Stanton [192001]

27 April 1294: Agnes Launscelin of Haleweston & John her son v. John de Ferrariis, Alionora his wife who was wife of Robert Ferrariis, Oliver la Zouche, Thomas le Parkeresman and John le Parkeresman: disseisin of their common fishery in Hayliweston, Southwyntestre, Sutholonetoft, Great Paxton and Little Paxton pertaining to their free tenement in Hayliweston, i.e. their fishing in Hayliweston from a place called Baddeford to a place called Hildreswell, fishing throughout the year with all nets and engines to take all manner of fish. The defendants have not come, but a certain Richard le Marschal comes and speaks for them as their bailiff; and he says that this assize should not be held thereon, because he says that the aforesaid Agnes and John her son hold separately the tenements to which they claim the fishery belongs, and held them on the date of the impetration of this writ, namely 15 November 21 (Edward II: 1293); then as to Alianora as holding a moiety of the fishery, he says that she holds the manor of Suthewyntestre to which the fishery belongs, by gift of the aforesaid John de Ferrariis, who held it in his severalty. The aforesaid Oliver and John de Ferariis say that the fishery was once in the possession of one Roger de Quincy, after whose death it descended to his three daughters, so that that fishery was assigned to his daughters Elena and Margaret in purparty; and that Oliver holds the part of Elena, and the part of Margaret descended to one Robert, father of the said John de Ferrariis, and from Robert to this John de Ferrariis as his son. So an  assize was held. Robert de Gidding and Simon son of Richard Stanton, recognizors, did not come; therefore amerced. Similarly Thomas Dalkat and Laurence de Walsham amerced 1 mark because they came late and absented themselves.

The jurors say that Agnes and John her son hold the tenements to which they assert the fishery belongs jointly and not separately, and did so on the date of the impetration of the writ; that one William de Lay once held the tenements that Agnes and John now hold in Haylweston; that William de Lay at the time the aforesaid Roger de Quincy held the manor of Suthwincester and other tenements that the aforesaid Alianora and Oliver now hold in the townships aforesaid was in possession of the fishing in that fishery at her will by all manner of nets and engines except for sayn nets without hindrance from anyone; and that the aforesaid William du Lay out of his seisin enfeoffed one William de Sancto Georgio, ancestor of the aforesaid John son of Agnes Launcelin (whose heir he is) with the aforesaid tenements which Agnes and John and his son now hold; and hat the same William for the whole time was in possession of the fishing in the water aforesaid at his will with all manner of nets and engines except sayne nets, in the time of king Henry III [1216–1272]; which said William de Sancto Georgio died thereof seised; and then the tenements that Alianora and Oliver now hold in the tenements aforesaid came into the possession of the aforesaid Robert de Ferariis and Elena la Zouche, who often seized nets of the aforesaid John son of Agnes found in the fishery aforesaid; and that the bailiffs of the aforesaid Alianora and Oliver likewise have seized nets of the aforesaid Agnes and John her son found in the fishery aforesaid; that at the request of John son of Agnes and their ancestors the nets were delivered up to them; but that no amends were made to them; that whenever the nets had been given back, John son of Agnes and his ancestors and Agnes had repeatedly fished again in the said fishery with all manner of nets and engines except seyne nets, as part of their common of fishery belonging to their tenements. The jurors say that the fishery does belong to Agnes and John; asked whether John de Ferrariis and the others were involved in the taking of the nets, they say that John de Ferrariis, Alianora and Oliver knew nothing thereof nor agreed to the hindering of Agnes and John her son. Therefore Agnes and John should recover possession of that fishery by all manner of nets and engines except seyne nets, together with their damages, which are taxed at 2s. And Thomas le Parkeresman (20d) and John le Park[eres]man (20d) are amerced. And Agnes and John her son amerced 20d for false claim.

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Hamlet of Woodmancote in Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Woodmancote: James Stanton, Richard Stanton, William Stanton, James Stanton and Isaac Stanton.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by George Stanton, 14 Albion Parade, Cheltenham, haulier, in favour of Henry G. Margrett

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Lane  –  Mrs Richards 3d, Mrs Clissold 3d, Mrs Stanton 3d, Mrs Knight 3d, Mrs Bullock 3d, Mrs Woodward 2d, Mrs Cook 3d, A Friend 1½d, Mr R. Smith 10d, Mrs Lane 3d, Miss B. Lane 6d, Mrs Foster 3d, Mr Wheeler 3d, Mrs Matthews 3d, Mrs Jowett 3d, Mr Hopton 6d, Miss Price 6d, Mrs Gammon 3d, Mrs Morriss 3d, Mrs Mundy 6d, Friend 3d, Mrs Palmer 6d, Friend 2d,  –  ½d, Mr V. Frost 6d,  –  2d, Mt Wherat 1d, Mr Hartwright 6d,  –  3d,  –  2d.  Total 9/-

31 July 1914: Albert Stanton, baker, and Margaret his wife were charged with using obscene language in Porhan Street, Falmouth

January 1915: Ralph Stanton, accompanist, ‘Felton’, Buckingham Road, Snaresbrook

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Howard and Wyndham, Ltd. Edinburgh, King’s. – Howard and Wyndham’s Summer Show, “Half-past Eight,” Harry Gordon, Betty Norton, Jack Holden, Ann Drummond-Grant, Gordon Rennie, Wyn Clifford, Patrick Colbert, Dickie Martyn, Betti Gail, Paul Stanton, Kathryn Francis, Christine Spencer, Cedric Byrne, etc. (Commencing Fri., May 25.)

6 November 1968: linesman G. L. Stanton

26 June 1971: ‘Prize Collectors from Saturday last when ‘Dons’ were visitors at Brandon’: … 3312 R. Stanton, 3 Compie Close, Wyken (amethyst flower bowl) …

c1990: Mrs Sally Stanton, 18 Vogan Close, Woodhatch, Reigate

1994: Maurice Stanton, lecturer