Middleton Crescent, Beeston

Middleton Crescent, Beeston, 1938

9 March 1975: Postcard to The Lees, 8 Middleton, Beeston, Nottingham NG9 2TH: ’29 iii 75   Just for the record, Sydney has had monsoon-type rains, flooding, heat and humidity, to match ….. and mosquitos galore! Right here I am saying farewell to the harbour, at Balmoral beach, with lots of sand, fishermen, & literally hundreds of sailing boats. Every few minutes a starters gun goes off for yet another race. There is bathing, but strictly within the confines of the shark nets. There are ants, mosquitos & flies. Any moment it is going to rain, but 5 minutes of sunshine ….. out again   Love M & D’