Lister [12091920]

31 July 1914: Falmouth Visitors List: Royal Hotel: Mr and Mrs W. Norman, Captain and Mrs J. Williams, Messrs Sharpe, Rose, Wills, Colmer, Ayshford, Hawke, A. Bedale, Mr and Mrs Seaman, Messrs A. H. Lee, Garres, Crocome, C. Anderson, C. H. Boyd, Passmore, C. Clark, Stancombe, Gouldsworthy, Martin, Pook, Burton, James, J. C. Turner, E. Turner, Eaves, Richardson, Lister and party, Youngman, Culverhouse, A. C. Falls, Manley, C. Russell, Thornhill.

December 1918: Sidesmen’s Rota: J. W. Lister, H. Mitchell, J. Mitchell, A. E. Mortimer, C. T. Sanderson, R. E. Sugden, A. E. Turner

Sidesmen’s Rota for St Chad’s, Hove Edge: F. Scholefield, J. E. Whiteley, F. Crowther, T. Sutcliffe, F. Stocks, A. Ratcliff, A. Warriner, H. Lister

December 1942: Valete. 4B. Lister.

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. F. J. Butterworth Theatres. Kilburn Empire (R. 12) – Jack Gillam’s “Touch Wood”, Wally Wood, Jimmy Lister, Jackie Crosbie, The Eight Mayfair Girls, &c. Howard and Wyndham, Ltd. Aberdeen, His Majesty’s – “Happy Birthday”, George Lacy, Barry Lupino, Eve Lister, Hazel Jennings, Jack Melford, etc. (Evgs., 7.15. Mats. Wed., Sat., 2.30.)

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mrs Eunice Lister and Alan Lister, 5 Jackson Road, Leeds 7

17 July 1954: Mrs S. H. Wilson, 77 Stainburn Drive,  Leeds 7, invites Mr D. Lister to the marriage of her daughter Isabel Jean to Mr Derek Barton at St John’s church, Moor Allerton

October 1955: Choir Secretary: Mr J. B. Lister, 21 Southroyd Park

1958: Moira Lister

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: Keith Lister, 12 The Grove, Hartlepool Tel.: 67246

c1990: Ken & Jessie Lister, The Maltings, Millers Mews, Standard Hill, Ninfield, Sussex TN33 9UJ