Gibson [070902]

8 May 1839: List of Passengers by the Honble Companys Steam Ship Berenice from Bombay: Mr Gibson, Bengal Presidency

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Campden Polling District: Parish of Chipping Campden: Abode: Chipping Campden: James Richard Gibson

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of houses in Holy Trinity parish: George Gibson, for a house 147 Westgate Street. Occupiers of property in the parish of St John the Baptist: Thomas Gibson for a house in Oxford Street.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of John Gibson, [Reg. No:] —, 39th Brig. Dep; [born:] Dalry, Ayr; [trade] miner; [age] 24; [size:] 5[ft] 6[in]; [hair:] dark brown; [eyes:] blue; [face:] fresh; [coat & trousers:] blue, tweed; [date of desertion:] 24 March 1879 [at] Aldershot; [marks & remarks: blank]

25 March 1880: Holder: Alexander McNaughton, merchant, Pitlochry. Acceptor or Promiser: Duncan Moon, innkeeper, Straloch, Pitlochry. Holder: Charles Gibson, merchant, Pitlochry. Acceptor or Promiser: Duncan Moon, innkeeper, Straloch, Pitlochry.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Samuel Gibson, 42 Mole Wheel Road, Weaste, Manchester, laundryman, in favour of Solomon Auerbach; and a bill of sale by John Charles Gibson, 81 Falmouth Road, New Kent Road, glasswriter, in favour of Benjamin Barnett and another

January 1915: Fred Gibson, humorous vocalist, 63 Tabley Road, Tufnell Park (Tel: 318 North)

June 1917: ‘The meeting for men on Monday, April 30th, was addressed by the Bishop of Manchester, Bishop of Lichfield, and Dr. Horton, and the women’s assembly was addressed by the Hon. Mrs Marshall Brooks, Mrs Gibson, and Miss Higson. The subject was Purity.’

24 January 1920: report of a case brought in Congleton borough police court by Thomas Axson, of Park Hill, with the objective of removing his tenant (E. Gibson) from Roseley House, West Road, Congleton. The Bench were W. Farrington, F. Jackson, H. Berisford and H. Redfern, esquires. Mr R. Daniel appeared for the prosecution

24 January 1920: IN MEMORIAM: GIBSON: In loving memory of Hannah wife of the late Charles Gibson of Alcumlow, died 21 January 1919: frm her loving son and daughters

1 April 1931: Urban council elections: Cleethorpes: Central Ward: candidates: T. A. Marper, G. F. Gibson.

July 1934: Report (with group photograph) on the Mundella Old Boys’ dinner held at the Reform Club on 23 March. There were present: Mr R. B. Wight; Dr Cecil Roberts (guest of honour, ‘as usual, in sparkling mood. His speech, though provocative in parts was a piece of sheer virtuosity in after-dinner speaking’);  L. J. Levin (councillor, chairman of the Finance Committee); C. A. Ross; A. D. Smith; R. G. Vernon; C. Goldsworth; L. G. Gibson; P. T. Distin; D. Smith; J. Bartlett; B. Smith; B. E. Dean; H. B. Bishop; J. Westmoreland; K. Woollatt; Mr H. W. Jones; Mr L. Brettle (Headmaster of the Queen Elizabeth School, Mansfield); H. B. Holbrook; J. Robinson; Mr Stace; Mr Kendall; W. C. Thomson; Mr Winfield; Mr Baynes-Smith; R. Burton; A. A. Shipside; P. G. Strouther; Bagguley; J. Daykin; A. R. Stone; C. D. Dickenson; Mr Austin; L. J. Widdowson; Ron Hadrill and Noel England (providing musical entertainment); Mr Thomas; T. E. Hall; A. J. Bates; A. C. A. Chisholm; H. B. Briggs; P. E. Hall; J. G. Hall; R. Lipman; Mr Jackson; Mr Broadburn; F. Hopewell; J. C. Steward; J. W. Perkins; F. Bee; K. Stocker; Mr Broomfield; Mr Storey; J. W. Adkin; J. Mackay; G. Atkinson; F. H. Anthony; F. G. Cox; S. A. Coleman.

20 May 1939: Olive M. Tomalin, L.R.A.M., organist, and Mattie Gibson, A.L.A.M., elocutionist, gave an hour’s entertainment at Doddridge Memorial Church, St James’, Northampton

21 July 1941: Postcard to Mrs F. S. Read, [erased: “Gawler’s”, Chiselborough, Stoke sub Ham, Somerset] 4 Albert Road, Buckhurst Hill, Essex: ‘Youth Hostel   Aviemore   Sunday   Have run out of envelopes, so send you this to say am having a lovely time   Shall be going on to the Youth Hostel at Laggan tomorrow but write to me c/o Mrs Gibson, 1 Warrender Park Crescent, Edinburgh. This p.c. gives you a good idea of the variety of country , & there are lots of lovely wild flowers, too   Have begun a letter which will tell you more about it, & will send it next week when I get back & get an envelope! It’s just as well you decided not to come, as no rooms are available in any of the hotels, I tried yesterday to get one with no success. Love to all the folks, Florence’

7 September 1944: at St Sepulchre’s New Buildings, Church Lane, Sheep Street, Northampton, an evening concert given by the junior pupils of Muriel Bartle, assisted by Mattie Gibson, L.R.A.M., elecutionist

17 December 1947: Margeret Gibson, aged 10, The Nurseries, North Road, enrolled in the 1st Retford Company of Girl Guides.

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Alfred Gibson, 138 Lower Cuthbert Street, Gateshead-on-Tyne, county Durham, acetylene burner, in favour of John W. Grahame (English Financiers) Ltd

October 1955: Parochial Church Council: The Vicar, The Wardens, The Diocesan and Ruri-Decanal Representatives, Mr J. Ambler, Mr W. Barton, Mrs E. Benfield, Mr G. Benfield, Miss A. B. Chambers, Mr P. Firth, Mr L. Gaunt, Mr J. W. Gibson, Mr T. S. Glover, Mr C. H. Hanson, Mr E. Jennings, Mr R. G. Kippax, Mrs R. Milner, Mr R. Milner, Mr S. Norton, Mr L. Robinson, Mr A. J. Rogers, Miss M. Shearsmith, Mr B. Walker and Mr J. W. Wood;

Sidesmen: Vicar’s – Mr W. Barton, Mr G. Benfield, Mr D. Chadwick, Mr P. W. Cowgill, Mr J. W. Gibson, Mr C. H. Hanson, Mr G. T. Illingworth, Mr P. Moore, Mr J. H. Raistrick, Mr A. J. Rogers. People’s – Mr J. Ambler, Mr F. Birks, Mr G. Butterfield, Mr P. Firth, Mr D. Jones, Mr R. G. Kippax, Mr A. E. Marsh, Mr S. Norton, Mr S. T. West.

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: J. T. M. Gibson

4 October 1963: James Gibson, senior repetiteur, Covent Garden Opera

6 November 1968: David Gibson pictured, in a group photograph of Leicester City Football Club

1974: Members of Seaton Carew Golf Club: Gentlemen: M. R. Gibson, 11 Redwing Lane, Stockton Tel.: 555457

1994: Bryan Gibson, clairvoyant