Hambleton [080113]

1805-1806: The accounts of Peter Jackson churchwarden for Warford:

To postage of a letter informing of the Reverend Ralph Carrs resignation and sequestration   4½d

Edward Wynne for painting   £1 8s 1¾d

John Thornton for ditto   £5 4s 0½d

Treat to Mr J. Lucas about the organ   8¼d

Thomas Massey as per bill for work done in the churchyard   1s 10½d

Paid Mr Philip Henshall clerks salary for 1 year   13s

Thomas Antrobus bill for glazing and painting   £2 17s 5¾d

John Dumvile saddlers bill   3s 3d

John Twiss organist’s salary from 1 January 1805 to Easter Sunday [6 April] 1806

Miss Ann Norbury’s bill for washing and mending surplices   4s 8¼d

Philip Lowe’s bill for new coat for sexton, bread, candles, &c.   9s 2½d

James Mottram blowing bellows same time as the organist   13s 6d

John Holburt for clerking to Easter Tuesday [8 April 1806]

John Henshall for smith work as per bill   8s 6d

Edward Wainwright for carpenter work   16s 3d

Thomas Owen for whitewashing and plaistering   £1 14s 4¼d

Nathaniel Dumvile for repairing and cleaning clock   5s 10½d

John Swindells cleaning church, opening church doors and care of clock   17s 6d

Mr Lean’s bill for whiteing glue &c   5s 3d

J. T. Stanley esquire bill for timber, lime &c.   10s 3¾d

George Germain for a pair of shoes for sexton   2s 9d

Thomas Owen and his men liquour when working at church   2s 11d

Samuel Jepson for ditto   1¾d

Edward Wainwrights allowance when working in the church   2s 9¼d

John Holburts allowance when clerking   1s 5½d

John Antrobus and his men when working at church   1s 9¼d

Thomas Massey and John Swindels when working in church yard   4d

William Hambleton for coals and making fire for painters   6¾d

Mr Johnson for wine on 4 sacrament days   16s 9d

Mr Whittle’s bill for hair   3s 9d

Ditto for drawing 1 load of slate   2s 6d

Mrs Broadhurst for gravelling churchyard   2s

Robert Foden for repairing house   4½d

Mr Bailey for parchment   9d

William Dale’s bill   2s 4½d

Samuel Jepson’s bill   1s 7d

Wardens, singers and parishioners treat when the Reverend Edward Stanley came to Alderley   7s 0¼d

A treat to Knutsford ringers by Mr Jackson   6s

Mr Downes leading sand &c ½ day   1s

£30 7s 5d; received by a lay, £32 2s 5d: £1 15s