Stagsden, Bedfordshire [p192001]

Stagsden [‘Stageden’], Bedfordshire, 1612

Stagsden, Bedfordshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Stagsden, Bedfordshire, 1882

13 October 1499: At Westminster the octaves of Michaelmas 15 Henry VII [13 October 1499] before Thomas Bryan, William Danuers, John Vauasour and Thomas Wode  justices: Reginald Bray knight, William Hody knight, John Shaa knight, Hugh Oldom clerk, Humphrey Conyngesby serjeant-at-law, Richard Emson, William Coope, John Cutte and Thomas Lynde, plaintiffs, v. Johanna Pierson widow, deforciant of 10 messuages, 300 acres of land, 40 acres of meadow, 200 acres of pasture, 20 acres of woodland and 20s rent in Osburn  Craweley and Stageden. Deforciant acknowledges the premises to belong to Hugh, for which the plaintiffs grant the deforciant 200 marks.