Kingstown, county Dublin

Kingstown, county Dublin, 1837

Kingstown, county Dublin, 1843

Kingstown, county Dublin, 1912

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Kingstown. The fleet of 1-raters here has been increased by the arrival of the famous little Tartar. She was built in 1893 by Sibbick, of Cowes, for Mr A. Hewett, and out of 42 starts in and about the Solent she won 16 first, 12 second, and 4 third prizes. She is at present in the coal harbour, Kingstown. Yachting men, especially owners of small craft, should call at Messrs Fletcher & Phillipson’s show-rooms in Baggot Street, Dublin, where they will see the new Swedish wickless oil stoves in operation. They are fitted for yachts with either one or two burners. These stoves are bound to “knock” all others, either for oil or spirits, “into a cocked hat” in a very short time. Queen Eleanor, schooner, 146 tons, R.L.Y.C., owned by Captain Didham, R.N., arrived from Milford on Sunday, 10 June, about 11 a.m. Taurus, s.y., 312 tons, R.M.Y.C., owned by Mr W. Rhodes, arrived at Kingstown on Monday, 11 June, from Cork. Erycina, cutter, 96 tons, R.T.Y.C., Mr A. Wood, arrived from Holyhead on Thursday, 7 June, and sailed Tuesday, 12 June. Gelert, s.y., 122 tons, R.I.Y.C., Mr L. Shaw, arrived from Ringsend Dock, Thursday, 7 June. Water Lily, yawl, 100 tons, R.C.Y.C., Mr J. F. Waldie, arrived here from Lamlash, Tuesday, 12 June. Considerable excitement has been aroused here by the report which is going the rounds that the owner of Amina, schooner, Mr G. V. Briscoe, has challenged Mr J. M. Ross-Todd, owner of Comus, schooner, to a trial of speed of their respective vessels. Nothing definite has been arranged, but Y.R.A. rules and rating and Corinthian crews are talked about. If this race comes off it is bound to be exciting, as both owners are keen sportsmen, and judging from last Saturday’s R. Alfred race, the two schooners are very closely matched on all points of sailing.