Starr [19200118]

27 February 1928: Miss F. Starr, Commerce House, Cley next the Sea

May 1933: Messrs. R. H. Cook, F. J. Hancock, G. Hind, R. Hopkin, G. Pallant, C. Poole, T. Robinson, W. Shaw, J. H. Smith (Diocesan Lay Reader), G. Starr, G. Vickers, W. Walker, T. Walters, F. Woodhead, L. F. Woodhead, C. Woodhead, E. W. Lane, A. Kirk, J. Shore, sidesmen of Cinder Hill parish church

Sidesmen’s duty roster: June 4: Messrs G. Pallant, T. Robinson, G. Starr

4 October 1963: Clifford Starr, tenor Covent Garden Opera Chorus

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Vicki Starr