Shaw [19080123]

1 September 1848: Barbados: Passengers per R. M. C. steamer Eagle — Mr. Dowse, 3 W I. & Mr. Smith, for Demerary, Mr. Maturin, for Trinidad, Mr. Dawes, for Trinidad, Major Shaw, 3 W I & family, for St. Vincent

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Campden Polling District: Parish of Saintbury: Abode: Bengeworth, Worcestershire: John Shaw

25 March 1880: Shaw & McMullan, Belfast, merchants, v. Richard Rose, Grey Abbey, county Down, grocer

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Shaw, Shepley Street, Guide Lane, Hooley Hill, Lancashire, clerk, in favour of Alfred Harrop; and a bill of sale by William Shaw, 20 Pall Mall, Tithebarn Street, Liverpool, blacksmith, in favour of Nathan S. Hart; and a bill of sale by William Shaw, 18 Blue Boar Lane, Leicester, Thomas Monk, 58 Leamington Street, Leicester, and Henry Monk, 43 Leamington Street, Leicester, boot manufacturers, trading as Monk, Shaw, and Monk, at 16½ Blue Boar Lane, Leicester, in favour of Amos Stockwell; and a bill of sale by John Shaw, Marshes Arch, Newcastle Street, Burslem, nailmaker, in favour of Meyer Cohn; and a bill of sale by William Shaw, 108 Rupert Street, Nechells, Birmingham, basketmaker, in favour of William Rowland

28 August 1891: Wanted, Utrecht velvet, good quality. Shaw, Clevedon Road, Weston super Mare

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Kingstown. The fleet of 1-raters here has been increased by the arrival of the famous little Tartar. She was built in 1893 by Sibbick, of Cowes, for Mr A. Hewett, and out of 42 starts in and about the Solent she won 16 first, 12 second, and 4 third prizes. She is at present in the coal harbour, Kingstown. Yachting men, especially owners of small craft, should call at Messrs Fletcher & Phillipson’s show-rooms in Baggot Street, Dublin, where they will see the new Swedish wickless oil stoves in operation. They are fitted for yachts with either one or two burners. These stoves are bound to “knock” all others, either for oil or spirits, “into a cocked hat” in a very short time. Queen Eleanor, schooner, 146 tons, R.L.Y.C., owned by Captain Didham, R.N., arrived from Milford on Sunday, 10 June, about 11 a.m. Taurus, s.y., 312 tons, R.M.Y.C., owned by Mr W. Rhodes, arrived at Kingstown on Monday, 11 June, from Cork. Erycina, cutter, 96 tons, R.T.Y.C., Mr A. Wood, arrived from Holyhead on Thursday, 7 June, and sailed Tuesday, 12 June. Gelert, s.y., 122 tons, R.I.Y.C., Mr L. Shaw, arrived from Ringsend Dock, Thursday, 7 June. Water Lily, yawl, 100 tons, R.C.Y.C., Mr J. F. Waldie, arrived here from Lamlash, Tuesday, 12 June. Considerable excitement has been aroused here by the report which is going the rounds that the owner of Amina, schooner, Mr G. V. Briscoe, has challenged Mr J. M. Ross-Todd, owner of Comus, schooner, to a trial of speed of their respective vessels. Nothing definite has been arranged, but Y.R.A. rules and rating and Corinthian crews are talked about. If this race comes off it is bound to be exciting, as both owners are keen sportsmen, and judging from last Saturday’s R. Alfred race, the two schooners are very closely matched on all points of sailing.

January 1896: St Matthew’s Church, Higher Audley, Blackburn, Curacy Fund: from 1 February to 31 December 1895. Parochial Subscriptions. 5s each: Mr Blackshaw, Misses Almond, Mr Clarkson, Rev. G. Coe, Mrs Shorrock, Mrs Holden (Ripon Street), Mr Brennand, Mr Gillibrand, Mrs Green, Dr Howard, Mr Brierley, Mr J. Carter; 4s each: Mr T. Brindle, Misses Ashton (Audley Range), Misses Sanderson, Mrs Clayton; 3s each: Mrs Greenslade, Misses Walmsley; 2s 6d each: Mrs Smith, Miss Anelay, Mrs Andrews, Mrs Prescott, Mr Hobkirk, Mrs Dewhurst, Mr T. Haworth, Mr Calderbank, Miss Smithson, Miss A. A. Shorrock, Miss E. Cook, Miss Sowerbutts, Mr James Singleton, Mr Richard Ashton, Mrs Haworth (65 Audley Range), Mr Wright, Mrs Westall, Mrs Isherwood, Mr Richmond, Miss A. Morris, Mr Shaw, Mrs Houghton, Mrs Grime, Mrs Gardner, Mrs Dearden, Miss Gill, Mr Bell, Mrs Singleton, Mr Lawson, Mr G. Halliwell, Mr R. Entwistle, Mr Norris, Mr Clemson, Mr Turner, Mrs Astley, Mrs Hammond, Mr Winckley (Higher Audley Street), Mr Pashley, Miss Fisher, Mr A. Harwood, Mrs Haworth (Higher Audley Street), Mr Bury, Mr Sandham, Mrs Haworth (Walter Street), Mr W. Hardman, Mr Cross, Mr B. Walsh, Mrs Halliwell, Miss Astley and Miss Lucas. Total – £10 7s.

11 March 1905: Postcard to Miss Sharp, Monk Street, Tutbury: ‘My Dear Annie, You have asked me so many times to send you a P.C. that I have sent you a couple. Please show them Mr Shaw   Hugo’

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Pendennis Hotel: Major and Mrs Greatrex, Misses Ridley, Miss Pye, Mr and Mrs A. Eade, Mr and Mrs D. N. Duff, Mr and Mrs Kourouki, Mr and Mrs Nandeen, Mr and Mrs A. MacHilton, Mr and Mrs H. Lucas, Miss Hunt, Mr and Mrs F. I. Shaw, Mr and Mrs Joynt, sir Arthur and lady Martindale, Miss Martindale, Mr and Mrs Percy Godfrey, Mr and Mrs Hunt, Mr and Mrs Howard Burton, Miss Burton, Mr and Mrs T. B. Gabriel and party (5), Miss Stone and friend

4 March 1920: Alfred Shaw baptised, 4 Shepley Street, Harpurhey

25 August 1921: Marriage of James Scarr to Marjorie Elizabeth Shaw

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Olive Hughes (1916), now Mrs Shaw, is the proud possessor of a baby girl, christened Hilary Olive. Her husband is a teacher in Bowdon; Althea Shaw (1918) is continuing her School of Handloom Weaving, [then quoting at length an article about the school from City News, written by Henry Cadness: the school was at 3a New Wakefield Street]

1924: G. E. Shaw, footballer, Huddersfield Town, referred to in 1976 in a review of the club’s performance in the 1924/5 season

August 1924: Primary Department ‘C’ will celebrate the following Cradle Roll Birthdays  –  Margaret Jean Almond, Harold Shaw, Mary Jones and Edith Agnes Walley; and also the following scholars’ birthdays  –  Elsie Fosbrooke and Margaret Smith

Advertisement: W. A. Shaw & Co., 107 Prince’s Street, Stockport:

Advertisement: Shaw’s Dairies, Middle Hillgate and Chatham Street

April 1925: Advertisement: W. A. Shaw & Co., 107 Prince’s Street, Stockport:

Advertisement: Shaw’s Dairies, Middle Hillgate and Chatham Street, Stockport

20 March 1926: An invitation from Mr and Mrs H. France, to Mr J. W. Haywood and Miss Amy Shaw, to Clara’s 21st birthday party, at Ellis’s Social Hall

30 April 1927: Invitation from Mr and Mrs Benjamin W. Wray, 2 Cross Chapel Street, Batley Carr, to Miss A. Shaw and Mrs Hayward, to the coming-of-age party of their daughter May at Ellis’s Social Hall, Mill Road, Batley Carr

1 April 1931: Boots’ Health Insurance Society annual general meeting in Nottingham: Messrs A. E. Griffiths, G. Whitehall, F. Shaw, J. Dunsmore, E. T. Bodell, J. Thurman, and W. J. Kindleysides, and Miss E. Byron were elected to serve on the committee of management.

Rural council elections: Welton: Saxilby-with-Ingleby: candidates: Edward Spencer, Samuel Walter Hipkin, Christopher Francis Shaw; Rural council elections: Hartshorn and Seals: Hartshorn: candidates T. Ball, A. W. Shaw;

The report on the last meeting of the season of the Nottinghamshire Amateur and Professional Golfers’ Alliance held over the Chilwell Manor course gives the names of the members respective teams:- Radcliffe-on-Trent: G. Carlin, W. H. Shaw, H. F. Page, R. S. Walters.

[1931]: Irene Shaw, 15 Savile Street, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

January 1932: Candidates for affiliate membership (as members of the Newark Wheelers) of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: N. Shaw, 83 Ardgowan Street, Port Glasgow; R. Shaw, 10 Argyle Street, Port Glasgow

May 1933: Messrs. R. H. Cook, F. J. Hancock, G. Hind, R. Hopkin, G. Pallant, C. Poole, T. Robinson, W. Shaw, J. H. Smith (Diocesan Lay Reader), G. Starr, G. Vickers, W. Walker, T. Walters, F. Woodhead, L. F. Woodhead, C. Woodhead, E. W. Lane, A. Kirk, J. Shore, sidesmen of Cinder Hill church;

Sidesmen’s duty roster: May 28: Messrs W. Shaw, F. Woodhead, L. F. Woodhead.

July 1934: Mundella Secondary School: Form Notes: VI U. During the term, Thomson, the School Captain, left to take up a post in Boots. His place was taken by Foster, the Vice-Captain. Following the great dispersion G. Mawer, K. Shaw and W. Lilly are going to Derby Training College

Report on the school trip to Abergavenny. ‘At last came Friday [25 May] – the day to return – the day nobody looked forward to. We had to go – for all good things come to an end. After Atkinson and Kathleen Shaw had expressed their thanks to Mr Winfield (to whom we owe so much that words cannot express our gratitude), to the other members of the school staff who had given up their holiday for us and to Mr Stevens and the domestic staff, Mr Winfield and Mr Stevens replied.’

Athletic Sports – Results. Individual Events. 100 yards – Skipping (senior). 1. J. Johnson (Th); 2. E. Smith (Wn); 3. K. Shaw (Wn).

80 yards – Girls (senior). 1. J. Johnson (Th); 2. K. Shaw (Wn); 3. E. Smith (Wn).

Dual Events. Throwing Cricket Ball – Girls’ (senior). Distance 55 yds 1 ft 11 in. 1. S. Thompson (H); 2. K. Shaw (Wn); 3. L. Leafe (Wn)

Cricket Club (Girls). Captain: G. Mawer. Vice-Captain: K. Shaw. Secretary: E. Smith. The team has been selected from the following: – G. Mawer, K. Shaw, E. Smith, V. Parkin, D. Powell, D. Gray, S. Thompson, L. Leafe, E. Kilner, E. Yorke, J. Denman, J. Chilten, C. Currie, M. Summerfield.

1939: Dorothy Shaw, aged 11, 41 Jubilee Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

July 1939: Elected Members of the Parochial Church Council: Mrs Alford, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Bilney, Mrs Henley, Mrs Postle, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Wingrove, Miss English, Miss A. Gall, Miss Howe, Miss Naunton, the Reverend W. Macray, Messrs G. Booth (vice-chairman), H. Brandon, C. H. Henley, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell (honorary secretary), C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, F. W. Pulford, H. C. Skerritt, P. M. Webb, William Woodcock

11 April 1942: Shirley Shaw, aged 11, 34 Albert Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides. Proficiency Badges: Athlete (1943), Laundress (1943), Writer (1942), War Service (1942, 1943).

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Fred Collins’ Agency. Liverpool, Shakespeare (R. 11) – J. M. Z. Productions’ “Rockin’ the Town”, Roy Lester, The Crastonians, Billy Shaw, Five Canadian Mounties, Three Shades, Ford and Sheen, Zio Angels, etc.

14 August 1946: Brenda Shaw, aged 11, Leafield Hallcroft, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

14 August 1946: Brenda Shaw, 16 Cherry Holt, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

2 June 1951: Tennis: 1st Arbroath Ladies beat Kinnoull at Arbroath on Wednesday by 5 matches to 2, 12 sets to 6, and 98 games to 75 in a Midlands League match. Details  –  Mrs C. Smith and Mrs I. Hunter, Arbroath, drew with Mrs Lomas and Miss Voigt, 6-4, 4-6; beat Miss Bell and Mrs McKinlay, 6-2, 6-1; beat Mrs Alexander and Miss Stevenson, 7-5, 6-3. Mrs R. Skea and Mrs Shaw, Arbroath, drew 5-7, 6-2; lost 5-7, 4-6; won 6-2, 6-3. Mrs R. Knox and Mrs McEwan won 8-6, 6-4; lost 2-6, 3-6; won 6-4, 6-1.

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Gilbert Shaw, 25 Belmont Road, Uxbridge; and against Mr H. Shaw, 14 Hays Lane, Mixenden, Halifax, textile operative; and against Mr K. K. Shaw, Kenlyn Garage, Briarfields, Dobcross, motor engineers

16 May 1959: Mr & Mrs R Wood request the company of Mrs Shaw and Mr & Mrs Heywood, 15 The Crescent, Lee Estate, Ravensthorpe, at the marriage of their daughter Kay with Mr Geoffrey Senier at St Saviour’s church

25 May 1959: A. R. Shaw, prize winner, Sutton Valence School

4 October 1963: Kenneth Shaw, horn, Covent Garden Orchestra; John Shaw, artist, Covent Garden Opera; David Shaw, repetiteur, Covent Garden Opera

7 October 1968: ‘Darren M. Shaw, of 3 Lane-Head-Rise, Staincross Common, near Barnsley, Yorkshire, seeks a girl pen-pal aged 16-17, who supports Barnsley’

c1990 : Jacqueline Abbott-Deane/Robert Shaw (secretary — Joyce), CUFS, Kings  House, 32/40 Widmore Road, Bromley, Kent, BR1 1RY; Robert Shaw now BUPA, Provident House, 122 High Street, Bromley, Kent BR1 1TB

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Dorothy Shaw