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September 1909: The Church Lads’ Brigade. Camp at Dawlish: ‘The South-Western District Camp was held at Dawlish between July 30th and August 6th. The Gloucester All Saints Company (under the supervision of Lieutenant Corlett) formed part of the battalion, and they entrained by the 11.13 G.W.R. train to Cheltenham where they were met by the Cheltenham companies. The combined companies then left Cheltenham by the 11.45 for Bristol. They were then taken by a special from Bristol through Exeter to Dawlish. The railway ride was a long and tiresome one until the lads caught sight of the sea just outside St Thomas’ (Exeter), when their hearts were set joyfully beating. The railway runs for about six miles by the sea before Dawlish is reached. The lads formed up outside the station and marched to the camp – which occupied about one quarter of an hour – where they dismissed to their tents until teatime. During tea the Colonel said how pleased he was to meet all the officers and lads of the South Western District again. Tea over, the lads retired to their tents for the night, which they passed very restless. Saturday morning came and the lads went through the usual routine of parades – which included early morning Church parades and held drills at 7 o’clock, then breakfast: at 10.30 the lads again parade for field drills until dinner-time. After dinner they are allowed to go where they wish. On Sunday three Communion services are held: one at 5.30, 6.30, 7.30. On Sunday at 11 o’clock Church parade was held, which the Oxford Regiment of Church Lads and also the Dawlish troup of Boy Scouts and visitors from the town attended. In the afternoon a bathing parade was held, after which there was a roundabout march back to camp, about 10 miles, which brought them back to camp at about 6.45. A hearty tea was partaken and then Church again. This over the lads retired for the night. Lights out sounded, and the lads, very tired, spent a peaceful night. Monday came and the usual parades over the lads went where they wished. In the afternoon some went to bathe in the sea, and others to walk round the town. During the bathing Sergeant Treherne of the Gloucester All Saints Company succeeded in rescuing a lad from the Camp, who had been washed out of his depth, from drowning. The rescued was witnessed by many spectators and other lads on the seashore. On Tuesday a sham fight was fought between the Oxford Battalion and the South Western District Battalion at Little Haldon, some few miles from the Camp, the latter easily being the victors. The boy scouts rendered valuable assistance during these operations. Wednesday was passed with the usual parades. On Thursday the general inspection was held by General Sir F. Lance, Colonel Walker, Colonel Gee and the Colonel of the whole camp, Colonel Kindersley. The lads turned out on parade very smartly and proved very satisfactory during the inspection which occupied about one hour and half. General Sir F. Lance congratulated the lads on their smart appearance and the way in which they did their drills. The Battalions were afterwards dismissed until 1 o’clock when dinner was served. Afterwards the lads went into the town for the last time this year, some going to bathe, and others went to buy presents for their friends at home. They returned to camp by 9.15 and passed another very restless night. During the night the Boy Scouts raided the Camp and the guards captured nine of them and made them prisoners until the next morning, when they were allowed to go to their homes quietly, after their midnight adventure. On Friday, the day for returning home, the lads were sorry they had to leave so beautiful a camp behind them – the camp authorities have arranged that they should go to the same place next year. The Battalion, headed by the bugle band, left the camp at 10.45. They raised cheers for the Colonel as they left the camp, and he likewise raised cheers for the whole Battalion. The station reached, they entrained for their different homes, all having spent a happy week, the weather being grand. We are hoping to have such another enjoyable week next year, A. E. Wilcox. The C.L.B. acknowledge with grateful thanks: Miss Foster 10/-, Miss Helps 2/6, Miss Julia Helps 5/-, Miss Payne 2/6, Mr Ernest Palmer 2/6, Mrs Ellis 2/-, Mr Frank Palmer 5/-, the Misses Madan 10/-, Mr Michael Lloyd Baker £1, Mr Bruton 10/-.’