Market Drayton, Shropshire

Drayton [‘Draton’], Shropshire, 1612

Drayton, Shropshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Market Drayton, Shropshire, 1899

March 1832: A seven-page legal bill to the executors of the late Mr Henry Hand of Bromley, from Killmister & Challinor, solicitors, reciting the expenses incurred in dealing with the estate. Instructions were received 30 April 1821. 2 May 1821 a letter was sent to Mr White, proctor, at Lichfield, to send commission to Mr Challinor at Stafford. 11 May 1821 reference to Mrs Hand. 21 June 1821 Mr Dixon wrote enquiring the price of the premises at Millstone Green. 4 July 1821 Mr Rolls, solicitor to Mr Joseph Keen, saying that Keen would not abandon his claim to the Millstone Green property. Mr Harvey wrote about purchasing the property. 16 July a sale took place at Newcastle under Lyme. 24 July 1821 Messrs Audley were told that £180 was the lowest price acceptable for the Millstone Green property. September 1821 an agreement was drawn up for the sale of the property to Mr Swinnerton. Mr Kinnersley wrote enquiring about the premises at Ashley. During drawing up the abstract of title to the Millstone Green property, a letter was sent to Mr William Hand asking him for a copy of Mr Henry Hand’s will. A letter was sent to Mr Gibbs near Eccleshall. The abstract of title extended to include the late Mr Delaister’s premises. Mr Challinor had to go to Chippenham near Eccleshall to examine title deeds in the hands of Mr Gibbs relating to the Whithebed and Masters: but found that he only had those relating to the latter; the others being in the hands of Mr Bourne of near Drayton. Mr Comberbach, solicitor for Mr Henshaw, the purchaser of the Masters reviewed the title. Mr Bourne had entrusted his deeds to his solicitor, Mr Butterton. As to the Whitehead [sic], part of the deeds were found in the hands of Mr Baddley, but others were unaccounted for. In March 1822 a letter was sent to Mr Stanley about the purchase, and one to Messrs Fenton with an abstract of Mr Kynnersley’s purchase. Mr Swinnerton’s purchase was affected by the terms of Miss Hand’s legacies. A letter was sent to Messrs Collins and Keen returning the draft of Mr Swinnerton’s conveyance. May 1822 a letter was sent to Mr Becketts of Woore about Jervis’s claim; the like to Mr Wright. An agreement was made between the executors and Mr E. Barker. June 1822 letters sent to Mr Henshaw on the subject of his purchase from the executors; the like to Mr Fox of Ashley. July 1822 perusing deeds relating to Mr Baker’s purchase. Mr Preston’s opinion was sought. Messrs Fenton not being satisfied with his opinion, they were sent a full abstract of Mr Rd Hand’s will. February 1823 Mr Stanley was buying the remaining Ashley property for a client of his. 20 October 1824 Mr Harding requested an abstract of title for the premises in Newcastle purchased by Mr John Audley of Newcastle. February 1825 Mr Jones raised objections to Mr Audley’s purchase. 3 May 1825 letter to Mr Harding of Willow Trees enquiring who were his father’s executors, he being a trustee under the late Mr Rd Hand’s settlement. 9 June 1825 letter to Mr Trevor solicitor to the Legacy Duty Office. £261 8s 2d

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