Scott [19031520]

7 March 1528: Ordinations at Lichfield cathedral: Subdeacons Secular: Robert Scott, by title of the monastery of Blessed Mary de Rupe [Roche]

19 December 1528: Ordinations at Lichfield cathedral: Acolytes Secular, first tonsure: Ralph Scott

14 January 1832: Married: At Buckingham, on Tuesday se’nnight, by the Reverend T. Scott, Henry Rawson esquire of Leicester, to Emma Augusta, only daughter of Major Macdonald, of Buckingham

1 April 1840: List of Passengers on the Victoria from Bombay: Lt. Col. & Mrs. Scott and child   H.M.S.; One Native Servant of Mrs. Scott

29 January 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Calcutta, Labuan, [captain:] Scott, Prussian, 547 tons, L D, shipper: Toulmin

5 April 1879: James Scott discharged as objectionable from Royal Marine depôt, Walmer; [born:] Stephenson, Ayr; [trade:] joiner; [age:] 20; [size:] 5[ft] 5½[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fresh; [marks and remarks:] scar on right hip

7 April 1879: Deserter from the Lancashire Militia —  absent from training: John Scott, [Reg. No:] 2558, Lancashire Militia; [born:] Dalton; [trade] labourer; [age] 25; [size:] 5[ft] 6¾[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] blue; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 17 March 1879 [at] Lancaster; [marks & remarks:] scar right cheek;

Deserter from the Royal Marines: Joseph Scott; [born:] Paisley, Renfrewshire; [trade:] labourer; [age:] 18½; [size:] 5[ft] 8[in]; [hair:] light; [eyes:] blue; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] grey, moleskin; [date of desertion:] 25 March 1879 [at] Kilmarnock: [marks and remarks:] star on left arm; recruit, surgically inspected

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by William Scott, Cauldwell, near Burton-on-Trent, market gardener, in favour of Marcus Gordon and others

25 March 1880: Thomas Scott, Saintfield, Down, contractor

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Hector Cowans, Parkhead and Rayburn, Netherwitton, and Windyhaugh, Alwinton, farmer, in favour of Henry H. Scott & another; and a bill of sale by Joseph Scott, East Ardsley, near Wakefield, egg, butter, &c., dealer, in favour of Alfred Charlesworth

25 March 1880: Holder: Robert Scott, merchant, Leith. Acceptor or Promiser: Alexander Brown, grocer, Portobello, Edinburgh. Holder: John Doe, implement maker, Errol. Acceptor or Promiser: William Scott, brick and tile merchant, Arbroath. Holder: Lindsay & Scott, glaziers, Overgabe, Dundee. Acceptor or Promiser: George Gray, joiner, 6 Raglan Street, Dundee. Holder: Robert MacSymons, grocer, Greenock. Acceptor or Promiser: David Scott, grocer and builder, Kilmalcolm

28 August 1891: For Sale: Fuchsias, splendid collection, strong plants, not rooted cuttings, 12 grand varieties, 2/-; 12 varieties choicest selected, 2/6; 24 grand varieties, 3/6; 24 choicest selected, 4/-, free. Last offer this season. For lists apply Scott, Saltergate, Chesterfield

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts fitting out in the harbour:- Fedora, Marquis of Waterford; Xarifa, Mr F. M. Singer; Boadicea, Mrs Church Dixon; Sheila, schooner, H.R.H. Prince Henry of Battenberg; Stella, Sir Allen Young; Aphrodite, Mr H. Tuffnel; Elsie, Mr A. J. Scott; Modwena, Mr Gretton; Nore, schooner, Major Chambers; Mira, the Hon. F. G. Wynn; Monarch, Earl Ducie; Gannet, Mr Barrass; Heloise, Earl of Sheffield; Mercia, General Meyrick; Lotus, Mr Lloyd; Portia, Mr Foster, etc.

29 January 1904: ‘The Annual Meeting of the Windsor and Eton Royal Albert Institute was held in the large hall on Monday evening [25 January 1904]: … ‘It is also required to elect: Two auditors for the ensuing twelve months, for which office Messrs A. Scott and A. Stevenson have been nominated; a gentleman to serve as hon. treasurer, for which position Mr Alderman T. Clarke has been nominated; and ten gentlemen to serve on the Committee for two years and two for one year. The retiring members of the Committee are: Messrs G. P. Cartland, H. L. Collmann, A. H. S. Cowley, R. Ingalton Drake, C. F. Dyson, J. G. Everett, J. W. Gooch, J. F. Pemberton and A. Y. Nutt; with the exception of the last two they offer themselves for re-electuion, have been nominated, and are eligible. The new nominations are Mr F. Akery, Mr K. D. Brodie, Sir Evan Nepean and Dr. J. Scott.’

31 December 1906: Postcard to Miss Alice Scott, near The Park, Aylmerton [no message]

23 January 1909: Postcard to Miss A. Scott, Aylmerton, Norfolk: ‘Dear Alice   just A line … all well, we got to Nellie at 16 clock with love to you all   they all send love to you   From yours sincerely J Downes xxx xxx’

28 July 1914: Death at 27 Clovelly Road, Ealing, of Mary Ann eldest daughter of the late William Trewren Scott, of Falmouth

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Bay Hotel: Mr and Mrs William Lawson, Major Scott, R.E., Dr and Mrs Spencer Badger, Mr and Mrs Taylor, the Reverend and Mrs Vaeker, Mrs Holm, Dr Duprey, Mr and Mrs Sidebottom, Miss Lawford, Mr Dawson

Falmouth Visitors List: Albion Hotel: Mr and Mrs J. W. Waller, Mr J. M. Crawford, Dr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs J. W. Thompson, Mr Conway Scott, Mr J. J. Paxton, Mr and Mrs P. N. Hooper and party, Mrs Nicholl, Miss Nicholl, Mr E. R. Care, Mr F. D. Harwood, Mrs E. C. Morgan, Mr H. H. Handcock, Mr James Forbes

January 1915: Thomas G. Scott, humorous reciter, 27 Queen’s Road, Lower Edmonton

1 April 1931: J. Scott marksman for Edinburgh University in the Inter-Varsity League Small Bore Shooting contest;

Mr T. A. Scott was yesterday elected president of the Gainsborough Chamber of Trade.’;

Urban council elections: Sutton in Ashfield, East Ward: candidates: J. T. Tudsbury, C. Brown, M.P., J. E. Scott, J. H. Brailsford, A. Percival, A. Pepper, A. Briggs, C. A. Morley, A. Spencer.

Rural council elections: Skegby: Skegby Ward: candidates: L. Scott, A. Richmond; Melton Mowbray: Asfordby: candidates: Thomas Sarson, Ernest Scott, Frank Sarson, George Ernest Dixon, Tom Cowman, Arthur Thompson, Sidney Archibald Draycott, Frederick George Smith, George William Whitlock, William Henry Houghton.

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: Lance Corporal W. Scott, 2nd East Lancashire Regiment, Catterick Camp

July 1933: ‘The School Concert: About mid-February of this year the lower hall became the scene of queer happenings. Several furlongs of wood, miles of wire, and acres of canvas gradually took shape as a stage and scenery, with lighting effects complete, the whole reflecting great credit on the industry and ingenuity of those responsible. On February 17th the School Concert, for which this stage was the setting, took place, a matinee performance before a crowded and appreciative audience of parents and friends. In the afternoon all concerned gave a splendid performance and did their very best, but in the evening they did even better: the actors actually surpassed themselves, and surprised even those who knew how well they could do. It seems somewhat invidious to single out individuals for special notice when all were so good, but mention must be made of A. Macdonald’s competent and understanding representation of the “interpreter” in L’Anglais tel Qu’on le Parle, and in the same play H. Kohn made a most convincing (and attractive) young lady, while J. Brooks could scarcely have bettered his impersonation of the inspector. Douglas Henderson, Douglas Gear, Ernest Scott and Norman East also played their parts excellently. Although C. Johnson and K. Judd had been brought in at very short notice to fill vacancies caused by illness, their parts in A. A. Milne’s The Man in the Bowler Hat were adequately played, and the whole was almost professional in its competence. Alan McBain’s performance as John and Sandford as Mary deserve special mention, whilst Judge and Holsman who had lesser parts were excellent. Dennis Rainey found a part in Laying a Ghost entirely suited to his particular genius and he made the most of it. It is a question as to who enjoyed the play most – the audience or Dennis; at all events the gusto with which he played put the success of the play beyond question. R. Nall made a most impeccable professor (as the stage sees him), E. Dickson a suitably phlegmatic policeman, R. Buckley a very charming maid and Hookway a most competent butler. The Indian Club Swinging was extremely good, as was the singing of the choir. The perfect team-work displayed by the choir ensured a successful performance and Dennis Sabin’s work as accompanist was invaluable, as well as his assistance in training the choir. His brilliant playing in the two solos he gave was greatly appreciated. Altogether we have reason to congratulate ourselves on a very interesting concert, reflecting greatly on all those boys who did so much to ensure its success.’

28 February 1935: Dorothy Scott, 2 Carolgate, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

15 December 1935: The following candidates were confirmed at the parish church by the bishop of St Albans on Sunday, December 15th: Girls and Women – Grace Ball, Mary Rose Bolton, Winifred Brightman, Marjorie Butler, Edna Marie Clements, Norah Victoria Croot, Joan Daniels, Betty Dickson, Olive Elizabeth Drinkwater, Eileen Hathaway, Hilda Margaret Impey, Kathleen Joyce, Marie Florence Foster, Katherine Elizabeth Chichester Miles, Kathleen Cooper Merchant, Dorothy Florence Mower, Edna Roper, Iris Agnes Sale, Marjorie Scott, Eva Jean Tangye, Vera Toyer, Joan Wearmouth, Agnes Elizabeth Worsley, and Phyllis Muriel Phillips

7 February 1940: Joyce Scott, Carolgate, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. General Theatres Corporation, Ltd: Birmingham Hippodrome. – Macdonald and Graham, Scott and Whaley, The Two Leslies, Percy Rich and Eva, Judy Shirley and Sam Browne, Ben Abderrahman Wassan Troupe, Billy Caryll and Hilda Mundy (5.10, 7.25) Moss Empires: Sunderland Empire (R.11) – The Waldorf Trio, Scott and Foster, Billy Cotton and his Band, Eddie Julian and Eve, Gray, Austin and Worth, Jones and Thomas, Ken Swan and McGhee. (5.30 and 7.45). Fred Collins’ Agency. Edinburgh, Theatre Royal (R. 11) – Rennie Munro and his Band, Four Sensationalists, Jo Kerr, Taylor and Thomas, Graham and Scott, Bijou and Freda, Alpha Trio. Howard and Wyndham, Ltd. Manchester, Opera House – Linnit and Dunfee Ltd’s “Ah! Josephine”, Margot Grahame, Margaretta Scott, Hugh Burden, Raymond Huntley, etc. (Eve. 6.15, Mats. Wed. and Sat., 2) National Vaudeville Corporation Ltd: Poplar, Queen’s: – “Fools and Angels”, Billy Revell, Bud Wallis, Elmer, Bob, and Mitzi, Mercia Martell, Sheba, James Scott, Douglas, Gordon Norval’s Angels, &c., &c.

2 June 1951: ‘All parties having claims against the late Miss Agnes Skinner Scott, 37 Jamieson Street, Arbroath, are requested to lodge them with the subscribers within ten days from this date, and all parties indebted to the deceased are requested to make payment to the subscribers within the like period. Clark, Oliver, Dewar & Webster, S.S.C., Arbroath.

At the first meeting of the Glasgow Angus Association, held on Monday night, Mr James Moir, a native of Ferryden, who has been in the Glasgow Police Force for 27 years, was elected chairman. Other officials elected were:- Vice-chairman, Mr Sandy Simpson; Secretary, Mr J. Scott. Arbroath: Treasurer, Mr E. S. Ramsay, Carnoustie; Committee: Messrs David Thomson; Herbert Phillip; S. Fenwick, Dundee; J. Spalding; William Crawford; Mrs H. Penman; Mr D. Christie; Mr John Aitken, Arbroath; and Mrs A. Edward, Broughty Ferry. Mr Simpson read a message from Lord Provost Fenton, Dundee, wishing the association luck in reaching the target of 1000 members.

12 June 1951: C. Mountford Scott, soprano, The Alexandra Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Mrs Scott, 11 Station Road, E.17; and against Mrs Anne Beatrice Scott, 16 Castel House, Church Street, Deptford; and against Richard Nelson Scott, Coppett Farm, Forest Green near Dorking, Surrey

November 1960: Parish Notes: Christian Stewardship Campaign Progress Report. The number of pledges continues to increase. 276 families have now pledged, an increase of 44 since the intensive part of the campaign finished on Ascension Day. If there are any other families who would like to make a pledge, then do so by getting in touch with Mr Holden or Mr Scott;

November 1960: Parish Notes: Parochial Church Council: Resignations received from Mr R. W. Wrench (gone to live in Baildon) and Mr F. H. Berry (having taken a position with the Well’s Organisation). Appreciation of their service and that of Mrs Wrench. Mr Gadie reported that roof repairs were completed and the dangerous tiles on the lych-gate attended to. Mr Bartle gave a list of the events organised by the Social committee. In the absence of Mr Rawnsley, the report of the Finance Committee was read by the Secretary. Miss Briggs paid tribute to the enthusiastic work which had been expended on the garden by Susan Broadley, who would be very sadly missed. Mr T. Scott gave a resumé of the work of the Continuation Committee.

Cub Notes. Hughie Scott and Roger Hull have now ‘gone-up’ into the Scouts.

9 November 1968: R. Scott, 29 Church Street, Dearham, near Maryport, Cumberland, secretary, Workington Reds Supporters Club

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: A. K. Scott, 73 The Front, Seaton Carew Tel.: 66258; F. S. Scott, 23 Stanhope Avenue, Hartlepool Tel.: 5195

23 May 1976: English Chamber Orchestra: 2nd Violins: Pauline Scott

16 March 1982: Bob Scott, Crewe Alexandra footballer

c1990: Kath (Mrs K. M.) Scott, 11 Park Hill Court, Addiscombe Road, Croydon CR0 5PG                                                                                         

[Birthday list:] Kath Scott 22 May (and present)

16 October 1994: Programme of an organ recital at St Martin’s Church, Dorking, by John Scott (b. Wakefield 1956): including a brief biography.

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Alan Scott