Haynes, Bedfordshire

Haynes [‘Haunes’], Bedfordshire, 1612

Haynes [‘Hawnes’], Bedfordshire, 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

Samuel Lewis, Topographical Dictionary of England, 1845

Haynes, Bedfordshire, 1900

9 February 1504: At Westminster the octaves of Candlemas 19 Henry VII [9 February 1504] before Thomas Frowyk, William Danuers, John Vauasour, and John Fyssher  justices, adjourned to octaves of Michaelmas 20 Henry VII [6 October 1504]; Simon Fitz, plaintiff v. John Fitz and Blanche his wife, deforciants of 1 messuage, 140 acres of land, 2 acres of meadow, 4 acres of pasture in Hawnys. Deforciants acknowledge the premises to belong to the plaintiff, for which the plaintiff grants the deforciants £20

15 April 1953: County court judgment against B. H. Brown, The Gables Garage, Haynes West End, garage proprietor