Minting, Lincolnshire

Minting [‘Mynting’], Lincolnshire, 1612

Minting, Lincolnshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Minting, Lincolnshire, 1886

Michaelmas 1558: Lincolnshire. William Wright otherwise called William Wright of Holme in the parish of Sudbroke in the said county v. John Bawmburghe late of Myntyng in the county aforesaid otherwise called John Bawmburghe of Neither Langton in county Lincoln husbondman. Debt £40. Defendant has not come; had been ordered to be summoned; has nothing; to be taken, for octaves of Hilary [20 January 1559]

25 March 1880: County court judgment against Edward Lascelles, Minting, Lincolnshire, shopkeeper