14 January 1832: Bedford Bridge tolls to let. Notice is hereby given, that the commissioners appointed to carry into execution an Act of Parliament passed in the 43d year of the reign of the late king George III, entitled ‘An Act for the improvement of the town of Bedford in the county of Bedford, and for rebuilding the bridge over the river Ouze, in the said town’; and also an Act of Parliament passed in the 50th year of the said late king, for amending and enlarging the powers of the said Act, intend to meet on Friday 17 February next, in the Shire Hall, in the said town of Bedford, at 12 o’clock at noon, for the purpose of letting to farm, to the highest bidder, for a term of years to be then determined upon, to be computed from the 1st day of March next, the tolls made payable under or by virtue of the said Acts, subject from such exemptions from tolls as are now allowed by the said commissioners, and also subject to such conditions as shall be then declared. The tolls produced in the last year the sum of £1000 clear of the expenses of collecting them. … Dated 13 January 1832, Theed Pearse, clerk to the commissioners

15 April 1953: county court judgment against Reginald Pearse, 55 The Grove, Palmers Green