Mitchell [130920]

30 March 1797: Bond by Benjamin Brookes [signs: Brooke] of Tytherington, county Chester, yeoman, George Brookes [signs: Brooke] of Tytherington yeoman and Edward Gatley [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, victualler, to Peter Wright gentleman clerk of the court of the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £58: for Benjamin to appear at the next court to prosecute Reuben Bullock of Macclesfield butcher, George Greaves of Macclesfield butcher and Maurice Jones of Macclesfield yeoman, for taking 29 sheep (worth £29). Witnesses: Joseph Brown [signs] and John Mitchell [signs]

1 September 1848: Barbados: Departure of the sloop Pidwidgeon, captain Mitchell, for Martinique

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Campden Polling District: Parish of Chipping Campden: Abode: Campden: Joseph Mitchell

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of houses in Holy Trinity parish: Henry Mitchell for a house 23 Westgate Street; Joseph Richard Mitchell for a house in Westgate Street. Occupiers of houses in the parish of St Mary de Crypt: Alfred Mitchell for a house in Priory Place, Blackfriars.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of George Mitchell, [Reg. No:] 2909, Royal Artillery; [born:] Ullapool, Ross; [trade] labourer; [age] 21; [size:] 5[ft] 9[in]; [hair:] dark brown; [eyes:] hazel; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 19 March 1879 [at] Dover; [marks & remarks: blank];

Deserter from Her Majesty’s Sea Service — £3 Reward for the apprehension of James Mitchell, deserter from H.M.S. Duncan 11 March; domestic, 3rd class; [age] 19; [size:] 5[ft] 4½[in]; [born:] Plymouth; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] ruddy; [marks & remarks: blank]

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by George Mitchell of Bradfield, near Reading, carrier, in favour of John Foulkes

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Cornelius Doherty, Portobello Hotel, Dublin, hotel proprietor, to R. Mitchell & Co., 10 Parliament Street, Dublin

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by William Mitchell, 25 Blenheim Street, Stapleton Road, Bristol, mason, in favour of Joseph Freedman; and a bill of sale by James Mitchell, Laughterton, Lincolnshire, farmer and carter, in favour of Midland Credit, &c., Co.; and a bill of sale by Robert Ingoe and Francis Mitchell, Town Hall Arcade, King Street, Hammersmith, printers (trading as Ingoe & Son), in favour of John Foulkes; and a bill of sale by Thomas Ralphs, Vale Terrace, Etruria, and Frederic Street, Hanley, grocer, in favour of William H. Mitchell

25 March 1880: Holder: William Asher, S.S.C., Leith. Acceptor or Promissor: Graham Alexander Mitchell, Whitelaw, by Haddington, & William James Mitchell, farmer, residing there. Holder: Marr, Downie & Co., stationers, Glasgow. Acceptor or Promiser: Alexander Mitchell, druggist, Beauly, Invernessshire. Holder: Stephen Mitchell & Son, tobacco manufacturers, Glasgow. Acceptor or Promiser: Alexander Fraser, tobacconist, Nairn

26 May 1903: Death, at 2023 North 25th Street, Philadelphia, Mr Frederick Mitchell, formerly of Taunton, son of the late Mr P. Mitchell, Taunton, aged 43

29 January 1904: List of Subscribers to a presentation to be made to H.R.H. Princess Alice of Albany on the occasion of her forthcoming marriage to Prince Alexander of Teck: Mr G. Mitchell, deputy mayor, and his wife.

‘The annual meeting of the members of the Windsor and District Liberal Club was held at the Gladstone Hall on Friday evening, when there was a large attendance. Mr Watson, the secretary, presented a very satisfactory report. … The balance sheet, which was audited by Messrs M. R. Blackford and F. W. Whittington, was together with the report, unanimously adopted. The President (Sir A. D. Hayter), Hon. Treasurer (Mr W. R. Smith), the Secretary (Mr W. Watson), and the Auditors (Messrs Blackford and Whittington) were re-elected, whilst the following vice-presidents were elected by ballot: Mr A. W. Milner-Gibson, Councillor F. T. Ryland, Councillor Sir J. T. Soundy, J.P., Sir W. C. Bruce, Bart., Mr G. Wargent, Alderman E. Bampfylde, J.P., Mr T. D. Bolton, M.P., Mr J. Taylor, Mr W. G. Stoneham, Councillor J. E. Mitchell, J.P., Mr F. J. Patton, J.P., and Mr C. Pearce. The contest for the General Committee resulted as follows:- C. Mulford 132, W. Walter 123, P. Dolan 122, E. Shrimpton 105, W. R. Smith 101, H. R. Taylor 95, G. D. Williams 95, A. New 90, W. E. Moore 85,W. J. Hearne 77, G. Stinton 73, R. Float 73, W. G. King 66, E. Quelch 65, W. Miles 65. During the evening a splendid full length engraving of the late W. E. Gladstone was presented to the club by Mr E. Hopper, of Alma Road, who was heartily thanked by the members.’

Windsor Petty Sessions. Thursday 28 January. Before Messrs J. L. Hollis (in the chair), G. Rubie, J. E. Mitchell, H. Webber and C. H. Burt.

29 December 1907: Postcard to Mr F. H. Mitchell, 134 Hanley Road, Stroud Green: ‘Dear Fred, Thanks for card, will write tomorrow, as we have friends here. Just walked to Spring Vale   it is bitterly cold, but we have not had snow. Happy New Year to you, With Love   Ruby’

31 July 1914: Inquest after the death of William Richard Burrows, aged 33, blacksmith, of Greenwith, Perranwell, killed in a bicycle accident. Witnesses were William Pengelley (riding with him intending to go to Falmouth to hear the Besses o’ th’ Barn band) and Dr Edwards of Devoran. The funeral was at Devoran church: the principal mourners were Mrs S. R. Burrows (wife), Mr S. Burrows (grandfather), Mr H. Pinnick (nephew), Mr B. Courtis, Mr F. Mitchell (brother-in-law), Mrs F. Mitchell (sister-in-law), Messrs W. Geach, R. Wasley, L. Burrows, B. Wasley, S. Osborn, Mr and Mrs W. Bray and Mrs B. Pengelley (cousins); Miss Pinnick (niece), Mr and Mrs E. George, Messrs William Pengelley, R. Richards, J. May and S. Perkins

December 1918: Sidesmen’s Rota: J. W. Lister, H. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, A. E. Mortimer, C. T. Sanderson, R. E. Sugden, A. E. Turner

30 June 1928: Lancelot Mitchell married Annie Eliza Busby

11 July 1928: Joyce Mitchell baptised

1 April 1931: ‘Delightful weather favoured the sports at Trent College yesterday, and a large body of visitors, including parents and old boys, enjoyed the keen friendly competition’: among the competitors, Mitchell;

Members and officers of Market Ward Women’s Conservative Association mentioned in the report of a meeting: Councillor F. Mitchell;

‘Two motor cars collided near the Wollaton Park gates, Derby Road, at about 11.30 last night. Although the impact was severe, none of the occupants was injured. One of the motorists was Mr Walter Winson, of 5 Abbey Road, Beeston, whose car came into almost head-on collision with one which was being driven towards Nottingham by Mr Paul Flanagan, of The Hollies, Burton Joyce. Mr Flanagan’s car was so severely damaged that it had to be towed away by a breakdown lorry from Messrs Mitchell’s garage.’;

Urban council elections: Sutton Bridge: candidates: P. Loughlin, G. A. Mitchell, S. Goodger, G. Portase, I. Laud, H. Goodson, Hobson Bateman, Mrs A. M. Taylor, T. Moore, J. Bell-Dawson.

January 1932: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: S. E. Mitchell, 28 Newington Green Road, Islington; J. Mitchell, 437 Gander Green Lane, Cheam; Miss M. Mitchell, 27 Florian Avenue, Sutton

1932: Examination Results: Faculty of Teachers of Commerce: Passed in Shorthand: 90: A. Chivers, J. Pearl, D. Hume; 70: B. Hutton, A. Cole*, A. Jones*, E. Larkin, R. Chandler; 60: R. Bringloe; 50: W. Mitchell, R. Harbour, J. Perrin. (* Distinction);

July 1933: Premier Cricket: We have played six matches, of which we have won 2 and lost 4. We have beaten the Ensham and Vauxhall, and lost to the Reay, Loughboro’, Peckham and Walworth. Our successes were largely due to the excellent batting of Miller and the persistent bowling of Tuckwell, both topping the averages. Batting: Miller 51 runs 5 innings 10.2 average; Gray 20 runs 4 innings 5 average; Campbell 10 runs 2 innings 5 average; Currie 24 runs 5 innings 4.8 average. Bowling: Tuckwell has an average of 5.2 runs per wicket. Gray has an average of 6.6 runs per wicket. Three boys have been chosen to represent the West in the East v West match, namely Miller, Currie and Tuckwell. We hope that they will do well on the all-important day. The school this year has been represented by the following boys  –  Hunt, Johnson, Currie, Gray, Miller, Judd, Tuckwell, Finney, McGlashan, Littlefair, Allen, Paul, Mitchell, Buckley, Hay and Harbour;

Senior Cricket: The Senior Team has so far won 5 matches out of a possible 8. This includes the two Gill Cup matches. We qualified for the third round by beating Southwark but unfortunately we lost to South Lambeth in the third round by 9 runs. In our league matches we have won 4 matches out of 6. We beat Earlsfield, Haselrigge Road, Hackford Road and Huntingfield Road, but we lost against West Hill and Southwark Central. The century mark has been passed twice, once against Hackford Road with a total of 113 runs for 6 wickets, and also against Haselrigge Road, the total being 102 runs for 7 wickets; both innings were declared. The best scores have been made by Smith with 43 runs and 21 not out. Edwards with 32 and 23, and Bastin with 24 not out. Our bowlers are Mitchell, Edwards, Bastin, Jarvis and Taylor. Mitchell heads the bowling with some very fine averages, including 5 wickets for 0 runs, 7 for 4 runs and 6 fir 8 runs. Cockfield is a very useful bat and wicket-keeper, having stumped 11 players, and Seabrook and Edwards have also made some very fine catches. The boys who have played for the Seniors are Taylor, Edwards, Cockfield, Mitchell, Smith, Bastin, Jarvis, Seabrook, Lambert, Cook, Brewer, Dorsett, Kelsall, Delaney and Hutton.  N. HUTTON.   Hutton is too modest to mention his own performances. He has been a regular scorer, a splendid field, and has captained his side splendidly.

January 1936: Parochial Organizations: Duplex Fund – Treasurer: Mr W. Mitchell, 3 Studley Road (to whom all forms should be sent). Secretary: Mr S. Davies, 9 West Hill Road

January 1936: Literary & Debating Society. ‘At the first meeting of the term, September 27th, the committee and secretary were elected. O’Leary, Moyes, Bennett, Mitchell and Baisbrown were elected to serve on the committee, the last-named being elected secretary.’ ‘On October 18th, the debate was “That the League of Nations was justified in Applying Sanctions against Italy.” Mr Langley, for the proposition, described the universal use of sanctions in a very comprehensive speech. He was seconded by Page and opposed by Wroe and Hammond. When the debate was thrown open to the house, Mitchell, Read, Moyes, and the secretary, discussed the League, and Britain’s past imperial conquests. The motion was carried by 22 votes to 9.’ ‘The most popular meeting of term, possibly the most popular in the Society’s history, took place on November 15th, when a “Grousers’ Night” was held. Judging by the attendance, members and others were far from satisfied with the School and its rules. Moyes complained of the lack of interest taken in certain sections of the School; O’Leary lamented the lack of respect for tradition and authority in the school; Hébert demanded a complete revision of school rules, while Mr Evans deplored the absence of manners among boys of the school. Read, as usual, attacked all and sundry; Jones spoke on behalf of the prefects, for whom Mitchell saw no use; Hicks called for more intensive training of school teams, while Mr Walker complained of wasted time. Stainer and Lowe attacked the present prefectorial system, and Bennett asked for a graded system of conduct marks. The Headmaster replied, promising to give attention to any wrongs that required setting right.’

July 1939: Elected Members of the Parochial Church Council: Mrs Alford, Mrs Arnott, Mrs Bilney, Mrs Henley, Mrs Postle, Mrs Shaw, Mrs Wingrove, Miss English, Miss A. Gall, Miss Howe, Miss Naunton, the Reverend W. Macray, Messrs G. Booth (vice-chairman), H. Brandon, C. H. Henley, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell (honorary secretary), C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, F. W. Pulford, H. C. Skerritt, P. M. Webb, William Woodcock;

Sidesmen: Messrs G. Booth, H. Brandon, E. K. Capon, W. N. Green, H. C. Henley, C. F. How, C. E. Howgego, P. C. Mitchell, C. P. B. Mudge, L. A. Napthine, W. J. Naunton, P. J. Postle, A. P. Scolding, H. C. Skerritt, F. Smith and P. M. Webb

23 July 1942:  Postcard to Mrs Elsie Mitchell, 30 Ashton Avenue, Altrincham: ‘Colwyn Bay   Wed   Dear Elsie, I expect you will be wondering when I am going to write to you. I left a message at the Shop. I am here for a holiday to get my strength up to work after 8 weeks in hospital. Will tell you all about it when I see you. Many thanks for your letter  hope you had a nice holiday   will see you soon   love Barbara’

2 July 1951: Tennis: 2nd Arbroath Ladies were beaten away from home in a Midlands League (Second Division) match on Monday by Maulesbank, who won by 8 matches to 0, 18 sets to 1, 116 games to 52. Details  –  Mrs Robertson and Mrs Nicholl, Arbroath, lost to Mrs Stewart and Mrs Pruckett, 6-8, 4-6; drew with Mrs Higgins and Miss T. Simpson, 6-4, 4-6; lost to Mrs Duthie and Miss A. Paterson, 9-7, 5-7, 3-6. Mrs Neill and Miss Cowie, Arbroath, lost 1-6, 0-6; lost 2-6, 0-6; lost 2-6, 1-6. Miss Mitchell and Miss Setten, Arbroath, lost 0-6, 2-6; lost 4-6, 2-6; lost 0-6, 1-6.

Mr Alex. Mitchell, Hilton, Inverkeilor, and Miss Margaret A. W. Thomson, Ethie Mains, married last Saturday in Inverkeilor church.

7 July 1951: Bowls: Andover v. Winchester, at Andover. Rink 1: Andover: W. Easson, A. Clarke, A. Phillips and V. W. Bull (skip) – 14. Winchester: W. Tuffnell, A. Henwood, S. B. Harris and W. Jarvis (skip) – 32. Rink 2: Andover: J. Hunter, J. Cowley, J. Blake and A. Mitchell (skip) – 24. Winchester: H. Chivers, A. Reynolds, L. M. Carter and J. Welhams (skip) – 10. Rink 3: Andover: P. Eastman, J. Chubb, L. Marles and L. Horne (skip) – 22. Winchester: C. Bills, P. Hall, A. V. Kotch and J. Jenvey (skip) – 8. Rink 4: Andover: S. Gilham, T. Rumbold, R. Hawthorne and J. Simpson (skip) – 30. Winchester: D. Colliss, W. Snelson, A. Stanbrook and J. Carter (skip) – 13. Totals, Andover 90, Winchester 63

15 April 1953: County court judgments against Mr F Mitchell, Green Farm, Aldham, farmer; and against Mr W. C. Mitchell, 43 Norman Road, Leytonstone

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Alfred Lees, Hut 11, St Annes Road Camp, Blackpool, fishmonger and fruiterer, of a refrigerator, cash register, scales, shelves &c. at 119 Egerton Road and 40a Pleasant Street, Blackpool, in favour of Colin M. Mitchell

4 October 1963: Eric Mitchell, repetiteur, Covent Garden Opera

20 February 1976: Barrie Mitchell, footballer, Tranmere Rovers.

c1990: Sue, Graham, Poppy & Chlöe Mitchell & William, Linslade, 13 Rothamsted  Avenue, Harpenden, Hertfordshire AL5 2DD;  Chris & Lewis Mitchell, Jordans; Vera Wright, 15 Broomfield Road,           Beckenham, Kent; Beryl & Joe Sanders; Bert Cranch                     

[Birthday list:] 5 February John Mitchell

16 May 1991: Letter from Sue Mitchell, 13 Rothamsted Avenue, Harpenden, to Pamela Ward

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Geraldine Mitchell, Hilary Mitchell