August 1924: Advertisement: Kelsall‘s Reliable Furniture, 40 & 42 Great Underbank, Stockport

April 1925: Advertisement: Kelsall‘s Reliable Furniture, 40 & 42 Great Underbank, Stockport

20 June 1933: South London Central Schools’ Sports held at Battersea Park. [The results list names these boys of Clapham Central School, trained by Mr Adams and Mr Catling, who took part: Premiers: A. Wright, R. Nall, H. West, A. Bradley, A. Kelsall, J. Furnell, V. Reakes, D. Macdonald, Melhuish, R. Finney, G. Clarkson, P. Fry, J. Watson, H. Bond, A. Ratcliffe. Seniors: A. Cook, N. Hutton, E. Nicholls, H. Carter, A. Kirk, E. Mills, G. Bond, D. Tyers, A. Goff, T. Robinson, W. Hill, F. Dorsett. Juniors: E. Clemens, P. Macmahon, W. Gilbert, E. Ives. Report by D. W. Thrift];

July 1933: Senior Cricket: The Senior Team has so far won 5 matches out of a possible 8. This includes the two Gill Cup matches. We qualified for the third round by beating Southwark but unfortunately we lost to South Lambeth in the third round by 9 runs. In our league matches we have won 4 matches out of 6. We beat Earlsfield, Haselrigge Road, Hackford Road and Huntingfield Road, but we lost against West Hill and Southwark Central. The century mark has been passed twice, once against Hackford Road with a total of 113 runs for 6 wickets, and also against Haselrigge Road, the total being 102 runs for 7 wickets; both innings were declared. The best scores have been made by Smith with 43 runs and 21 not out. Edwards with 32 and 23, and Bastin with 24 not out. Our bowlers are Mitchell, Edwards, Bastin, Jarvis and Taylor. Mitchell heads the bowling with some very fine averages, including 5 wickets for 0 runs, 7 for 4 runs and 6 fir 8 runs. Cockfield is a very useful bat and wicket-keeper, having stumped 11 players, and Seabrook and Edwards have also made some very fine catches. The boys who have played for the Seniors are Taylor, Edwards, Cockfield, Mitchell, Smith, Bastin, Jarvis, Seabrook, Lambert, Cook, Brewer, Dorsett, Kelsall, Delaney and Hutton.  N. HUTTON.   Hutton is too modest to mention his own performances. He has been a regular scorer, a splendid field, and has captained his side splendidly.