Lancaster, Lancashire

Lancaster, 1612

Lancaster, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Lancaster, 1891

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of Edgar J. Altham, [Reg. No:] 2227, 11th Brig. Dep; [born:] Lancaster; [trade] clerk; [age] 21; [size:] 5[ft] 9¼[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] hazel; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 29 March 1879 [at] Fort Widley; [marks & remarks:] brown stains on left arm;

Deserter from the Lancashire Militia —  absent from training: James Daley, [Reg. No:] 2618, Lancashire Militia; [born:] Manchester; [trade] labourer; [age] 21; [size:] 5[ft] 6½[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] grey; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 17 March 1879 [at] Lancaster; [marks & remarks:] scar right eyebrow   [and 141 others, listed, mostly born in Manchester]

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Elsie Gage (1913) is now Mrs Gorrill, and lives in Lancaster

July 1930: Bootham School, Summer Term 1930: List of Boys: Philip W. Edmondson, Lancaster: Upper Senior, bedroom 22, Penn House