25 March 1880: Bill of sale by John Hawley, 4 Lime Street, Dukinfield, Cheshire, spindlemaker, in favour of Charles S. Hadfield

13 July 1924: Teachers’ Meeting: Held under the chairmanship of Mr L. B. Hadfield. The Committee appointed to consider the celebration of the triple Jubilee, in which Messrs Leah, Marsland and Baxter will take prominent part, reported that in their judgment the three Jubilees should be celebrated together upon a suitable date in September.

August 1924: Primary Department ‘A’: Cradle Roll birthdays for August will be for Beatrice Mary Bridge, John B. Hadfield, Alfred Burns and Frederick C. Marsland

August 1924: All who are desirous of joining the S.S.S. Football Club should get in touch with the Hon. Secretaries (Messrs A. Royle, Primary ‘B’, and H. Brooks, 1st Class) … Mr T. B. Leigh has accepted the presidency of the club, and among the vice-presidents we have the support of Messrs R. Hopwood, L. B. Hadfield, P. B. Wolfe, W. E. Carrington, J. Froggatt and Mr W. B. Leigh.

August 1924: Heaviley School outing to Alderley Edge. Awards presented by Mrs Joseph Hadfield

April 1925: Primary Department C: scholars’ birthdays during April: George Jones, Bertha Hadfield, Elizabeth Bennett, Roland Gee, Freda Bann, Marion Moss, John Jordan, Doris Bennett;

S.S.S. Cricket Club. A Jumble Sale is to be held on Saturday, April 4, and we appeal to all members and friends who may have any useful articles for which they have no further use to kindly inform the Secretaries, W. H. Hadfield, Registrar, A. Hodkinson, 47/49th Classes, F. Gray, 10th Division, 1st Class, who will arrange for their collection.