28 March 1970: Belle Vue Speedway, Manchester: Belle Vue v. Glasgow, and Player’s No 6 Trophy Races. ‘Coventry promotor Charles Ochiltree was elected Chairman of the British Speedway Promoters’ Association at their annual conference. Other members of the Committee are Messrs R. W. Greene, M.B.E. (Vice-Chairman); R. A. V. Fearman, C. R. Foot and M. Parker. Mr Fearman heads the Division Two Committee which also includes Messrs J. Fearnley (Vice-Chairman), W. Bridgett, W. Mawdsley and R. R. Wilson, with Messrs D. Oliver and L. G. Silver as deputies.’

26 June 1971: Coventry Speedway: Promoter: Charles Ochiltree (in Association with Midland Sports Stadiums Limited), Coventry Stadium, Rugby Road, Brandon, near Coventry (phone: Wolston 2395-7(0203-35-2395). Clerk of the Course: Charles Ochiltree.