Robinson [18150209]

2 February 31 George III 1791: Bond by John Pott [signs: Potts] of Macclesfield, county Chester, cotton manufacturer, Joshua Robinson [marks] of Macclesfield yeoman and William Swallow [marks] of Macclesfield cotton spinner, to Samuel Boyer gentleman clerk of His Majesty’s court of record for the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £300: for Pott to appear at the next court to prosecute Nathan Jackson gentleman attorney for the representatives of the late Mr Green, for wrongfully taking and unjustly retaining and keeping 15 jennies, two skips, several quantities of loose cotton, a quantity of hay, one stool and thrale, one hackney saddle, three bridles, three collars, one pair of halms, two pikles, one press, six tubs, one boiler, 34 flakes, one stove pot and pipes, four bags of cotton, one shovel and poker, a quantity of soft weft, two corn tubs, a coffer, one cast metal weight 60 lbs, six lead weights 160 lbs, weighs and beams, one ladder, one wheel barrow, one hand cart and lumber. Witness: Rowson Sutton

1800 to 1828: A detached board cover from some long-lost leather-bound Bible or Prayer Book, on which the owner has documented four deaths and a marriage: the death of Joshua Robinson 5 February 1800, aged 19 years; the death of John Robinson 4 February 1811, aged 85 years; the marriage of George Hornsby and Sarah Robinson 19 May 1817; the death of William Robinson 29 October 1819 aged 27 years; and the death of Sarah Robinson 4 September 1828 aged 74 years.

May 1835: Directory of Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and Neighbourhoods. Boot and Shoe Makers: James Robinson, Swanwick. Dress Makers: Ruth Robinson, Summercoates. Shopkeepers and Dealers in Groceries and Sundries: John Robinson, Swanwick, and Thomas Robinson, Summercoates

1 April 1840: List of Passengers on the Victoria from Bombay: Captn. P. F. Robinson    16th Lancers

27 January 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Amsterdam, Ranger, [commander:] Manning, British, 162 tons, at East Lane, [shipper:] Robinson

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Township of Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Gotherington: William Robinson. Hamlet of Gotherington in Bishop’s Cleeve: Abode: Gotherington: William Robinson

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: John Robinson, for a house in Alvin Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Owen: Thomas Robinson of Brunswick Square, for a warehouse and counting house in Docks. Occupiers of property in South Hamlet: Thomas Robinson, for a house in Spa Road.

25 March 1880: County court judgment against Henry Robinson, 63 Walsall Street, Wolverhampton, butcher; and a county court judgment against Sarah Robinson, 41 Bell Street, Darlaston, grocer

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Joseph George Robinson, 93 High Town Road, Luton, higgler, carter, &c., in favour of John Young; and a bill of sale by Ann Robinson, Broad Lane, Nantwich, widow, in favour of Henry Manley; and a bill of sale by Ann McCormick, 118 Lyon Street, Bootle, near LIverpool, beerhouse keeper, in favour of L. H. Robinson; and a bill of sale by William Robinson, Huttoft, Lincolnshire, builder, in favour of Frederic J. Gray; and a bill of sale by John Henry Robinson, 58 Foster Street, Darlaston, boltforger, in favour of Marcus Gordon and others; and a bill of sale by Thomas Robinson, 8 Market Street, Stoke-on-Trent, labourer, in favour of Meyer Cohn; and a bill of sale by Joseph Robinson, 9 Hope Street and Lime Street, Bingley, and William Crow, 5 Hope Street, Bingley, shooting gallery and swingboat proprietors, in favour of County Loan Co.

18 August 1880: Bridgwater. The Reverend R. Seale, vicar of St John’s, has purchased for £160 a site in Polden Street for a mission chapel, assisted by the Reverend J. W. Robinson, rural dean.

28 August 1891: For sale: Very fine young English cock goldfinches, 2 for 2/6, packed. Robinson, Bath Passage, Birmingham

For Sale: Hammond typewriter, nearly new, perfect condition. What offers? Thomas Robinson, West Hartlepool.

29 January 1904: Report of Datchet Parish Meeting, attended by Mr J. Heaton (chairman of the Parish Council), Major Good, Captain Folson, Dr Osborn, Messrs P. J. de Paravicini, W. Styles, W. H. Widcombe, R. Thomas, T. P. Sterry, C. B. Tubbs, Monkland, A. Tindal-Atkinson, Stanley, A. Widcombe, J. Kinross, Tapson, E. W. Page, Ward, C. Young, Cleversley, Wass, Robinson, Bird, Hunt, Bignell, Norman, Hawes, G. Ivey, A. Talbot, Sumner, Lewin, &c., with Mr F. W. Keer (clerk to the Parish Council). The main topics were ‘The Scavenging and Electioneering Dodges’ and ‘Vandalism in the Avenue’ [the mangling or wanton destruction of the trees in the Avenue]. Mr Lewin, in charge of emptying cesspools, was mentioned.

Proposed Extension of the Borough Boundary. ‘On Friday morning the fourth day’s proceedings in connection with an application of the Windsor Town Council for the extension of the Borough boundary to include the whole of the parish of Clewer Without was opened by Mr Percy Boulnois, one of the Local Government Board inspectors. Owing to the Town Hall being occupied by the County Court Judge, the adjourned inquiry was held at the Royal Albert Institute, and after a sitting which lasted upwards of seven hours, the Institute closed the proceedings the same evening. The same counsel and officials were present as on the former occasion, with the exception that Mr Macmorran, K.C. (who was represented by Mr Fleetwood Pritchard) and Mr Humphrey did not arrive until late in the afternoon. Several members of the various Councils interested were also present during the day. It will be remembered that when the inquiry was adjourned on the previous Saturday the case for the applicants was closed while Mr Lushington for the opposition had addressed the Inspector, and called two expert witnesses. On resuming, the first witness called was Mr A. Robinson, chairman of the Rural District Council, the School Attendance Committee, the Union Assessment Committee, and vice-chairman of the Windsor Board of Guardians, who said he had been chairman of the Rural District Council since 1899, a member of the Clewer Drainage Committee since 1895, and was therefore well acquainted with the progress of the various schemes and proposals. As far as he knew previous to the constitution of the Rural District Council in 1894 there had only been one scheme for the drainage of Clewer Without, but the Local Government Board refused to sanction this, and advised the authority to employ a competent engineer. The Council accordingly advertised, and selected Mr Fowler out of 34 applicants. He prepared a scheme, and a Local Government Board inquiry was held in September 1890 for the purpose of granting sanction to a loan, but this eventually fell through. Mr Fowler prepared another scheme on the ejector system, and a further enquiry was held in March 1890, but this came to an end owing to the opposition of the parishioners, who objected to the terms and to the position of the ejector station. Three new members out of four were returned to the District Council, and the result of their opposition was that the scheme had to be abandoned. Mr Fowler then prepared a gravitation scheme, and lengthy negotiations with the Town Council eventually resulted in the agreement of 10 June 1903. … By Mr Stoneham: The depositing of Windsor’s refuse at Dedworth had been a constant source of complaint … Mr J. E. Gale, clerk to the Rural District Council since 1897, to the Eton Urban Council, the Joint Isolation Hospital Board, the Windsor Municipal Charity Trustees, and for eight years secretary to the Technical Education Committee of the Town Council, said the first thing he had to do after his appointment was in connection with the ejector scheme … By Mr Danby: They had been advised that the Corporation could dispose of the sewage from Clewer for the sum which had to be paid without incurring additional expense which would be likely to increase the Borough rates. By Mr Morland: The District Council maintained the main roads at a sum agreed upon between the two authorities. By Mr Ford (for Mr Humphrey): He can not remember any letters being received by Captain Dyson about the matters of which he had complained. By Mr Buckland: He thought it was simply ridiculous that the rural portions of the parish should be included in the Borough, some of which was three miles from the centre of the town. … Witness said game was preserved on a large portion of the estates belonging to Sir Francis Barry and Sir Theodore Brinckman. … The evidence of Mr Gale shews conclusively that his Council had attended to every letter from the Town Council within a very reasonable time, because they were anxious to push matters forward and to carry out the drainage scheme as early as possible. … Mr W. Menzies said he had held the appointment of surveyor to the Rural District Council since 1895 and for nine years previous was surveyor to the Rural Sanitary Authority. … The letter from Mr Mason, an estate agent, already referred to was received by witness was receivced by witness 10 May 1898 … He did not at all agree with sir Albert Rollit’s remarks anent the Surley Hall Road; sir Albert said there was a ditch running practically the whole length of the footpath, but there was only one short piece, and he had never heard of any one falling into it, or of any highway robberies occurring along the road. … By Mr Glen: The roads made up at Clewer were paid for by subscription, but it was not within his knowledge that more than half of the cost was paid by the trustees of the Clewer Estate … By Mr Danby: He had considered how Colonel Gardner’s property would be affected by any extension of the Borough. By Mr Morland: The maintenance of the main roads was entirely under his supervision, and the county surveyor simply made periodical inspections of them. … Mr F. J. Patton, a member of the Clewer Drainage Committee, said the District Council and the Committee had been exceedingly desirous from the beginning to press forward the drainage business … Dr W. G. T. Woodforde, the medical officer of health, was next called … He considered the health of Clewer Without very satisfactory as compared with that of the Borough, especially in view of the fact that they had a large number of young children and old people, while the population of Windsor included 1,400 or 1,500 soldiers, men between the ages of 18 and 35, in the prime of life and well looked after. … By Mr Foster: He had no doubt that the Corporation dust-heap at Dedworth had a tendency to lower the health of the inhabitants of the adjoining cottages; there was no question that it was a serious nuisance. He had been there himself, and knew what the smells were like. … Mr Danby next pointed out the prejudicial effect the extension would have on Colonel Richardson Gardner’s property, which comprised some 108 cottages let to respectable tenants at rentals of from 5s to 6s per week. These cottages were built some 30 years ago by Colonel Gardner’s uncle, who was member for the Borough, for the benefit of the poorer people in the neighbourhood so that they might be decently housed at a moderate rent. The houses were built in a quadrangle and were provided with a water supply. The landlord also had the refuse removed from the houses, and they were properly sewered as well as being provided with a certain number of lamps. … Major Poulton, the chief constable for the county, said that the County Authority was now erecting stables at Clewer at a cost of £499 to accommodate three mounted men to do duty through the Park between Windsor and Ascot. … Mr Humphrey observed that there were four authorities opposed to the Corporation’s proposal of extension, and he was there to support the opposition of the Parish Council and Parish Meeting. … Mr Stickland carefully examined the agreement made on 10 June, and it was peculiar that this never occurred to him before he advised his Council that it was a satisfactory scheme. Therefore that suggestion looked very like a hollow pretence. … As to the danger that might accrue to Windsor from Clewer, they had had two witnesses, Dr Casey and a gentleman connected with the Fire Brigade, who gave evidence in a rather irresponsible way. … Mr J. H. Strange, clerk to the Parish Council, produced the resolutions passed at the meetings of that authority and the Parish meeting … The Reverend A. T. C. Cowie, rector of Clewer, said he did not know how the people would live if the Borough was extended; there would simply be an end to everything. …. Mr W. Paget, churchwarden of Clewer, estimated that the churchyard would last another fifteen years. … Dr Goodridge said his experience was that in the matter of infectious disease Clewer compared very favourably with Windsor. … At one of the meetings of the Town Council, Councillor Reavell, one of the leading builders in the town, said he thought the incorporation of Clewer in the Borough would be more likely to retard than increase building, on account of the great rise in rates. … Mr Lovegrove: As representing the Board of Guardians I do not think it will be necessary for me to make any observations, because I understand that the division of the parish which the Guardians object to will not take place. … Sir Theodore Brinckman’s house was three miles from Windsor. His only mode of access was by a private road near 1¼ miles from the public road. The house was surrounded by park land and grounds and stands entirely alone. Clewer Park, which belonged to sir Daniel Gooch, had an acreage of about 180 acres, in addition to about 25 houses in Clewer and 14 in Dedworth, and a large portion of the land was solely agricultural. Clewer race course was held on a long lease by Messrs Frail. It comprised an island, and it would be almost impossible to drain it. … The whole of the evidence given on behalf of the Corporation was given either by members of the Town Council or by the officials of the Borough, exclusive of one, Dr Holderness, whose evidence was not favourable to the Town Council. … Mr Foster was of opinion that some part of this area ought to be in the Borough. …’

c1910: Postcard to master C. Saunders, The Square, Sandy: ‘Hope you have got better weather than we have here for it rains all day long now the Monsoon Season has started. We are leaving tomorrow after only 9 Days stay. Hope all are well at Home. Yours sincerely F. W. Robinson. Do not catch all the Fish.’ [from Bombay]

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Green Bank Hotel: Mr and Mrs Calder Hardy, Mr and Mrs Hawes, Mr and Mrs Wood, Miss Hearn, Miss Cross, Mr Percy Phillpotts, Mr N. Pawle, Mr Malcolm Pawle, Mr Keith Mackenzie, Mr and Mrs Brinkley, Misses Brinkley (2), Mr and Mrs Thomson, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Mr Wade Dalton, Mr and Mrs Bettson, Dr and Mrs Grant Wilson, Miss Stevenson, Miss Macdonald, Mr and Mrs Bosher, Mr E. L. Usher and son, Mr Dickinson, Mr Danson, Mr Corder and party (3), Mrs Provis, Mrs Barton, Mr and Mrs Rickards, Mr and Mrs and Miss Sarle, Mr and Mrs Ellison and party (4), Mr Pitcairn, Mr Van Blitz, Mr R. R. Appleby (resident)

December 1916: Advertisement: E. Robinson, painter, paperhanger, decorator, &c., Commerce Avenue, Letchworth

25 April 1917: John Robinson baptised, 93 Cobden Street, Blackley

April 1920: Advertisement: ‘After the Pictures call and see J. Robinson, Princess Supper Bar, 179, Conran St. (opposite Princess Picture Palace). Fish, Chips, Peas, Beans, Minerals, etc. Everything of the best. Suppers made to Order. Private Room’

28 August 1922: Baptism at Morpeth: Andrew Gordon Robinson

13 September 1922: Baptism at Seaton Hirst: Alice daugher of James and Lovina Robinson; and Frederick son of John George and Susan May Robinson

30 June 1923: News of Old Girls: At Cavendish Street Chapel, Manchester, by the Reverend John Bevan and the Reverend James Cregan, marriage of William Norman son of Mr and Mrs Harry R. Robinson of 27 Cavendish Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy, to Phyllis Mabel daughter of Mr and Mrs W. J. Vowles of Tintern Lodge, Whalley Range; At the Chorlton Road Congregational Church, by the Reverend K. L. Parry, B.Sc., marriage of Norman Arthur son of Mrs and the late Mr S. Robinson, 109 Clarendon Road, Whalley Range, to Janet daughter of Mr and Mrs T. Brown, Thurlow, Oswald Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy

August 1924: Second Class: Hearty congratulations are extended to Mrs R. A. Johnson (née H. Robinson) and Mrs Leech (née E. Wright) of the 2nd Division, and to Mrs C. Walker (née R. Barrodale) of the 10th Division, on the occasion of their marriage.

April 1925: Advanced Primary Department A: scholars moving up to the older classes: Eunice Massey, Florence Howard, Doris Hopwood, Lily Goulden, Frank Robinson, Herbert Bennett, George Seager

9 May 1928: Gerald Robinson baptised; 20 May 1928: Florence Robinson baptised

1 April 1931: ‘Delightful weather favoured the sports at Trent College yesterday, and a large body of visitors, including parents and old boys, enjoyed the keen friendly competition’: among the athletes, Robinson;

Members and officers mentioned in report of the annual general meeting of the Nottingham Shakespeare Society: Mr S. W. Robinson;

Trooping of the colour of the First Battalion Sherwood Foresters at Shorncliffe, by the commanding officer, Lt. Col. R. T. Foster, D.S.O and 2nd Lieutenant R. C. Foster, his son; the Adjutant, Lieut. E. H. Collins; Captain of the Escort, Capt. W. M. Robinson; subaltern of the escort, Lt. C. B. Fairbanks; commanding No. 2 Guard, Lt. R. W. Jackson; commanding No. 3 Guard, Lt. C. Cockburn; commanding No. 4 Guard, 2nd Lt. T. B. Elliott; staff captain to the Colonel of the Regiment, Capt. S. Gregory; aide-de-camp to the Colonel of the Regiment, Lt. W. M. E. Denison; the regimental Sgt.-Major, R.S.M. A. Stevenson; colour party, C.Q.M.S. D. Cunningham, M.M., and C.Q.M.S. B. Storrs.

Rural council elections: Welton: Scothern: candidates: George William Robinson, Thomas Barber; Horncastle: Wragby: candidates: A. E. Robinson, G. L. Brothwell

January 1932: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: E. Robinson, 63 Highfield Terrace, Queensbury, Bradford; J. Robinson, 65 Waterton Road, Lupset, Wakefield

May 1933: Messrs. R. H. Cook, F. J. Hancock, G. Hind, R. Hopkin, G. Pallant, C. Poole, T. Robinson, W. Shaw, J. H. Smith (Diocesan Lay Reader), G. Starr, G. Vickers, W. Walker, T. Walters, F. Woodhead, L. F. Woodhead, C. Woodhead, E. W. Lane, A. Kirk, J. Shore, sidesmen of Cinder Hill church

Sidesmen’s duty roster: June 4: Messrs G. Pallant, T. Robinson, G. Starr

20 June 1933: South London Central Schools’ Sports held at Battersea Park. [The results list names these boys of Clapham Central School, trained by Mr Adams and Mr Catling, who took part: Premiers: A. Wright, R. Nall, H. West, A. Bradley, A. Kelsall, J. Furnell, V. Reakes, D. Macdonald, Melhuish, R. Finney, G. Clarkson, P. Fry, J. Watson, H. Bond, A. Ratcliffe. Seniors: A. Cook, N. Hutton, E. Nicholls, H. Carter, A. Kirk, E. Mills, G. Bond, D. Tyers, A. Goff, T. Robinson, W. Hill, F. Dorsett. Juniors: E. Clemens, P. Macmahon, W. Gilbert, E. Ives. Report by D. W. Thrift];

July 1933: Junior Cricket: The Juniors this year are a very good side.  … We have a fairly strong side at batting, the boys’ total scores being as follows  –  Fiorini 154, Hatfield 147, Waymouth 110, Robinson 102, Brown 71, Capron 59, Smith (D) 74, Combes 51, Gilbert (W) 39, Johnson 37, Gilbert (G) 32 and Peirce 21. … We have many bowlers, Brown, Hatfield, Fiorini, Smith (D) and Capron … The best fielders are Combes, Waymouth, Smith (D) and Fiorini. The wicket-keepers who have played are Johnston, Gilbert (G) and Robinson. …  These boys have also played in matches: Beveridge, Avis, Smith (W) and Hearndon.

July 1934: Report (with group photograph) on the Mundella Old Boys’ dinner held at the Reform Club on 23 March. There were present: Mr R. B. Wight; Dr Cecil Roberts (guest of honour, ‘as usual, in sparkling mood. His speech, though provocative in parts was a piece of sheer virtuosity in after-dinner speaking’);  L. J. Levin (councillor, chairman of the Finance Committee); C. A. Ross; A. D. Smith; R. G. Vernon; C. Goldsworth; L. G. Gibson; P. T. Distin; D. Smith; J. Bartlett; B. Smith; B. E. Dean; H. B. Bishop; J. Westmoreland; K. Woollatt; Mr H. W. Jones; Mr L. Brettle (Headmaster of the Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield); H. B. Holbrook; J. Robinson; Mr Stace; Mr Kendall; W. C. Thomson; Mr Winfield; Mr Baynes-Smith; R. Burton; A. A. Shipside; P. G. Strouther; Bagguley; J. Daykin; A. R. Stone; C. D. Dickenson; Mr Austin; L. J. Widdowson; Ron Hadrill and Noel England (providing musical entertainment); Mr Thomas; T. E. Hall; A. J. Bates; A. C. A. Chisholm; H. B. Briggs; P. E. Hall; J. G. Hall; R. Lipman; Mr Jackson; Mr Broadburn; F. Hopewell; J. C. Steward; J. W. Perkins; F. Bee; K. Stocker; Mr Broomfield; Mr Storey; J. W. Adkin; J. Mackay; G. Atkinson; F. H. Anthony; F. G. Cox; S. A. Coleman.

Gifts to the School. The School has recently been the recipient of several valuable gifts. At the Old Boys’ Dinner following a brief history of the J. A. Jones’ Memorial Library, three Old Boys very kindly completed the furnishing of the room. Councillor Levin and Mr J. Robinson presented a table each and Dr. Cecil Roberts, gave the remaining four chairs. It was a very generous and graceful act and the School is very grateful. At the same function a collection was made to enable a boy to join the Abergavenny party – a very considerate gesture on the part of the Old Boys. Books have been kindly given by Messrs McConnel, Tanner, Atkinson and Heath.

6 September 1937: Postcard to Miss F. Robinson, Fishtoft Drove, Boston, Lincs.: ‘Dear F.  Having the day at Buxton today   the weather is grand   we are having lovely time   Love from Annie’

17 May 1938: Mr Arthur Bedward Spencer of Blidworth Dale, managing director of the firm of George Spencer, Ltd, Vedonia hosiery works, Basford, and also managing director of the subsidiary firm of W. E. Saxby, Ltd, bleachers and dyers, of Bar Lane, Basford, who died in a Nottingham nursing home on Thursday, in his 48th year, was cremated at Wilford Hill yesterday. A service was held at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, Nottingham, after which the ashes were scattered over the park at Blidworth Dale. The services at Wilford Hill, Mansfield Road church, and at Blidworth Dale, were conducted by the Reverence James Amos, M.A., minister of Moseley Baptist Church, Birmingham, formerly of the Mansfield Road church. … The mourners were: Mrs A. B. Spencer (widow), Mr George Spencer (father), Mr H. B. Spencer and Mr G. H. Spencer (brothers), Mr John Spencer (uncle), Mr A. I. Spencer and Mr Vernon Spencer (cousins), Mr D. G. Hopewell and Mr D. H. Jackson (brothers-in-law), Mr F. Ballam (Belfast), Mr James Barlass (Manchester), Mr F. Cox (Market Harborough, Mr Geoffrey Dawson (Bury St Edmunds), Mr J. C. Edwards (Manchester), Mr A. C. Farrow (London), Mr Eric Forth (Nottingham), Dr Adam Fulton (Harrogate), Mr S. Grain (Old Basford), Mr W. Holmes (Old Basford), Mr Allen Lovell (Leicester), Mr Douglas Main (Glasgow), Mr R. Mallett (Nottingham), Mr S. Morrison (Hucknall), Mr A. Newell (Old Basford), Mr A. Robinson (Lutterworth), Mr Herbert Sands (Nottingham), Mr R. A. Shipstone (Nottingham), Mr R. B. Spencer (Nottingham), Mr Edward Stibbe (Leicester), Dr R. H. Vartan (Hucknall), and Mr W. Wallace (London). Representing Mansfield Road Baptist Church were Messrs A. M. Edward (secretary), T. Cave (treasurer), W. H. Webster, Rev. T. Adamson, T. S. Adamson, W. Goodliffe, W. T. Westby, A. H. Cullen, A. Walters, W. W. Wood and Mrs A. W. Staveley. Mr H. R. Lindley represented Nottingham and Notts County Boy Scouts’ Association, Mr W. O. Burrows (Nottingham Chamber of Commerce), Mr E. B. Hancock (Shepshed Lace Co.), Mr Frank Bradwell (also representing Lieut.-Col. H. Bradwell), Mr C. G. Tuthill (Mansfield Conservative Association), Mr D. W. Harrison (L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Mr J. E. Widall (representing Mr F. M. Geeson, passenger and parcel agent, L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Lieut.-Col.  A. A. Walton, Principal H. A. S. Wortley (University College), Dr and Mrs T. L. T. Knox, Dr and Mrs Lakin (representing Mr and Mrs J. Beales), Mr E. Bignall (chairman) and Mr S. E. Ward (director) of J. B. Lewis and Sons, Ltd. Rev. J. Lowndes, Old Basford, Mr O. L. Bell (Westminster Bank), Mr S. Blythen, Mr and Mrs R. Hunterburom, Mr A. C. P. Hughes (Nottingham Y.M.C.A.), Mr H. Morley (Hucknall), Mr J. Hinchliffe (Hucknall), Captain L. L. Cooper, Miss Hope Cooper, Miss Anthea Cooper, Miss Ethel M. Smith (Nuthall), Mr E. A. Silverberg, Mr G. F. Godson, Messrs H. Bingham, T. Turner, F. G. Peach, C. H. Turner (Bradford), J. J. Spencer, H. W. Saunderson, W. G. Jacobson, E. J. Icke, J. F. Young, A. E. Short, Eric Potter, A. F. Roberts, S. W. D. Roberts, F. E. Bruckshaw (Leicester), G. Hind, Mr and Mrs F. G. Cox, Mr A. A. Aitken (representing Alex A. Aitken Ltd, and also the Egyptian Spinners Ltd, Bury), Mr A. A. Haley (Wakefield), Mr E. J. Allsop (Dobson and Allsop Ltd, Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mr J. Murray (Murray Bros and Co. Ltd, Bulwell), Mr A. H. Perkins and Mr A. E. Hudspeth (representing Holland and Webb Ltd), Mr F. L. Gell (G. Hopewell and Son Ltd). In addition there were representatives of the staffs and workpeople of the Old Basford, Hucknall and Lutterworth factories of George Spencer and Co. Ltd, and of W. E. Saxby Ltd, as well as Messrs H. Gulson, J. Gulson and W. Gulson of Blidworth Dale and Mr George Nicholson (Arkholme).

December 1942: Valete. VIth. R. G. Robinson (School Prefect)

5 December 1942: Barbara Robinson, aged 10, 20 Devonshire Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

8 September 1943: Barbara Robinson, aged 11, Beardsall Row, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

December 1945: Candidates for juvenile membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: D. Robinson, 137 Ravenshouse Road, Dewsbury

1951: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Boys Second Class, teacher Mr J. Griffith: pupil Paul Robinson (born 1942). Primary Class, teacher Mr P. Brutnell: pupil Gerald Robinson, (born 1945).

12 June 1951: F. M. Robinson, soprano, and R. Robinson, contralto, The Alexandra Choir

1952: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Boys Second Class, pupil Paul Robinson, born March 1942. Primary Class, pupils Gerald Robinson (born 1946), Peter Robinson.

1953: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Primary Class, pupils Gerald Robinson (born 1946), Peter Robinson.

15 April 1953: County court judgments against G. W. Robinson, 52 South Park Road, Gatley, decorator; and against Mrs Madeline Robinson, The Bouans, Private Road, Scotforth, Lancaster; and against Edwin Robinson, 28 Barnetby Road, Scunthorpe; and against Joseph Robinson, 86 Charlotte Street, North Shields, labourer; and against John Robinson and Constance M. Robinson his wife, Braenar, 50 Baildon Road, Baildon, Yorkshire, painter and decorator; and against Mr L. Robinson, 36 Middlebrough Road, South Bank, fishmonger; and against Mr R. Robinson, 6 Tong Road, Leeds 12, upholsterer

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Raymond John Robinson and Arthur Edward Rhodes, 24 The Arcade, Northampton, gents hairdressers (trading as Robinson & Rhodes), of trade fittings, fixtures and effects; in favour of Harry Press

1954: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Junior Boys: Gerald Robinson (born 1946). Primary (Boys and Girls): Peter Robinson)

1955: Thurlby High Street Wesleyan Methodist Chapel Sunday School: Juniors: 1st Class: Gerald Robinson [struck through]. 3rd Class: Peter Robinson [struck through]

17 September 1955: Marriage of David Leo Robinson and Joan Fowler;

October 1955: Parochial Church Council: The Vicar, The Wardens, The Diocesan and Ruri-Decanal Representatives, Mr J. Ambler, Mr W. Barton, Mrs E. Benfield, Mr G. Benfield, Miss A. B. Chambers, Mr P. Firth, Mr L. Gaunt, Mr J. W. Gibson, Mr T. S. Glover, Mr C. H. Hanson, Mr E. Jennings, Mr R. G. Kippax, Mrs R. Milner, Mr R. Milner, Mr S. Norton, Mr L. Robinson, Mr A. J. Rogers, Miss M. Shearsmith, Mr B. Walker and Mr J. W. Wood

18 September 1960: David John Robinson baptized at St Barnabas’, Heaton, Bradford

4 October 1963: Douglas Robinson, Chorus Master, Royal Opera House Covent Garden; Ronald Robinson, double bass; Forbes Robinson, artist, Covent Garden Opera

7 October 1968: Peter Robinson, art editor of the Football League Review (pictured)

6 November 1968: Peter Robinson, art editor of the Football League Review (pictured); and P. B. Robinson (pictured), secretary of Liverpool Football Club; also letter from A. Robinson, Overseas Secretary, The Referees’ Association, 4 Richmond Rise, Portchester, Hampshire

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: G. Robinson, 3 The Grove, Hartlepool Tel.: 68257

23 March 1974: Terry Robinson, footballer, Crewe Alexandra

Spring 1981: ‘Mr Geoffrey A Robinson retired secretary to the Board of Governors, the National Hospitals, Queen Square and Maida Vale, has recently started to help with administration on a voluntary basis’.

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Sue Robinson