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22 May 1529: Ordinations in Lichfield cathedral by William bishop of Panados suffragan of Geoffrey bishop of Coventry and Lichfield: Acolytes Regular: James Lowe and John Benet, canons of Arbury monastery

20 April 1675: George Barber [signs] of Prestbury yeoman and Thomas Barber [signs] in the aforesaid [sic] county skiner to Johanna Tasker: bond in £40. If the aboue bounden George Barber and Thomas Barber or eather of them their or eather of their heirs executors administrators or assigns or any of them shall and do well and truly pay or Cause to be paid vnto the aboue named Jone Tasker her executors Administ’rs or assigns the full and whole sum’ of twenty pounds. Witnesses: Elizabeth Barber [marks], William Lowe [marks]

25 May 1675: Elizabeth Deane (marks) of Sandle in Neather Alderley in the county of Chester, Anne Deane (marks) of Sandle aforesaid and Thomas Lowe (marks) of Neather Alderley aforesaid, to Reginald Mottershed of Neather Alderley aforesaid yeoman and Hugh Deane of Prestburie in the county aforesaid inhoulder, overseers of the poor of Neather Aldrley aforesaid: bond in £40. Whereas th’above bounden Elizabeth Deane hath taken and receaved into her dwellinge House Elizabeth daughter of Thomas Streete Late of Lower Peevor in thaforesaid Countie Taylor there to abide and remaine for and dureinge the terme and tyme of One whole yeare from the day of the date of thabove written Obligac’on fully to bee Compleate and ended  If therefore they th’above bounden Elizabeth Deane Ann Deane and Thomas Lowe or any of them their or any of their Heyres Executors Admi’rators. or Assignes or any of them doe and shall remove the said Elizabeth Streete before the end of the said terme And alsoe if they thabove bounden Elizabeth Deane  Anne Deane and Thomas Lowe or any of them their or any of their Heyres Executors, Admi’rators or Assignes shall and doe from tyme to tyme and at all tymes hereafter Save and keepe harmelesse losselesse and indempnified. Witnesses: Tho: Deane [signs], Edward Graste [signs], Katharine Shore (marks)

15 May 1757: Ralph Daniel [signs] and Henry Lowe [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Bradwall, Cheshire: Settlement certificate of Thomas Baly and Elizabeth his wife. [endorsed:] Thos. Baileys Note To Nether Alderley From ye Township of Bradwell  

22 September 23 George III 1783: Bond by James Rowson [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, silkthrowster, Ralph Deane [signs] of the same place grocer and John Lowe [signs] of Macclesfield peruke maker, to Samuel Boyer, clerk of His Majesty’s court of record for the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £20: for Rowson to appear on Monday 29 September to prosecute Ann Hall otherwise Nancy Hall of Macclesfield alehousekeeper, for taking and unjustly detaining one gelding. Witness: Nathan Jackson

3 November 32 George III 1791: Bond by John Greaves [signs] of Macclesfield, county Chester, cotton spinner, John Lowe [signs] of Macclesfield peruke maker and Timothy Worthington [signs] of Macclesfield shopkeeper, to Samuel Boyer of Newcastle, county Stafford, gentleman, clerk of the court for the manor and forest of Macclesfield, in £50: for John Greaves to appear 14 November to answer William Greaves the elder in a plea of trespass upon the case (£20). Witnesses: R. Broad [signs], Ed Partington [signs]

1805-1806: The accounts of Peter Jackson churchwarden for Warford:

To postage of a letter informing of the Reverend Ralph Carrs resignation and sequestration   4½d

Edward Wynne for painting   £1 8s 1¾d

John Thornton for ditto   £5 4s 0½d

Treat to Mr J. Lucas about the organ   8¼d

Thomas Massey as per bill for work done in the churchyard   1s 10½d

Paid Mr Philip Henshall clerks salary for 1 year   13s

Thomas Antrobus bill for glazing and painting   £2 17s 5¾d

John Dumvile saddlers bill   3s 3d

John Twiss organist’s salary from 1 January 1805 to Easter Sunday [6 April] 1806

Miss Ann Norbury’s bill for washing and mending surplices   4s 8¼d

Philip Lowe’s bill for new coat for sexton, bread, candles, &c.   9s 2½d

James Mottram blowing bellows same time as the organist   13s 6d

John Holburt for clerking to Easter Tuesday [8 April 1806]

John Henshall for smith work as per bill   8s 6d

Edward Wainwright for carpenter work   16s 3d

Thomas Owen for whitewashing and plaistering   £1 14s 4¼d

Nathaniel Dumvile for repairing and cleaning clock   5s 10½d

John Swindells cleaning church, opening church doors and care of clock   17s 6d

Mr Lean’s bill for whiteing glue &c   5s 3d

J. T. Stanley esquire bill for timber, lime &c.   10s 3¾d

George Germain for a pair of shoes for sexton   2s 9d

Thomas Owen and his men liquour when working at church   2s 11d

Samuel Jepson for ditto   1¾d

Edward Wainwrights allowance when working in the church   2s 9¼d

John Holburts allowance when clerking   1s 5½d

John Antrobus and his men when working at church   1s 9¼d

Thomas Massey and John Swindels when working in church yard   4d

William Hambleton for coals and making fire for painters   6¾d

Mr Johnson for wine on 4 sacrament days   16s 9d

Mr Whittle’s bill for hair   3s 9d

Ditto for drawing 1 load of slate   2s 6d

Mrs Broadhurst for gravelling churchyard   2s

Robert Foden for repairing house   4½d

Mr Bailey for parchment   9d

William Dale’s bill   2s 4½d

Samuel Jepson’s bill   1s 7d

Wardens, singers and parishioners treat when the Reverend Edward Stanley came to Alderley   7s 0¼d

A treat to Knutsford ringers by Mr Jackson   6s

Mr Downes leading sand &c ½ day   1s

£30 7s 5d; received by a lay, £32 2s 5d: £1 15s

20 May 1839: List of Passengers by the Honble Companys Steam Packet Atalanta from Bombay: English: Captain R. Lowe, Indian Navy

18 January 1840: List of Passengers to Suez per Honorable Company’s Steam Vessel Zenobia: Major R. Lowe, from Bombay to Suez

15 June 1840: H C S V Berenice, Suez Roads: ‘List of Passengers embarked on board the H C Steam Vessel Berenice on her voyage to Suez during the months of May and June 1840′: H. Lowe, commander

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Bisley Polling District: Parish of Bisley: Abode: Chalford: John Lowe. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: 20 Henrietta Street, Cheltenham: John Lowe.

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Owen: Frederick Lowe, for a house in Southgate Street.

18 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Lowe, Codnor Breach Farm, Codnor and Loscoe, farmer, in favour of Joseph Burgin

25 March 1880: County court judgment against A. Lowe, 67 London Street, Greenwich, toy dealer

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Lowe, Victoria Villas, Steelhouse Lane, and Cable Street, Wolverhampton, contractor, in favour of Jonas Hart

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: The Croft: Mrs Lowe and family, and Miss Lowe, London; Mr and Mrs Wright, India

June 1917: concert for Blackley Red Cross Hospital: “Mrs Lowe accompanied the singers, and showed great powers at the piano. Mrs Manchester’s ‘Character’ songs were good. The fact that Mr Summerfold had done ‘his bit in the war; was appreciated by his hearers, and his song was rendered with good voice and phrasing. He is a fine singer. The audience made repeated calls for Mr Harry Seddon, and he richly deserved them. Misses Husband and Seddon were fine, and Mrs Pottage delightful.”

4 March 1920: Edward Lowe baptised, 1 Llandaff Street, Harpurhey

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Phyllis Lowe (1909) went to Manchester High School. From there she went to Girton College, Cambridge, and took the Classical Tripos, Part I. After a secretarial training in London she held a post at the Finnish Legation for a few months, and then resigned to go to the University Settlement in South West London, where she has been working ever since as a private secretary to the head and club leader; Gerda Lowe (1909) also went to Manchester High School. We congratulate her on passing her final M.B. and Ch.B. examination (Old Regulations) this summer.

1 April 1931: ‘About 800 dancers attended a complimentary ‘benefit night’ to Mr S. J. Fallon, the popular manager, at the Nottingham Palais de Danse last night.’ ‘Tommy Lowe, the Nottingham eccentric dancer, and Victor Leopold, another local vocalist and dancer, also contributed, and Mr. Fallon and his partner, Miss Cissie Smith, gave an exhibition of the latest ballroom dances.’;

Urban council elections: Huthwaite: candidates: J. Davies, F. C. Sowter, A. Wilson, T. Goodall, J. Peters, D. D. Bonser, N. Betts, J. Iball, W. E. Hancock, W. Clarke, E. H. Lowe, H. A. Simpson, J. Potter, J. G. Wright, S. Allcock, A. Farnsworth, C. H. Coupe, W. B. Fidler, V. Henton, J. E. Towers, J. Slack, A. O. Tomlinson, A. Dicken, S. Speed, W. Parkin, F. Wilson, F. H. Leah, J. W. Gent, G. W. Dobb.

January 1932: Candidate for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: W. H. Lowe, 13 Southgate Road, N.1

January 1936: Valete: V D: E. W. A. Lowe, colours for football, cricket 2nd XI, is an air force apprentice.

Orchestra. ‘At the end of the Summer Term we collaborated with Form V D. in their presentation of scenes from “The Merchant of Venice” by playing the Oriental and Doge’s Marches. R. Lowe made his “positively last appearance” and sang “Tell me where if fancy bred”. … Sturmey and Skipton of IV B. and Taylor and White of the first year have been particularly welcome newcomers, and are already proving useful. This is all to the good for we have lately had to say good-bye, with very real regret, to Seymour, who was very valuable as an efficient leading 2nd violin. We nearly lost Lowe, and even now we are not sure that H.M. Navy will not steal him away.’

Literary & Debating Society. ‘The most popular meeting of term, possibly the most popular in the Society’s history, took place on November 15th, when a “Grousers’ Night” was held. Judging by the attendance, members and others were far from satisfied with the School and its rules. Moyes complained of the lack of interest taken in certain sections of the School; O’Leary lamented the lack of respect for tradition and authority in the school; Hébert demanded a complete revision of school rules, while Mr Evans deplored the absence of manners among boys of the school. Read, as usual, attacked all and sundry; Jones spoke on behalf of the prefects, for whom Mitchell saw no use; Hicks called for more intensive training of school teams, while Mr Walker complained of wasted time. Stainer and Lowe attacked the present prefectorial system, and Bennett asked for a graded system of conduct marks. The Headmaster replied, promising to give attention to any wrongs that required setting right.’

Old Nortonian News: We have heard from E. Lowe (1931-35), who is at the R.A.F. Training Centre at Halton.

15 May 1938: Death of Maude beloved wife of William Lowe and mother of Pink.

26 February 1941: Beryl Bouth, aged 12, [inserted: Dores Lowe 24 Hatfield Street] enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

26 February 1941: Doris Lowe, aged 11, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

8 December 1951: Lowe, footballer, Fulham, in a match against Huddersfield Town, recalled in programme notes 25 years later, 18 December 1976

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Sidney Vincent Lowe, Albert Buttin and Mrs Beryl P. Buttin, 24 Ynyscynon Road, Trealaw, Glamorgan

4 October 1963: Frederick Lowe, clarinet, bass clarinet, Covent Garden Orchestra

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: Tony Lowe, 8 The Cliff, Seaton Carew Tel.: 4412

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Anna Lowe