Picture Postcard


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Unique:  4 May 1916  Postcard to Mrs Kinmont, 39 London Road, Newark on Trent:

“Many thanks for letter. So sorry the jacket is too small  I will remake it larger if I can match the silk. The weather is like summer. I’m not looking forward to the cold at Winthorpe. Drury says it might snow! Is yr sister at Ryde? if not my love to her & you of course & a kiss to Patrick.  Elsie [?]”

Postmark Eastbourne: stamp missing.

The picture is one of a series of illustrations by C. H. Twelvetrees: this is Twelvetrees No. 29. Charles Twelvetrees, of New York, specialised in sweet and amusing paintings of chubby-cheeked babies and toddlers, with humorous captions.