City of Gloucester [c071215]

City of Gloucester [‘Glocester’], 1621

City of Gloucester [‘Glocester’], 1793

Census Abstract, 1821

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7.

City of Gloucester, 1883

Civil Parishes, 1887

Gloucester [centre, blue] reduced to a single civil parish, surrounded [from the north, clockwise] by Longland [green], Witton St Mary Without [pink], Wotton Ville [two tiny yellow patches, marked b and c], Barnwood [yellow], Upton St Leonards [green], Matson [yellow], Tuffley [pink], Quedgeley [green], Hempstead [orange] and Maisemore [pink].

Gloucester, 1950

General References

13 October 1558: Herefordshire: Quindene of Michaelmas: Edward Stamford gentleman qui tam (by Henry Warner) v Walter Campyon late of Welshe Bicknor in county Monmouth gentleman, William Hawkes late of Gloucester in the county of the city of Gloucester bocher & Johanna his wife, Edward Campyon late of Welshe Bicknor in county Monmouth gentleman: Debt £53 6s 8d: Defendants have not come; sicut pluries had been ordered to be taken; not found; to be exacted for quindene of Trinity [4 June 1559]: Writ to John Elliotts deputy sheriff of the county aforesaid; writ to ….. ….. deputy sheriff of Monmouthshire; writ to ….. ….. deputy sheriff of city of Gloucester: On which day Edward Stamford comes [Nothing done] Writs renewed, for octaves of Hilary [20 January 1559] Writ to Anthony Bathern deputy sheriff of the city of Gloucester …..

1720: ‘The Church Bells were made two hundred years ago. You will therefore be interested to know a little more about them. There are, of course, six, and they were cast in the year 1720 by Abraham Rudhall of Gloucester, and bear the following inscriptions:- 1st – “When we ring I sweetly sing” – A. R., 1720; 2nd – “God preserve the Church, Amen.” – A. R., 1720; 3rd – “Peace and Good Neighbourhood” – A. R., 1720; 4th – Abr. Rudhall of Gloucester, Bell Founder, 1720; 5th – “Prosperity to all our Benefactors” – A. R., 1720; 6th – The Revd. Ben. Loveling, Rectr.; Wm. Loader & Richd. Wilder, Churchwardens, 1720.’ [Article in Pangbourne parish magazine for July 1920]


Gloucester: from the River, The Cathedral, S.W., &c.


Streets, Places, &c.

The Streets of Gloucester, 1612