Stockport, Cheshire [m192015]

Ancient market town in Chester archdeaconry of the diocese of Coventry & Lichfield, to 1541: then in the diocese of Chester

Stockport [‘Stopford’], Cheshire, 1612

Stockport [‘Stopford’], Cheshire, 1665

Stockport, Cheshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Stockport, Cheshire, 1845

Civil Parishes, 1875

Stockport [centre, blue] surrounded, south of the Mersey, clockwise from the north, by Brinnington [orange], Bredbury [yellow], Offerton [pink], Bosden [orange], Bramhall [pink] and Cheadle [green]. These were all in the ancient ecclesiastical parish of Stockport, except for Cheadle and Bosden, in Cheadle.

Stockport, Cheshire, 1941

General References

24 November 1789: Bond by Thomas Chadwick [signs] of Bredbury, county Chester, hatter, Nathan Royle [signs: Ryle] of Romiley, county Chester, yeoman and Joseph Coppock [signs] of Stockport, county Chester, hatter, to Samuel Boyer gentleman clerk of His Majesty’s court of record for the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £50: for Chadwick to appear at the next court to prosecute John Thorniley of Stockport yeoman, for wrongfully taking and unjustly detaining one gray gelding (worth £50). Witness: Lawrence Walker [signs]

22 July 1822: Distraint of 2d pair of Bedsteads  Beds and Bedding  –  one stand and all other things found upon the premises in Stockport, for £4 12s 6d rent and arrears of rent due to Mr Charles Stubbs. [endorsed: Wm. Maces Destrain]

July 1930: Bootham School, Summer Term 1930: List of Boys: Ian C. Barton, Stockport: Lower Senior, bedroom 24, Penn House

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