Platt [161201]

2 February 1674: Edward Ridgway [marks] of Capstone in the county of Chester agricola, Peter Platt [signs: Pllat] of Lyme in the county aforesaid masson and James Ridgway [marks] of Mottrum Andrew in the county aforesaid carpenter: to Peter Hobson and Thomas Whittakers overseers of the poor of Over Alderley in the county aforesaid: bond in £40. ‘whereas Robert Norbury of Over Alderley aforesaid yeoman hath sett & lett vnto thaboue bounden Edward Ridgway one messuage Cottage or dwelling house in over Alderley aforesaid for the tearme of one whole yeare from the first day of next ensueing the date hereof ‘ [sic]. Witnesses: Hugh Latham [signs], Edward Ridgway [signs]

22 December 1792: Bond by Francis Rushton [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, John Rushton [signs] of Macclesfield butcher and Samuel Goodwin [signs] of Macclesfield innholder to Samuel Boyer gentleman clerk of the court of the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £30: for Francis Rushton to appear at the next court to prosecute Joshua Platt of Bullock Smithy, county Chester, carrier and John Hammersley of Sutton, county Chester. Witness: David Brown [signs]. Pencil markings relating to another case.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by James Buckley, New Hollins, Micklehurst, Mossley, greengrocer, in favour of James Platt; and a bill of sale by Catherine Cox, 1 Bentinck Street, Ashton-under-Lyne, grocer, in favour of James Platt; and a bill of sale by George Frederick Platt, 4 Phœnix Yard, Oxford Circus, and 4 Carburton Street, Marylebone, mineral water manufacturer, in favour of Henry Jacobs; and a bill of sale by Thomas Marsden, Boarshurst, Greenfield, Saddleworth, farmer, in favour of James Platt

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Liverpool. Norseman, s.y., 325 tons, Mr. S. R. Platt, is lying in the Sloyne, and so are Lube, cutter, 7 tons, Mr W. B. Anderson; Norissa, cutter, 12 tons, Mr Alfred H. Mathews; Leanore, cutter, 12 tons, Mr B. M. Bannatyne; Athene, cutter, 10 tons, Mr W. Pierce; Pearl, cutter, 4 tons, Messrs Baker (the latter two were under way on Saturday, and came to at New Brighton for the night).

April 1920: May Platt confirmed.

November 1923: Alder House. News of Old Girls (leaving from Alder House): ‘Phyllis Platt (1923) is now at Old Trafford (private) High School.’

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mrs Alice Platt, 20 Kitchener Street, Bury

c1990: George Platt, 71 Santos Road, Wandsworth SW18 1NT