. Taylor, W. Dobson, H. J. Payne, J. Stone; Bakewell: candidates: G. E. Rowland, J. M. Brooks, J. W. Raine, F. H. Baker, F. W. Taylor, T. Clark, jun.; Ashby Woulds: candidates: E. H. Hunt, G. E. Moreton, E. W. Tandy, G. Taylor, J. H. Wright, J. A. Fletcher, W. Bott, J. Dennis, T. Dennis, V. R. Brice, W. Brown, G. Grice; Sutton Bridge: candidates: P. Loughlin, G. A. Mitchell, S. Goodger, G. Portase, I. Laud, H. Goodson, Hobson Bateman, Mrs A. M. Taylor, T. Moore, J. Bell-Dawson

January 1932: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: G. H. Taylor, 34 Albert Street, Higher Ince; Miss L. Taylor, 9 Richmond Street, Newton Heath; F. E. Taylor (family membership), 16 Westhay Road, Hall Green

1932: Examination Results: Trade Scholarships: The following boys qualified: Frank Mills, School of Photo Engravure; Norman Adams, Borough Polytechnic; Albert Taylor, School of Woodcarvingl

July 1933: Senior Cricket: The Senior Team has so far won 5 matches out of a possible 8. This includes the two Gill Cup matches. We qualified for the third round by beating Southwark but unfortunately we lost to South Lambeth in the third round by 9 runs. In our league matches we have won 4 matches out of 6. We beat Earlsfield, Haselrigge Road, Hackford Road and Huntingfield Road, but we lost against West Hill and Southwark Central. The century mark has been passed twice, once against Hackford Road with a total of 113 runs for 6 wickets, and also against Haselrigge Road, the total being 102 runs for 7 wickets; both innings were declared. The best scores have been made by Smith with 43 runs and 21 not out. Edwards with 32 and 23, and Bastin with 24 not out. Our bowlers are Mitchell, Edwards, Bastin, Jarvis and Taylor. Mitchell heads the bowling with some very fine averages, including 5 wickets for 0 runs, 7 for 4 runs and 6 fir 8 runs. Cockfield is a very useful bat and wicket-keeper, having stumped 11 players, and Seabrook and Edwards have also made some very fine catches. The boys who have played for the Seniors are Taylor, Edwards, Cockfield, Mitchell, Smith, Bastin, Jarvis, Seabrook, Lambert, Cook, Brewer, Dorsett, Kelsall, Delaney and Hutton.  N. HUTTON.   Hutton is too modest to mention his own performances. He has been a regular scorer, a splendid field, and has captained his side splendidly.

May 1933: Advertisement: L. A. S. Taylor, A1 News Depot, Nuthall Road, Old Basford, facing Aspley Estate: Tobacconist, Confectioner and Stationer. Chocolates etc., from best makers. Stationery and school requisites. Periodicals not in stock procured immediately

25 February 1934: Rosie Taylor, aged 11, 68 Springfield, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

28 February 1935: Connie Taylor, 85 Trent Street, aged 12, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides. Left for work.

July 1935: ‘The Guide Dog’, an article by P. Watson Taylor: mentions Miss Crooke, secretary of the guide dog society

January 1936: Valete: L V: J. Taylor is an apprentice at Vosper’s, shipbuilders.

Orchestra. ‘Sturmey and Skipton of IV B. and Taylor and White of the first year have been particularly welcome newcomers, and are already proving useful. This is all to the good for we have lately had to say good-bye, with very real regret, to Seymour, who was very valuable as an efficient leading 2nd violin. We nearly lost Lowe, and even now we are not sure that H.M. Navy will not steal him away.’

11 October 1941: Dorthy Taylor, 34 Carolgate, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides. Proficiency Badge: Horses (1947).

6 March 1943: Jean Taylor, aged 12, 12 Leafield Hallcroft, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides. Proficiency Badges: Cook (1944), Entertainer (1944), Needlewoman (1944).

30 April 1943: Jean Taylor, aged 12, 6 Leafield Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

1945: Norma Taylor, aged 10, 6 Leafield Hallcroft, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Moss Empires: Bradford, Alhambra – Jack Taylor‘s “Lady, Here’s a Laugh”, Albert Burdon, Karina, Donald Peers, Jimmy Clitheroe, Freda Barrie, Gladys Church, Tiny Tappers, Vadio and Hertz, etc. (5.20 and 7.30). Fred Collins’ Agency. Edinburgh, Theatre Royal (R. 11) – Rennie Munro and his Band, Four Sensationalists, Jo Kerr, Taylor and Thomas, Graham and Scott, Bijou and Freda, Alpha Trio.

December 1945: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: R. S. Taylor, 28 East Street, Thame; Mr & Mrs N. Taylor, 14 Plumpton Mead, Wrose Road, Bradford (family membership)

4 February 1947: Dorothy Taylor, aged 15, Gardeners Cottage, Ordsall Hall, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

28 January 1948: N. Taylor, cello, London Philharmonic Orchestra

29 May 1951: Death at Arbroath Infirmary, of William Robb Taylor, dearly beloved husband of Davina Douglas, 1 Airlie Crescent, Arbroath. Mrs Davina Taylor and family desire to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for kind expressions of sympathy and beautiful floral tributes received in their sudden bereavement. They also thank Rev. John H. Dutch, Rev. Matthew McPhail for services rendered; Dr Forbes and staff of Arbroath Infirmary, Lodge St Thomas (40) and all who paid their last respects at the graveside – 1 Airlie Crescent, Arbroath;

28 May 1951: Death at South Lodge, Hospital Field, Arbroath, of David Miller, aged 91 years, husband of the late Isabella Nicoll. The family of the late Mr David Miller desire to thank all friends for kind expressions of sympathy and floral tributes received in their recent bereavement, also Dr Taylor, Rev. Wainwright, Montrose, Mr R. Gleig, and trustees and members of the Methodist Church, for kind attention, and all those who paid their last respects at the graveside;

2 June 1951: In Memoriam: In loving memory of our dear mother, Mary Ann Smith Taylor, died 31 May 1942; also our beloved father, George D. McGregor, died 8 July 1950 – Inserted by Mr and Mrs McGregor, Glasgow

Advertisement: Arbroath Labour Party. Public Meeting in West Port Rooms. Speaker: Mr John Taylor, ex-Scottish Secretary, Labour Party

12 June 1951: D. F. P. Taylor, bass, The Alexandra Choir

3 July 1951: Birth, at Clayton, North Carolina, to Sybil (née Taylor, late of Winchester) and Wilson Champion – a brother for Peter

8 December 1951: J. Taylor and J. N. Taylor, footballers, Fulham, in a match against Huddersfield Town, recalled in programme notes 25 years later, 18 December 1976

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Harold Etchells, 3 Asplan Road, Hyde, butcher and Harold Taylor, 114 Ridlings Lane, Hyde grocer; and against T. R. Taylor, Six Turnings, Mylor, formerly a grocer; and against Mr Eric and Mrs Dorothy Adelaide Taylor, 57b Trinidad Crescent, Parkstone; and against Charles Taylor, 251 Chigwell Road, Woodford Green, landscape gardener; and against Mr A. E. Taylor, 56 Yewtree Road, Southborough, Tunbridge Wells; and against Violet Mary wife of Albert Edward Taylor, 8 Lower Antley Street, Accrington; and against Mrs H. T. Taylor, 161 The Broadway, Southall, florist; and against Harry Taylor, 72 Davies Avenue, Tipton Green Estate, Tipton; and against Mr J. Taylor, Old Park Farm, Upper Gornal, Staffordshire; and against Herbert Taylor, 4 Priestley’s Court, Stead Street, Halifax, general dealer

1953: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class: Brian Taylor.

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Joshua Hudlass Taylor, 93 Heaton Road, Stockport, fishmonger, in favour of William Pickles; and a bill of sale by Frederick George Taylor, 22 St Huberts Street, Great Harwood, fish fryer, of specified furniture and effects at 22 St Huberts Street, and a frying range, refrigerator, utensils &c. at the shop, 102 Queen Street, Great Harwood, in favour of Brantwood Postal Advance Company Ltd

1954: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class (Boys and Girls): Brian Taylor

1955: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Juniors: 3rd Class: Brian Taylor

15 September 1960: In Memoriam: William Taylor

30 July 1961: Postcard to Miss Corinne Taylor, ‘Five Turnings’, Rosea Bridge Lane, Combe Martin: ‘Sunday aft July 30th   Dear Corinne, Enjoying trip. Stayed overnight at Railsburgh. Now at Windsor, after going through Ascot. Have just been through the State Apartments of Windsor Castle. Very hot & sunny here. Roads crowded.   Hope you are enjoying yourself. If I have left anything airing on cistern in airing cupboard, please remove!! Will write again on arrival. Lots of love from us all  Mum & dad  Vic & And’

4 October 1963: Charles Taylor, 1st violin, Covent Garden Orchestra; Alan Taylor, timpani

9 December 1964. Notice of marriage between William Stephen Taylor, 23 [born 17 August 1941], bachelor, hospital porter, 26 Whitmore Garage Caravan Site, Barry Island [resident there more than a month], and Jennifer Ann Escott, 20 [born 7 November 1944], spinster, diet cook (hospital), 1 Maple Road, Penarth: intended to be solemnized at St David’s Presbyterian Church of Wales, Elfed Avenue, Penarth.

7 March 1968: K. J. Taylor, Rugby, and R. B. Taylor, Northampton & England, Rugby players, playing for the East Midlands against the Barbarians

6 November 1968: John Taylor, referee, quoted in Wolverhampton Sporting Star; also letter from A. R. Taylor, 93 Bryn Gaer Terrace, Llanhilleth, Abertillery

12 April 1971: A. Taylor, footballer, Stockport County

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: A. Taylor, 45 Wooler Road, Hartlepool Tel.: 2466; E. F. Taylor, White House, Pinchinthorpe, Guisborough Tel.: 2446

25 April 1979: Crewe Alexandra Under 13 team scorers in a match against Sandbach Tigers (11-0): Steven Dobson, Chris Taylor, Andrew Dobson, Mickey Hamill, Phil Tew and Paul Fraser

c1990: Andrew J. Taylor (Reg & Phoebe parents), The Warren, 120 Brox Road,  Ottershaw, Chertsey KT16 0LG; Andrew’s house, 5 Overthorpe Close, Goldsworth Park, Knaphill, Woking GU22 2LA; Andrew & Shauna Taylor, 3 Cromwell Cottages, Trindles Road, South Nutfield RH1 4JL; Keepers Cottage, 40 Cronks Hill Road, Meadvale         Redhill RH1 6LZ; Patricia & Robert Taylor, ‘Greenway’, Springwell Road, Beare Green  RH5 4RN

1994: Doreen Taylor, clairvoyant; Rita Taylor psychic artist

5 October 2003: Jordan Taylor, footballer, Croydon Atheltic Football Club under 15 A squad

12 October 2003: Jordan Taylor, footballer, Croydon Atheltic Football Club under 15 A squad

16 November 2003, Jordan Taylor, footballer, Croydon Atheltic Football Club under 15 A squad

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Abigail Taylor, Michael Taylor, Sue Taylor, Winifred Taylor