Littleworth, Gloucestershire



Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Littleworth, Gloucestershire, 1882

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: Isaac Batchford (16 Littleworth), George Thomas Beard, John Edwin Beard, James Clarke, James Thomas Cole, William Cole, Henry Darke, Henry Harris, George James Wilkes, Charles Reynolds Wilkes and William Williams (85 Littleworth), Littleworth. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Littleworth: William Bailey, Thomas Barnes, Isaac Batchford, John Beard, George Bick, Samuel James Clements, Charles Gainer (stable, warehouse and land), William Hawkins, Thomas Lane, Matthew Matthews, John Page, Charles Price, Richard Price, George Pugh, Henry Rees, Richard Rice junior, George Shergold and Charles Reynolds Wilks, for houses in Littleworth Street.