30 July 1754: John Torkinton [signs] and Ottiwell Heginbothem [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Marple: Settlement certificate of Daniel Simpson, Mary his wife and James and Mary his children. Witnesses: Ralph Hough [signs], Roger Jackson [signs]. L Richmond [signs] and Wm Wright [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of Ralph Hough the witness

30 July 1754: John Torkinton [signs] and Ottiwell Heginbothem [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Marple: Settlement certificate of Isaac Simpson, Sarah his wife and John, Samuel and Isaac his children. Witnesses: Ralph Hough [signs], Roger Jackson [signs]   L Richmond [signs] and Wm Wright [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of Ralph Hough the witness

3 September 1757: John Beard [signs] and Ralph Fearn [signs] churchwarden and overseer of the poor of Mellor in the parish of Glossop, county Derby. Settlement certificate  of William Wood: to the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Alderley, county Chester. Witnesses: Geo: Higenbottam [signs], John Heward [marks].  Hen: Eyre [signs] and Jno. Simpson [signs] Justices of the Peace and of the Quorum for the county of Derby certify attestation of John Heward the witness

1758: Accounts of Thomas Walton surveyor of the highways of Nether Alderley: South Side: To Matthew Simpson For Work Don in ye High Ways   1.15.0

11 April 1776: Peter Bailey [marks] and Job Simpson [signs], overseers of the poor of Lower Withington, Cheshire: settlement certificate of Samuel Bartington and Martha his wife. Witnesses: Samuel Worthington [signs], James Higginbotham [signs]. H. Off. Wright [signs] and J. Glegg [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county certify attestation of the witness Samuel Worthington

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Alexander William Simpson, Tredworth; Charles Simpson, St John’s Lane; Edmund Simpson, Southgate Street; Frederick Simpson, Barton Street; Robert Charles Simpson, Northgate Street; William Simpson, Southgate Street. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Barton St Michael: Frederick Simpson for a house in Barton Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: Charles Simpson, for a house in Northgate Street; Robert Charles Simpson, for a house in Northgate Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Owen: Edmund Simpson and William Simpson, for houses in Southgate Street.

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Dartmouth. Erl King, s.s., which has just been built at Leith by Messrs Rammage & Ferguson, for Major A. H. Davis, of New York, arrived in harbour last week and took on board a new steam launch which has been built for her at Messrs Simpson, Strickland and Co.’s yard.

5 March 1907: Postcard to Miss D. Simpson, 1 St Pauls Road: ‘I wish you would send me a nice long letter and tell me how you have got on at Drockery[?] and after it would be like a message from an angel to a soul in purgatory   I feel more happy today since yesterday than ever in my life before (after you sat on a certain cushion)  W H’    [mirror writing]

9 September 1914: Postcard to Miss G. Simpson, 13 Normanton Street, off Carrington Street, Nottingham: ‘Dear G   having a good time   the weather is lovely   wish you were here   Best love   Gerty’

15 August 1915?: Postcard to Mrs G. Simpson, Old Vicarage, Fivehead, Taunton: ‘Arrived Wells 5.30, lovely ride   arrived Bath GPC, 8.15   hope all is well   love T.’

25 August 1919: Postcard to Miss Freda Simpson, Whitegate Farm, Town Street, Bramley, Leeds: ‘Dear Freda, To-day (Mon.) is ‘rotten’ raining cats and dogs, but yesterday was glorious. I took some snaps in the garden. This Hotel is very nice with heaps of people in. Did Mr B. send a letter on Saturday? If he should want to know anything about biz. you have my address haven’t you? Hope you have a bumping time at Brid. Much love Rene’

November 1923: Whalley Range High School Magazine: Magazine Committee, 1923-24. President: Miss Field, M.A.; Hon. Vice-Presidents: Francis Jones, Esq., M.Sc., Alderman W. F. Lane-Scott, J.P., Councillor J. Harold Birley, Miss E. Allen; Editor (pro tem.): Miss Field; Sub-Editor: Miss Clark; Ordinary Members of Committee: Miss Wilcox, Irene Wilde, captain of the school (ex officio), Nellie Chadwick, Dorothy Hulme, Daisy Orme, Theo Nidd, Edna Rose, Ethel Simpson; Treasurer: Miss O’Maley.

Mrs Watson (née Simpson) has sent a delightful account of a holiday spent with her little son Roger, at the seaside:- “I am having a quietly busy time, for Roger and I are alone. That means I am on duty from any time after 6.30 a.m. to about 6.30 p.m., when a certain little man is fast asleep. Being ‘on duty’ means anything from helping to build sand-castles, and seeing that Roger doesn’t get too soaked whilst he paddles, and providing games for wet days. The more strenuous the game the better for R. Yesterday we mended imaginary smashes in our landlady’s chairs with the help of imaginary hammers, gimlet, screws and nails. R.’s spade acted as saw to cut our imaginary wood. This game was quite to my liking, but when we had to play horses on the floor I watched the window anxiously. At last the rain cleared and we got out-of-doors.”

29 June 1927: Postcard to Mrs W. W. Simpson, 10 Scotchman Road, Toller Lane, Bradford, Yorkshire: ‘Dear Kitty, I arrived back safely. Am having a very nice time. The weather is rather poor but there are a few visitors in. Will write all details later. My hair is ever so nice. You would get done for less than 10/-. I should advise you to ring her up. Will get her no.’

c1936: Postcard to Miss K. Simpson, 10 Scotchman Road, Toller Lane, Bradford: ‘St James’s Park, London. Monday  ‘My dear Kath   We have just missed the King & Queen & little Princesses & are really cross about it. We shall all have to come again  –  there is so much to see & do. Home in the morning   Love ….’

January 1936: Special Prizes. English Literature, presented by Mrs Simpson – T. P. Cooper.

1940: Jean Simpson, Bridgate, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides. ‘Bournemouth’

14 June 1945: Postcard to Miss M. Simpson, 183 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford. Yorkshire: ‘Ballachulish  Wednesday   Dear Sim, I never wrote to thank you for that grand weekend, did I! As you will gather – I’m still alive and kicking, we are quite near Glencoe here. but never mention bogs to me again. I’ve decided Scotland is one immense eternal BOG  It’s grand though   Love Bish’

16 May 1947: Postcard to W. H. Simpson, Esq., 183 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford: ‘Biddy has to go as a witness to Court next Friday, so even if I don’t get a job I think I’ll stay till then. Could I have an emergency card? I saw the Royal Family yesterday, Love, Kath.’

26 May 1947: Postcard to Mr W. H. Simpson, 183 Highgate, Bradford: ‘Grasmere Whit Monday   Dear Dad, We are doing well for food so far, thanks Yesterday was a perfect day. But today is rainy so far  –  still it is very nice. We could not get on the train on Saturday and had to wait in the station for the next one. Hope you are alright, Love from Marg xxx’

9 September 1947: Postcard to Miss Simpson, 183 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire: ‘Dear Margaret   Thanks for post card from Switzerland, so glad you had such a good holiday, & you were only just in time. We had a lovely day in Oxford yesterday. I hope you are all well. Love M. Ward’

25 October 1953: Postcard to Mr W. H. Simpson, 183 Highgate, Bradford 9, Yorkshire: ‘Dear Dad, I shall be home about 9.0.p.m. on Monday. Please if you can remember will you get the bath water partly warm before you go to your +History+ class so that I can soon have a bath when I come in. Hope all well. Love Marg. xxx’

7 August 1957: Postcard to Miss Simpson, 183 Highgate, Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire: ‘Thursday, Glen Nevis.  Many thanks for letter. Yes, will do my best if & when I come to Yorks. Sorry you were so late getting home. Must write to Tony when I return. Thanks for 1/4  Have a tea on me when we meet. No don’t bother re mintcake, thanks. M  & I met successfully. Bussed to Balloch. Hitched to Oban. Beautiful place & lovely hostel – though quite honestly I find these 100/150 bed self cooking ones quite exhausting. Old age of course, & I must say, I’ve never met so many nice chatty people in so short a time. Really very nice & from absolutely everywhere. On Iona Sun. How you would have loved it. Put it down as a Definite sometime. Shall not leave Maria too much space, for too many rude remarks!   Went up Ben Nevis today   The weather was pleasant  It took us 7 hours up and down  I could hardly move when we got back   Can’t write any more  no space   love M & M   Maria forgot to say that she had bad bruises everywhere with all this climbing   Remind us to tell you the tale of “How is your bread looking like?” next time we meet.’

25 October 1959: Postcard to Mr W. H. Simpson & Miss K. Simpson, 183 Highgate, Bradford, Yorkshire: ‘Penrith  Saturday   Dear Dad & Kath, I hope all is well. Please put the cake & parkin in the tins at the top of the cellar steps & the cheese on the shelf. And please Dad water the plants on the front room windowsill & in the kitchen & the one hanging in the porch   Love from Marg  xxxx’

c1960: Postcard to Mr W. H. and Miss K. Simpson, 183 Highgate, Bradford, Yorkshire: ‘Penrith  Thursday  I was very lucky & had nice sails both days to & from the Isle of Man. I never opened my packet of seasick pills at all. I hope all is well. We are just setting off to Keswick. Love Mary x x x x’

1 October 1966: Invitation from Mr and Mrs John Carstairs, 12 Rossie Place, Auchterarder, to Miss B. Simpson, Old Manse, Shiels, by Whitecairns, to the celebration of their golden wedding anniversary at the Crown Hotel