Gilbert [070912]

May 1835: Directory of Alfreton, with the hamlet of Swanwick, the chapelry of Riddings, Shirland with Higham and Neighbourhoods. Blacksmiths: William Gilbert, Alfreton

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Sydney Herbert Newman, 3 Clifton View, Bedminster, Bristol, lettercutter, in favour of Charles Gilbert and another

23 May 1912: Postcard to Mrs Aisthorpe, 3 Beresford Avenue  Middleburg Street, New-Bridge Road, Hull: ‘9 Salford Avenue  Manchester St  Hull   Dear Auntie   Just a line to wish You Many Happy Returns of the Day   Hoping you & Aunt S. are both quite well   We remain yours etc.  M. J. A. Gilbert

31 July 1914: Miss Louisa Peach, aged 45, a London actress staying with Mr J. W. H. Humphreys of Crook Log, Avenue Road, Falmouth, appeared in court accused of having tried to kill herself by throwing herself in the sea at midnight at Gyllyngvase. Evidence was given by Police Sergeant Hall, Humphreys, John Ewart Gilbert (a camper who helped rescue her) and Dr J. F. H. Owen. Other campers who helped were Messrs R. Pye, C. Lincoln, A. Banks, Ivor and Cyril Corlyon, J. Ruse and R. Pearce.

July 1930: Bootham School Staff: Assistant Masters: Brian Sparkes, Charles E. L. Livesey, John A. Dell, Philip Corder, John B. Grubb, Thomas Hopkins, Leslie H. Gilbert, Anthony N. Pim, Geoffrey Heyhoe, Sidney K. Brown, Stanley Elliott, William Burgess, Frank Graham.

January 1932: Candidates for family membership of the Cyclists’ Touring Club: Mrs G. H. Gilbert, Burford, Church Road, Skirbeck

20 June 1933: South London Central Schools’ Sports held at Battersea Park. [The results list names these boys of Clapham Central School, trained by Mr Adams and Mr Catling, who took part: Premiers: A. Wright, R. Nall, H. West, A. Bradley, A. Kelsall, J. Furnell, V. Reakes, D. Macdonald, Melhuish, R. Finney, G. Clarkson, P. Fry, J. Watson, H. Bond, A. Ratcliffe. Seniors: A. Cook, N. Hutton, E. Nicholls, H. Carter, A. Kirk, E. Mills, G. Bond, D. Tyers, A. Goff, T. Robinson, W. Hill, F. Dorsett. Juniors: E. Clemens, P. Macmahon, W. Gilbert, E. Ives. Report by D. W. Thrift];

July 1933: Junior Cricket: The Juniors this year are a very good side.  … We have a fairly strong side at batting, the boys’ total scores being as follows  –  Fiorini 154, Hatfield 147, Waymouth 110, Robinson 102, Brown 71, Capron 59, Smith (D) 74, Combes 51, Gilbert (W) 39, Johnson 37, Gilbert (G) 32 and Peirce 21. … We have many bowlers, Brown, Hatfield, Fiorini, Smith (D) and Capron … The best fielders are Combes, Waymouth, Smith (D) and Fiorini. The wicket-keepers who have played are Johnston, Gilbert (G) and Robinson. …  These boys have also played in matches: Beveridge, Avis, Smith (W) and Hearndon;

15 July 1933: Junior Cricket: The Junior Central Schools’ Final. Clapham Central v Reay Central. The match was played in Dulwich Park on 15 July. [Scoreboard and description. Players: Clapham: Capron, Hatfield, Fiorini, Waymouth, Gilbert, Combes, Brown, Johnson, Peirce, McQuare, Hearndon. Reay: Lloyd, Clarke, Turner, Jones, Badger, Samson, Manger, Westby, Knapp, Siperius, Stevens]

2 June 1951:

Mr L. G. Brown, who was unanimously re-appointed chairman for the second year of Arbroath Public Library Committee when the re-constituted Committee met on Tuesday night, welcomed the two new members, Councillor F. W. A. Thornton and Councillor R. R. Spink. Bailie A. D. Gilbert, who retired from the office of vice-chairman, which he had held for three years, nominated another Town Council representative, Bailie Mrs A. L. Matthew, as his successor. The Committee unanimously appointed Bailie Mrs Matthew. Councillor James M. McBain was re-appointed secretary. ,,, Mr G. S. Robertson and the Librarian, Mr N. Crawford, were authorised to attend the annual conference in Aberdeen in September of the Scottish Library Association. Messrs George Henry, W. Littlejohn and George Grassie, who were recently given the use of the Art Galleries for an exhibition of their work, were thanked for the donation to the Library of the following volumes – … The Committee also acknowledged donations from Messrs Alexander Stephen & Sons, Mr G. S. Robertson and Mr C. Y. Marshall, Kinaldie. Also acknowledged were donations of art works by Mr Stewart Carmichael, artist, Dundee; Arbroath Art Society; Mr Ian Fleming, Hospitalfield Art College.

12 June 1951: K. Gilbert, soprano, The Alexandra Choir

15 April 1953: County court judgment against Mr Gilbert, 2 Brick Bridge Cottages, Meldon, Okehampton, quarryman

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: Michael Gilbert

6 September 1981: Mr C. Gilbert, manager Nationwide Building Society, was donor of the ball for the game against Torquay United