Jackson surname

Michaelmas 1558: Middlesex. William Clopton esquire otherwise called William Clopton of Clopton in the county of Warwick esquire v. the master and perpetual chaplains of the Hospital of the Savoye otherwise called Ralph Jackson clerk master of the Hospital of the Savoye and the perpetual chaplains of the same hospital. Debt £40. Defendants have not come; had been ordered to be summoned; have been summoned; to be attached, to be here on the quindene of Martinmas [25 November 1558]. On which day William comes. The defendants have not come; had been ordered to be attached; have been attached; pledges ‘John Do’ and ‘Richard Roo’; to be distrained, to be here on the octaves of Hilary. [20 January 1559]

[Hilary 1 Elizabeth 1559 CP 40/1177 m. 261 Stephenson:] Middlesex. William Clopton esquire otherwise called William Clopton of Clopton in the county of Warwick esquire, v. the master and perpetual chaplains of the Hospital of the Savoye otherwise called Ralph Jackson clerk master of the Hospital of the Savoye and the perpetual chaplains of the same hospital. Debt £40. Defendants have not come; had been ordered to be distrained; have been distrained in 6s 8d; pledges ‘John Den’ and ‘Richard Pen’; sicut prius to be distrained, to be here on the octaves of Candlemas [9 February 1559]. On which day William comes. The defendants have not come; had been ordered to be distrained; have been distrained, in 20s; pledges ‘John Den’ and ‘Richard Fen’; to be distrained, to be here on the quindene of Easter [9 April 1559].

[Easter 1 Elizabeth 1559 CP 40/1179 m. 265 Lennard:] Middlesex. William Clopton esquire otherwise called William Clopton of Clopton in the county of Warwick esquire (by Richard Whorwood) v. the master and perpetual chaplains of the Hospital of the Savoye otherwise called Ralph Jackson clerk master of the Hospital of the Savoye and the perpetual chaplains of the same hospital (by Roger Trygg). Debt £40 by bond 29 October 1557 at the Savoye, payable Christmas following: damages £22. Crave audit of bond and endorsement:

The condic’on of this obligac’on is suche that where as the wtinbonden mr & ppetuall chappleyns of the hospitall of the Savoye wtin wrytten haue by ther indenture bering date the xxviijth daye of August in the fourth & fyveth yeres of the kyng & quenes maties reignes that nowe are gyuen  graunted  b’gayned & sold to the wtinnamed Willam Clopton his heires & assignes for eur in feoffarme all that ther manor of Stratford Vetus alias olde Stratford in the countye of Warr’ wt all & sing’ler the rights members & apprtenancs therunto belonging or in any wyse appteynyng  To haue & to holde the sayde manor & other the prmisses wt all & sing’ler their apprtenancs to the sayd Willam Clopton his heires & assignes to thonly pper vse & behoufe of the same Willam Clopton his heires & assignes for eur yeldyng & paying therfore yerely vnto the said mr & ppetuall chapleyns ther successors or assignes fortye pounds & sixtene shillings of laufull Englyshe money in the pryncypall hall of the Savoye aforesayd at two trmes of the yere as by the same indenture amongst diurs other couenants  graunts articles & agrements vnder the co’mon seale of the sane hospitall more at large appereth yf the sayd Willam Clopton’ his heires  executors & assignes & eury of them peasably & quietly do  shall & maye haue  holde  occupie  possesse & enioye the sayd manor of Stratford vetus other wyse called Olde Stratford & all other the prmisses wth thapprtenancs in the said indenture to thonly vse pfyt & comodyte of the said Willam Clopton’ his heires & assignes for the fore sayd yerely rent of xlli’ xvjs according to the tenor  purporte & effect of the sayd indenture wtout any manr let vaxac’on  expulsion’  sute  disturbaunce or interupc’on of the said mr of the Savoye & chappleyns ther successors & assignes & of eny other pson or psons in ther names & by their pcurement or laufully clayming by them by reason of ant manr of b’gayne  sale  gaunte or any other laufull conueyaunce here tofore made or hereaftr to be made of the said manor of Olde Stratford or any parte or pcell therof or of any other the prmisses specyfyed in the said indenture to any pson or psons by the said Rauf Jackson mr of the said hospitall of the Savoye & the ppetuall chappleyns of the same or by any of them & wtout let  vexac’on or intrupc’on of John Beaumonte  Willam Charnock  Gyles Kelwey  Willam Grene & Joh’n Elyott & eury of them or any of them ther heires or assignes or any of them & also yf the said Rauf Jackson mr of the said hospitall & the ppetuall chappleyns & their successors & eury of them at all tymes & from tyme to tyme wtin one yere next ensuyng the date hereof at the reasonable request of the sayd Willam Clopton his heirs executors or assignes & at thonly costs & chargs in the lawe or other wyse of the sayd Willam Clopton his heires or assignes do make  knowledge & further to be done  made & knowleged all & eury suche other laufull or reasonable acte or acts  deuyce & deuycs in the lawe as shalbe resonably deuysed or aduised by the lerned counsell of the sayd Wyllam Clopton  his heires or assignes for the further assueraunce of the said manor & other the prmysses wt thapprtenancs & eury pcell therof in fee farme to the said Willam Clopton’ his heires & assignes for the sayd yerly rent of xlli’ xvjs’ onlye wt waraauntye in the lawe of agaynst the sayd mr & chappleyns & their successors & againste the sayd Joh’n Beamounte  Willam Charnock  Gyles Kelwey  Willam Grene & Joh’n Elyott  their heires or assignes or other wyse wtout warauntye of the same manor & other the prmysses wt their apprtenancs in all & as ample manr forme effect & force as the sayd mr & chapleyns at any tyme here tofore eur had or haue in the said manor wt thapprtenancs by & from our soueraigne lorde & lady the kyng & quenes maties that nowe be by vrtue & force of their gras l’res patents bering date at Westmr the tenth daye of Nouember in the third & fourth yeres of ther graces raignes to the same mr Rauf Jackson & chap;eyns & their successors amongs other things therin gyuen’ & grauntyd as by the same l’res patents playnly maye appere  And also yf the said manor & other the prmysses wyth thapprtenancs the date of the date hereof be & shall contynue fully & clerely acquited  exonrated  dyscharged & sayed harmeles of & from all & eury former b’gaynes  sales  gyfts graunts leases forfaitures  interests statuts mrchaunts & of the staple  recognisauncs annuities  fees  bonds obligtaorye & of all other chargs & encumbrauncs what so eur they be had  made  co’mytted  done or suffered or to be had  made or co’myted by the sayd mr & chappleyns or ther successors or any for them or any other in ther names or by ther assent  meanes  tytles & pcurement or by the sayd Joh’n Beaumounte  Willam Charnocke  Gyles Kelwey  Willam Grene & Joh’n Elyott their heires or assignes or any of them of & in the prmisses or any parte or pcell therof  That then this prsent obligac’on to be voide & of none effect or els yt to stand in full strengh & vrtue

Interlocution, to morrow of Trinity [22 May 1559]. On which day here come the parties; interlocution, to octaves of Michaelmas [6 October 1559]. On which day here come the parties; interlocution, to octaves of Hilary [20 January 1560]

13 May 1664: John Norbury [marks] and Anthony Brooke [marks] of Over Alderley in the county of Chester agreecoll’ to Ralph Plant and Edward Radicth of Ouer Alderley aforesaid yeomen overseers of the poor in the same township: bond in £40: where as one Richard Higinbothom with his wife children and family is come to Inhabite with in the Township of Our Aldrley wheereby in pcesse of time they may become chargeablen to the said Towneshipp  If therefore thaboue bounden John Norbury  Anthony Brooke or either of them their or either of their heires executors or admirs doe from tyme to tyme and all tymes hereafter well and truly discharge save & keepe harmelesse the said Raphe Plant & Edward Redich & either of them. Witnesses: James Jackson sener [marks], Rafe Plant Juner [marks], John Clarke seneer [marks], John Adshead [signs]

30 July 1754: John Torkinton [signs] and Ottiwell Heginbothem [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Marple: Settlement certificate of Daniel Simpson, Mary his wife and James and Mary his children. Witnesses: Ralph Hough [signs], Roger Jackson [signs]. L Richmond [signs] and Wm Wright [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of Ralph Hough the witness

30 July 1754: John Torkinton [signs] and Ottiwell Heginbothem [signs] overseers of the poor of the township of Marple: Settlement certificate of Isaac Simpson, Sarah his wife and John, Samuel and Isaac his children. Witnesses: Ralph Hough [signs], Roger Jackson [signs]   L Richmond [signs] and Wm Wright [signs] Justices of the Peace and Quorum for the county of Chester certify attestation of Ralph Hough the witness

6 October 1838: List of Passengers by the Honble Companys Steam Vessel Hugh Lindsay from Bombay to Suez: Mrs Jackson

28 December 1845: English steamship Princess Victoria, captain Jackson, at Antwerp, from London, with various goods

30 January 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Antwerp, Antwerpen, [captain:] Jackson, British, 386 tons, K Wf; shipper: Lightly

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. The List of Freemen entitled to vote in the election of members to serve in Parliament for the City of Gloucester: John Jackson, Brunswick Road. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Littleworth: William Jackson of Brunswick Arms near the Tram Road, for a house near the Tram Road.

7 April 1879: Deserters from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of William Jackson, [Reg. No:] 6717, Grenadier Guards; [born:] Newcastle-on-Tyne; [trade] labourer; [age] 24½; [size:] 5[ft] 9⅛[in]; [hair:] light brown; [eyes:] brown; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 4 March 1879 [at] London [marks and remarks: blank];

Deserter from the Lancashire Militia —  absent from training: Joseph Jackson, [Reg. No:] 2430, Lancashire Militia; [born:] Manchester; [trade] labourer; [age] 23; [size:] 5[ft] 6[in]; [hair:] brown; [eyes:] hazel; [face:] fair; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 17 March 1879 [at] Lancaster; [marks & remarks:] scar on right hand

25 March 1880: William Jackson, Tullow Street, Carlow, ironmonger and general-shop keeper

25 March 1880: Peter W. Jackson, Woodlands, The Park, Cheltenham, v. Christopher J. G. G. H. Carleton, esquire, St John’s, Sandycove Road, Kingstown, county Dublin

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Jackson, Booth Terrace, Market Street, Hoylake, bricklayer, in favour of Julius Jackson; and a bill of sale by William Frederick Dommett, 12 Moville Street, Park Road, Liverpool, whitesmith, in favour of Julius Jackson; and a bill of sale by James Jackson, 44 Coke Street, Cheetham Hill, Manchester, shoemaker, in favour of Robert Ridyard; and a bill of sale by Frederick Jackson, 257 Broad Street, Pendleton, near Manchester, refreshment house keeper, in favour of Joseph Woolfe; and a bill of sale by Mary Palmer, 114 Beacon Lane, Everton, Liverpool, widow, in favour of Julius Jackson; and a bill of sale by Mary Thompson, 36 Byle Street, Park Road, Liverpool, widow, in favour of Julius Jackson; and a bill of sale by Thomas Stowell Jackson, Pelham Villa, Holland Road, Hornsey, coal merchant, in favour of Annie Wright and another, £100 indemnity; and a bill of sale by John Hoyle, cotton doubler William Hoyle, surgeon, and David Eagland, contractor (property at Upper Mill, Slaithwaite, near Huddersfield), in favour of William Jackson

28 August 1891: Wanted: suite of furniture, good and cheap, Jackson, 52 Hazlebury Road, Fulham

For sale: Pansy cuttings, choicest sorts of show and fancy, 50 2/6, 25 1/4, free. William Jackson, Kettleshulme, Whaleybridge, Stockport

Violas, cuttings of the very best kinds, 50 2/-, free. William Jackson, Kettleshulme, Whaleybridge, Stockport

29 January 1904: List of Subscribers to a presentation to be made to H.R.H. Princess Alice of Albany on the occasion of her forthcoming marriage to Prince Alexander of Teck: Mr W. H. Jackson

4 July 1909: Baptism of Edith May daughter of Mr and Mrs Jackson, 93 Great Western Road

January 1915: Harry Jackson, baritone, 4 Stratford Road, Kensington (Tel: 6178 Western; Randell Jackson, baritone, 11 Charleville Mansions, Baron’s Court (Tel: 746 Hammersmith); Mr Randell Jackson member of the general committee

June 1917: Mr J. Jackson, sidesman, Harpurhey St Stephen

24 January 1920: report of a case brought in Congleton borough police court by Thomas Axson, of Park Hill, with the objective of removing his tenant (E. Gibson) from Roseley House, West Road, Congleton. The Bench were W. Farrington, F. Jackson, H. Berisford and H. Redfern, esquires. Mr R. Daniel appeared for the prosecution;

24 January 1920: Manslaughter verdict found against James William Jackson, farmer, of Baddiley Farm, Baddiley, for having fatally struck on the head with a stick Major Albert Edward Kerley, aged 43, of the King’s Regiment, of Broad Lane, Stapeley, in a brawl over the major’s wife.

26 February 1920: Ralph Mowbray Jackson baptised, 21 Llanver Street, Harpurhey

July 1920: E. Thomas Jackson, Automobile Engineer, Pangbourne. ’14 years Chief Engineer and Brooklands Racing Representative to the Jackson Car Co., Ltd., of England. Partners: E. Jackson, J. Venners. ‘Phone 50 Pangbourne; Telegrams: “Jackson, Pangbourne.” Agent for MOGUL TRACTORS. All makes supplied. All makes of Cars and Lorries supplied. STOCKIST for the DISTRICT for the following makes of TYRES: DUNLOP, MICHELIN, GOODYEAR, WOOD-MILNE, AVON, SPENCER-MOULTON, MACINTOSH, PALMER, and GOODRICH. REPAIRS of every description. Paraffin for Tractors and Oil Engines. Petrol, Benzol and Lubricating Oils. Insurances by the best Companies.’

October 1922: Bothal: Notice of funerals at Pegswood Cemetery to be given to Mr T. Jackson, 3 Cooperative Terrace, Pegswood;

Advertisement: Robert Jackson, The ‘White Shop’, 28 Newgate Street, Morpeth. P.O. Tel. No. 18. Plate-glass insurance agent; picture frame and looking glass manufacturer; decorater, paper hanger, glazier, &c. Established 1880. Wall papers, picture frames, paints, enamels, varnishes, brushes, &c. Note – All communications must be addressed Robert Jackson, The ‘White Shop’, 28 Newgate Street, Morpeth, as there is no branch shop, and another firm of the same name has business premises in Morpeth.

April 1925: S.S.S. Social Club: ‘An enjoyable Social was held in the clubroom on Monday, March 23, under the genial chairmanship of Mr H. Clarke. The final round of the “Snooker” billiard handicap was played, resulting in Mr E. Howes winning the 1st prize, Mr H. Brooks 2nd, Mr E. Longson 3rd, Mr W. Jackson 4th. Mr G. Pollard presented the prizes. There was an excellent musical programme contributed to by Miss Dearden, Miss Ward and Mr George Langley; the chairman (Mr Clarke) recited and told “skits”, and Mr J. Nuttall officiated at the piano. Refreshments were served, and “Auld Lang Syne” terminated a pleasant evening.’

1st April 1931: Mr H. J. Jackson at the annual meeting of the Nottingham People’s College Old Boys’ Society;

Trooping of the colour of the First Battalion Sherwood Foresters at Shorncliffe, by the commanding officer, Lt. Col. R. T. Foster, D.S.O. and 2nd Lieutenant R. C. Foster, his son; the Adjutant, Lieut. E. H. Collins; Captain of the Escort, Capt. W. M. Robinson; subaltern of the escort, Lt. C. B. Fairbanks; commanding No. 2 Guard, Lt. R. W. Jackson; commanding No. 3 Guard, Lt. C. Cockburn; commanding No. 4 Guard, 2nd Lt. T. B. Elliott; staff captain to the Colonel of the Regiment, Capt. S. Gregory; aide-de-camp to the Colonel of the Regiment, Lt. W. M. E. Denison; the regimental Sgt.-Major, R.S.M. A. Stevenson; colour party, C.Q.M.S. D. Cunningham, M.M., and C.Q.M.S. B. Storrs.

Members of the Sherwood Foresters’ ‘B’ Fencing Team who defeated the ‘B’ Fencing Team of the 2nd Battalion the Queen’s Royal Regiment at Shorncliffe: Captain B. G. Allen, Lieut. R. W. Jackson, R.Q.M.S. S. A. Billington, C.S.M. C. F. Nicklin, L.-Sergt. N. Degg, Corporal R. Ash, and Corporal J. Pascall;

Urban council elections: Arnold: candidates: C. W. Judge, S. Spencer, Edith H. Mountain, G. Bowley, S. Dove, G. Hartshorn, C. H. Saxton, J. Wardle, S. Hammond, T. Leivers, W. Clay, T. Sturton, S. Barnett, F. Needham, Sybil Fisher (elected). Not elected: R. L. Wright, A. E. Flowers, W. Askew, J. Hopkinson, F. Funge, T. Nix, F. Lee, J. Ball, A. S. Rigley, W. P. Henshaw, A. Jackson, A. Chisholm, Agnes Bartram, H. Harris, J. Clay, H. J. Cast, T. H. Leivers, H. Tinkler, H. J. Ironside, E. Fretter, E. Mapletoft, A. Casterton, C. E. Barlow, G. W. Bee, H. Lynham, W. Lester, E. Price, H. Miller, J. W. Taylor, W. Dobson, H. J. Payne, J. Stone; Mablethorpe and Sutton: Mablethorpe Ward: candidates: G. V. Hooten, T. C. Waterland, W. Jackson, F. A. Bradford, A. Drury.

January 1932: Candidates for membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: Miss A. Jackson, 2 Aberdeen Crescent, Stockport; S. Jackson (life membership), Ulverley, Kingswood Warren, Tadworth, Surrey

July 1934: Annotated group photograph of the staff of Mundella Secondary School, Nottingham. Sitting: Misses Blagg, Howell, Lawrance, Miller; Messrs Wight, Winfield; Misses Jones, Morris, Wallis, Mosley. 2nd Row: Misses Plunkett, Barlow, Sainter, Trigg (school secretary); Messrs Heath, Cowdell, Chamberlain, Reid, Stace, Austin, Bird, Roberts, Adamson, 3rd Row: Messrs Thomas, Holbrook, Kendall, Broadburn, Thorpe, Page, Broomfield, Jackson, Clarke, Baynes-Smith, Hill, Storey

Report (with group photograph) on the Mundella Old Boys’ dinner held at the Reform Club on 23 March. There were present: Mr R. B. Wight; Dr Cecil Roberts (guest of honour, ‘as usual, in sparkling mood. His speech, though provocative in parts was a piece of sheer virtuosity in after-dinner speaking’);  L. J. Levin (councillor, chairman of the Finance Committee); C. A. Ross; A. D. Smith; R. G. Vernon; C. Goldsworth; L. G. Gibson; P. T. Distin; D. Smith; J. Bartlett; B. Smith; B. E. Dean; H. B. Bishop; J. Westmoreland; K. Woollatt; Mr H. W. Jones; Mr L. Brettle (Headmaster of the Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield); H. B. Holbrook; J. Robinson; Mr Stace; Mr Kendall; W. C. Thomson; Mr Winfield; Mr Baynes-Smith; R. Burton; A. A. Shipside; P. G. Strouther; Bagguley; J. Daykin; A. R. Stone; C. D. Dickenson; Mr Austin; L. J. Widdowson; Ron Hadrill and Noel England (providing musical entertainment); Mr Thomas; T. E. Hall; A. J. Bates; A. C. A. Chisholm; H. B. Briggs; P. E. Hall; J. G. Hall; R. Lipman; Mr Jackson; Mr Broadburn; F. Hopewell; J. C. Steward; J. W. Perkins; F. Bee; K. Stocker; Mr Broomfield; Mr Storey; J. W. Adkin; J. Mackay; G. Atkinson; F. H. Anthony; F. G. Cox; S. A. Coleman.

20 July 1937: A meeting of the annual garden meeting of the  Letchworth branch of the British and Foreign Bible Society, at ‘The Cloisters’, by kind permission of Miss Lawrence, to hear the Reverend W. E. H. Organe, B.A., B.D., of the Madras Auxiliary: chairman, the Reverend W. R. Jackson, M.A.

17 May 1938: Travelling Requisites: Picnic Cases  –  For 2, 4 or 6 persons. A very large selection on show. See windows: W. E. Jackson & Son, Carrington Street;

Mr Arthur Bedward Spencer of Blidworth Dale, managing director of the firm of George Spencer, Ltd, Vedonia hosiery works, Basford, and also managing director of the subsidiary firm of W. E. Saxby, Ltd, bleachers and dyers, of Bar Lane, Basford, who died in a Nottingham nursing home on Thursday, in his 48th year, was cremated at Wilford Hill yesterday. A service was held at Mansfield Road Baptist Church, Nottingham, after which the ashes were scattered over the park at Blidworth Dale. The services at Wilford Hill, Mansfield Road church, and at Blidworth Dale, were conducted by the Reverence James Amos, M.A., minister of Moseley Baptist Church, Birmingham, formerly of the Mansfield Road church. … The mourners were: Mrs A. B. Spencer (widow), Mr George Spencer (father), Mr H. B. Spencer and Mr G. H. Spencer (brothers), Mr John Spencer (uncle), Mr A. I. Spencer and Mr Vernon Spencer (cousins), Mr D. G. Hopewell and Mr D. H. Jackson (brothers-in-law), Mr F. Ballam (Belfast), Mr James Barlass (Manchester), Mr F. Cox (Market Harborough, Mr Geoffrey Dawson (Bury St Edmunds), Mr J. C. Edwards (Manchester), Mr A. C. Farrow (London), Mr Eric Forth (Nottingham), Dr Adam Fulton (Harrogate), Mr S. Grain (Old Basford), Mr W. Holmes (Old Basford), Mr Allen Lovell (Leicester), Mr Douglas Main (Glasgow), Mr R. Mallett (Nottingham), Mr S. Morrison (Hucknall), Mr A. Newell (Old Basford), Mr A. Robinson (Lutterworth), Mr Herbert Sands (Nottingham), Mr R. A. Shipstone (Nottingham), Mr R. B. Spencer (Nottingham), Mr Edward Stibbe (Leicester), Dr R. H. Vartan (Hucknall), and Mr W. Wallace (London). Representing Mansfield Road Baptist Church were Messrs A. M. Edward (secretary), T. Cave (treasurer), W. H. Webster, Rev. T. Adamson, T. S. Adamson, W. Goodliffe, W. T. Westby, A. H. Cullen, A. Walters, W. W. Wood and Mrs A. W. Staveley. Mr H. R. Lindley represented Nottingham and Notts County Boy Scouts’ Association, Mr W. O. Burrows (Nottingham Chamber of Commerce), Mr E. B. Hancock (Shepshed Lace Co.), Mr Frank Bradwell (also representing Lieut.-Col. H. Bradwell), Mr C. G. Tuthill (Mansfield Conservative Association), Mr D. W. Harrison (L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Mr J. E. Widall (representing Mr F. M. Geeson, passenger and parcel agent, L.N.E.R., Nottingham), Lieut.-Col.  A. A. Walton, Principal H. A. S. Wortley (University College), Dr and Mrs T. L. T. Knox, Dr and Mrs Lakin (representing Mr and Mrs J. Beales), Mr E. Bignall (chairman) and Mr S. E. Ward (director) of J. B. Lewis and Sons, Ltd. Rev. J. Lowndes, Old Basford, Mr O. L. Bell (Westminster Bank), Mr S. Blythen, Mr and Mrs R. Hunterburom, Mr A. C. P. Hughes (Nottingham Y.M.C.A.), Mr H. Morley (Hucknall), Mr J. Hinchliffe (Hucknall), Captain L. L. Cooper, Miss Hope Cooper, Miss Anthea Cooper, Miss Ethel M. Smith (Nuthall), Mr E. A. Silverberg, Mr G. F. Godson, Messrs H. Bingham, T. Turner, F. G. Peach, C. H. Turner (Bradford), J. J. Spencer, H. W. Saunderson, W. G. Jacobson, E. J. Icke, J. F. Young, A. E. Short, Eric Potter, A. F. Roberts, S. W. D. Roberts, F. E. Bruckshaw (Leicester), G. Hind, Mr and Mrs F. G. Cox, Mr A. A. Aitken (representing Alex A. Aitken Ltd, and also the Egyptian Spinners Ltd, Bury), Mr A. A. Haley (Wakefield), Mr E. J. Allsop (Dobson and Allsop Ltd, Sutton-in-Ashfield), Mr J. Murray (Murray Bros and Co. Ltd, Bulwell), Mr A. H. Perkins and Mr A. E. Hudspeth (representing Holland and Webb Ltd), Mr F. L. Gell (G. Hopewell and Son Ltd). In addition there were representatives of the staffs and workpeople of the Old Basford, Hucknall and Lutterworth factories of George Spencer and Co. Ltd, and of W. E. Saxby Ltd, as well as Messrs H. Gulson, J. Gulson and W. Gulson of Blidworth Dale and Mr George Nicholson (Arkholme).

12 June 1951: D. M. Jackson, contralto, and J. G. Jackson, bass, The Alexandra Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgments against W. Jackson and – Jackson, Hill Farm, Upware, farmers; and against E. Jackson, 3 Elm Terrace, St Austell; and against Harold Jackson, 76 Pentland Avenue, Billingham-on-Tees; and against George Jackson, 82 Millbank Street, Southampton; and against Robert Jackson, 196 Great Western Street, Moss Side, Manchester, motor driver; and against Mrs E. Jackson, 20 Queens Gardens, Bayswater; and against Mr F. Jackson, 47 Belgrave Road, S.W.1, printer; and against Mr J. Jackson, 25 Mercer Street, Long Acre, W.C.2; and against Harold Jackson, 37 Norton East Road, Norton Canes; and against William Harold Jackson and Evelyn his wife, 44 St Michaels Road, Sheerwater Estate, Woking, Surrey; and against Empsall Jackson, 17 Bath Street, Huddersfield

3 September 1955: Marriage of Dennis Harkness and June Jackson

8 August 1963: Postcard to Miss A. F. Jackson, 63 Preston Road, Wembley: ‘8/8/63   Dear A   Just a reminder I have not forgotten you   The weather has been good & I have been visiting some of my old haunts   Yours etc   Charles’

27 January 1970: Consignment note from Greenman-Berger Ltd, 280-282 Old Street, London, to Frank Jackson, 97 Calow Lane, Hasland

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Diana Jackson