Frazer [061801]

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Mersey. The 1-rater race on Saturday resulted in a win for Ethilda, with Gaiety Girl in second place; latter had a new loose-footed sail by Frazer, opinions here being against the laced sails in such small craft. Dot also sported new canvas by Perry. Fadette went very well and was well sailed by her part owner, Mr Welsh, who was making his debut at the tiller. Scot wants a new suit of sails as her gaff mainsail contrasts unfavourably with the big sails of the other boats, and does not appear to be able to get her to windward. The club pavilion presented quite a festive appearance, numbers of the fair sex being spectators of the 1-rater racing, and the Mersey Canoe Club Regatta.