Ingram [091407]

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Campden Polling District: Parish of Welford: Abode: Welford: John Ingram

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts visiting the Roads last week: Katherine, cutter, Mr Potter; Insect, s.s., Colonel Dugmore; Auriga, schooner, Mr Close; Lohengrin, Marquis of Carmarthen; Seaweed, yawl, Mr Harold Simpson; Morven, s.s., Mr J. K. Hoare; Chrysallis, s.s., Mr E. Salvin Bowlby; Vista, Mr Frederick Cox; Veldiz, Admiral Grant; Aziola, Mr H. D. Crosse; Susan, Major Finch; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Paulina, Mr A. Shuttleworth; Luna, cutter, Mr T. B. Jameson; Nerine, s.s., Mr Cecil Murray; Christabel, Mr A. C. Rennard; Vivandière, Major H. N. Webb; Vista, Mr Cox; Corinne, Mr Goschen; Gabriell, the Hon. John Baring; Chloris, yawl, Mr Garfit; Dierdré, Lord Lonsdale; Inyoni, Lord Dudley; Orelia, Mr Forbes; Freelance, Captain Ellis; Matador, Major Finlay; Cassandra, Mr F. M. Huth; Assegai, Colonel Crozier; Wasp, Mr Stanley; Mera, Mr P. Ralli; Tambourine, Mr Spooner; Dycillio, Mr Joseph Mosell; Siesta, Mr William J. Brown; Ariadne, the Hon. Mrs Meynell Ingram; Vera, yawl, Mr Llewellyn; Wanderer, Mr Densham; Alvina, Mr Cave; Gladys, Mr Barton; Goshawk, s.s., Mr West; Violet, s.s., Earl de la Warr; Lassie, Mr Stevenson.

3 September 1908: Postcard to Miss F. Hopkins, 97 High Street, Slough: ‘Wed  Aft 4.30   Dear Flo   We had a terrible storm here on Monday night   I thought the windows would have blown in. We never slept a wink. The sea is almost calm again now. Both of our people are leaving this week. One of them, Mrs Ingram, is Mr Pike’s wife’s sister. They know Slough. Bert’

5 February 1908: marriage at Christ Church, Lancaster Gate, London, by the Rev. F. C. Timins, Herbert Ingram eldest son of sir William Ingram and lady Ingram, of Westgate-on-Sea, to Hilda Vivian Lake, daughter of Mrs Emile Klaber, of 41 Cleveland Square, Hyde Park, London

June 1928: ‘Anglo-Catholic Congress. The Northern Area Anglo-Catholic Congress is taking place at Leeds on the 19th, 20th and 21st of June. The general subject will be “Catholicism and the World’s Needs”, and will be dealt with each day as follows: – June 19th – “The Need of God”. June 20th – “The Need of Fellowship”. June 21st – “The Need for Christ the King”. Badges of Membership (2/6) and Handbooks (1/-) containing important articles by Messrs Kenneth Ingram, Sidney Dark, Canon Ollard and Miss Sheila Kaye-Smith are now on sale and may be obtained from the Rev. P. N. W. Strong, Christ Church Vicarage, Leeds, or from the Rev. A. K. Bostock, 71 Borough Road, Middlesbrough. Those who can attend the Congress in person may obtain railway vouchers entitling holders to a reduced rate, and can secure hospitality in Leeds on application to Mrs Ferrier, Shadwell Vicarage, Leeds. It is hoped that many who are unable to attend the Congress will nevertheless purchase tickets and wear them during the three days. And, of course, all the faithful will naturally remember the Congress in their prayers. Prayer cards for daily use may be obtained from the Secretaries.’

30 June 1951: marriage, at All Hallows, Whitchurch, by the Reverend R. H. Sandiford, Gerald Leslie only son of Mrs Vidler, of Hove, to Gwendoline Joyce youngest daughter of Mrs G. Ingram and the late Mr Ingram, of 24 Bere Hill, Whitchurch

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by William Ingram, 3/bk. 46 Spooner Street, Vauxhall, Birmingham, shop salesman; in favour of Birmingham & Provincial Trust Ltd

c1990: Dr Ingram, The Wall House, Yorke Road, Reigate