July 1935: Girls leaving Chorleywood College: Barbara Gilham will be living and helping at home, at least for the present

7 July 1951: Bowls: Andover v. Winchester, at Andover. Rink 1: Andover: W. Easson, A. Clarke, A. Phillips and V. W. Bull (skip) – 14. Winchester: W. Tuffnell, A. Henwood, S. B. Harris and W. Jarvis (skip) – 32. Rink 2: Andover: J. Hunter, J. Cowley, J. Blake and A. Mitchell (skip) – 24. Winchester: H. Chivers, A. Reynolds, L. M. Carter and J. Welhams (skip) – 10. Rink 3: Andover: P. Eastman, J. Chubb, L. Marles and L. Horne (skip) – 22. Winchester: C. Bills, P. Hall, A. V. Kotch and J. Jenvey (skip) – 8. Rink 4: Andover: S. Gilham, T. Rumbold, R. Hawthorne and J. Simpson (skip) – 30. Winchester: D. Colliss, W. Snelson, A. Stanbrook and J. Carter (skip) – 13. Totals, Andover 90, Winchester 63

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: J. A. Gilham