Examination Successes, 1923: Present Pupils: Victoria University of Manchester: Hulme Entrance Scholarship, £35 for 3 years  –  Muriel Barratt; Distinguished in the Scholarships Competition  –  Zillah Taylor; Theodores Exhibition (divided)  –  Zillah Taylor.  Given by the Manchester Education Committee: University Scholarships, value £60 a year for 3 years  –  Marjorie Baird, Zillah Taylor; Leaving Scholarship; value £60 a year for 3 years  –  Muriel Barratt; Senior Domestic Scholarships (about £80)  –  Margery Callis, Hilda Walker, Margaret Stampe; Entrance Scholarships to the Municipal High School of Commerce (value £30 for 2 years)  –  Freda Sower, Muriel Stacey, Eileen Rigby;

1923: Leaving Certificates: From Upper VI: Marjorie Baird, Muriel Barratt, Violet M. Livesey, Ina Pickles, Zillah Taylor. From Lower VI: Jean McNichol, Phyllis Nutter, Marion Raw, Mercedes Shirra. From Form V: Dorothy Babbage, Phyllis Booth, Phyllis M. Bourne, Rosalie E. Ince, Marjorie Smith, Freda M. Sower, Muriel C. Stacey, Margaret M. Stampe, Hilda M. Walker;

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Muriel Stacey (1923) has gained an entrance scholarship for the High School of Commerce

1934-1935: Crafts’ Guild Report, 1934-35. In addition to this talks were given by Mr Stacey on some of the trees in our grounds, and by Miss Dewhurst on animals in our own county, and on the keeping of an aquarium. This was doubly interesting as an aquarium was actually being kept at the time.