Gamble [070113]

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Mersey. The fine cruising yawl, Laverock, Mr H. C. Grayson, arrived in the river on Saturday afternoon, after a long passage from the south: she is at present lying off the Royal Mersey slip, as also are Medusa, yawl, 20 tons, Mr Alexander Wilson, and Hoopoe, cutter, 20 tons, Mr George Gamble. The latter vessel was under way on Saturday afternoon, following the 1-rater racing.

Southport: Hoopoe, cutter, 29 tons, Mr George Gamble, arrived here during the early part of the week, and left for Liverpool on Thursday. Ripple, Mr Latham’s little cutter, came down from Crossen’s pool on Saturday, and has taken up her moorings to the westward of the pier, which seems to be the favourite anchorage this year. If it had not been for Mr Frank Coddington’s generous offer to tow Imp and Gaiety Girl, they would have had to remain at their moorings last Saturday, instead of racing at Hoylake, for the morning opened with a flat calm, at 10 o’clock s.s. Speedwell took them in tow, with Mr Thompson’s 12-footer Rat in her davits, who is again going to try his luck against the Hoylake boats. When about six miles off Hoylake a nice breeze came out of the north-east and the little ships cast off and arrived about 15 minutes before the start. They came back on Sunday morning, the owners being well satisfied with the way the little ships showed up. Had the Committee handicapped them on rating, Imp would have come home with second prize in her locker, and considering the company she sailed in was a fair performance for a little cruiser. Imp showed Gaiety Girl a fine pair of heels, and that little lady will have to alter her trim before the next race; she looked very much by the stern, her loose ballast having been put in at the last moment, giving them no time to trim her. Eveline, Mr J. B. Richardson’s little ship, scored a good win in the 12ft class on Wednesday, Mr Jackson’s Waife being a good second; at one time it looked as if the result might have been reversed; Rat came in third, this boat is not showing the form of last season, and if her skipper does not wake up her chance for the cup will be gone. Friday’s race for this class was postponed for want of wind, the date is not yet fixed.

29 January 1904: Eton Board of Guardians and Rural District Council: report of a meeting of the Board: present, Mr J. Hartopp Nash (in the chair), Mr H. R. de Salis, Dr Waters (vice-chairmen), the Reverend J. H. Matthews, Dr Newman, Colonel Ward-Bennitt, Commander Booth, Messrs F. B. Buckland, G. Hibberd, H. L. Darvill, C. J. Hill, F. Baxter, J. C. Howlett, E. Dyke, W. M. Bailey, E. H. Parry, W. Gamble, Z. H. Nash, T. H. Saunders, A. A. Somerville and W. Hearn. The Local Government Board inspector, Mr Stevens, complained of the condition of the patients in the sick wards. Dr Fuller reported bed sores in one case. An application by the London United Electric Tramways Company to extend their line from Slough to Taplow was considered. Mr R. H. Barrett (clerk) and Mr H. L. C Barrett (assistant clerk) asked for their salaries to be increased from £150 and £12 10s per annum respectively. Letters were received protesting about the lopping of the trees in The Avenue, Datchet.

25 October 1923: News of Old Girls: At Whalley Range Wesleyan Church, by the Reverend Charles Rickard, of Southsea, assisted by the Reverend Roland Cox, the marriage of Arnold Ramsden Rickard of Shanghai, eldest son of the former, to Linda Margery eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R. W. Gamble of Whalley Range; the Girl Guides of the 14th South Manchester Troop lined the pathway in a ‘Guard of Honour’, and with their staves and flags made an archway under which their former captain passed.

4 October 1963: Paul Gamble, 1st violin, Covent Garden Orchestra

25 March 2009: Steward signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Laura Gamble