Lytton Avenue, Letchworth

Lytton Avenue, Letchworth, 1938

1954: Postcard to Mr P. Curtis, 76 Lytton Avenue, Letchworth, Hertfordshire: ‘Dear Pete, I hope you are having a nice time slogging away at home while I’m lazing around in the sun!! I’m having a nice time here and the weather is jolly good (it will probably start raining now). We went to Christchurch yesterday and saw the castle or what there is of it, but we didn’t go in the church as we didn’t have time   See you on Sunday, love Gloria’

5 April 1965: Postcard to Mr P. Curtis, 76 Lytton Avenue, Letchworth: ‘5th April. Dear Pete, (& Ady)   We all sitting in a field in Switzerland, not far from Lake Geneva, stuffing ourselves with food (as usual). Everything’s gone fine so far, the weather’s gorgeous & the van’s running perfectly. We’re all behaving ourselves well, except Miss Birchill (of course). She says to tell you not to forget the money. Love from all, especially Gloria & M. B. (Written by Pete)’