Picture Postcard


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Unique   14 December 1917, postcard to Miss Kilford, Hotel Metropole, Bournemouth

“Greetings from Banbury: it has been rainy all day, but all quite cheerful. Hope you are having a peaceful time. G. C.”

Postmark Banbury: halfpenny green George V stamp.

The picture is one of a series of illustrations by C. H. Twelvetrees: this is Twelvetrees No. 424, from the Alpha Publishing Company of 2 and 4 Scrutton Street, London E.C. Charles Twelvetrees, of New York, specialised in sweet and amusing paintings of chubby-cheeked babies and toddlers, with humorous captions.

The picture shows two children laying a table, in the absence of their servant, who is seen going off for a holiday, with umbrella and suitcase. “Don’t make any plans to meet us. We’re laid up with servantgitis”. Perhaps this was very much to the point, with Miss Kilford off on holiday in Bournemouth.