Lester [120519]

4 July 1845: English brig Charlotte, captain Lestre [sic], at Antwerp, from Stralsund, with wheat;

19 July 1845: English brig Charlotte, captain Lestie [sic], at Antwerp, for Newcastle, with ballast

16 May 1907: Miss Doris Lester

July 1924: Primary Department ‘A’ regret that the name of Eric Lester was omitted from the list of birthdays for July

April 1925: Cradle Roll birthdays for April will be for Harry Bowden, Joan Margaret Nixon, Leslie Ward, Colin Lester, Alfred Sutton, Charles Cedric Broadhurst, Barbara Jessie Kemp, Roy Parry, John Blacker and Leonard Parkinson

1 April 1931: Urban council elections: Arnold: candidates: C. W. Judge, S. Spencer, Edith H. Mountain, G. Bowley, S. Dove, G. Hartshorn, C. H. Saxton, J. Wardle, S. Hammond, T. Leivers, W. Clay, T. Sturton, S. Barnett, F. Needham, Sybil Fisher (elected). Not elected: R. L. Wright, A. E. Flowers, W. Askew, J. Hopkinson, F. Funge, T. Nix, F. Lee, J. Ball, A. S. Rigley, W. P. Henshaw, A. Jackson, A. Chisholm, Agnes Bartram, H. Harris, J. Clay, H. J. Cast, T. H. Leivers, H. Tinkler, H. J. Ironside, E. Fretter, E. Mapletoft, A. Casterton, C. E. Barlow, G. W. Bee, H. Lynham, W. Lester, E. Price, H. Miller, J. W. Taylor, W. Dobson, H. J. Payne, J. Stone.

July 1934: News of Old Scholars. Marriage: H. Lester

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Stoll Theatres: Shepherd’s Bush Empire (R. 11) – Billy Ternent and his Band, Frank O’Brian, Joe King, Artemus, Claude Lester, The Montreals, The Bega Trio. (6.10 and 8.15.) Regis Theatres. Southend Regal – W. H. Lester, Treble and Bass, Kingsley and Forde, Jack North and Pat Stoyle, Anna Marita, Helen Trix Lewis, Valerie and Day, Freda Wynn and her Five Queens of the Air, Wilfred Briton and his West End Glamour Girls. Liverpool, Shakespeare (R. 11) – J. M. Z. Productions’ “Rockin’ the Town”, Roy Lester, The Crastonians, Billy Shaw, Five Canadian Mounties, Three Shades, Ford and Sheen, Zio Angels, etc.

4 October 1963: Ivor Lester, 2nd violin, celeste, Covent Garden Orchestra