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[1624-1815]: Manuscript pedigree of the descendants of John Wyat[t]: George Wyat married Jane daughter of sir Thomas Finch: their son George Wyatt ‘supposed to have been the first to adopt the double tt’, died 1624, married Eleanor daughter of sir John Finch (buried in St Martin’s, Canterbury). Their son Thomas Wyatt was buried 1625 at Maidstone. His nephew John Wyatt married Elizabeth daughter of Samuel Browne (died 1723). Their son George married 1722 at St Paul’s, Covent Garden, Hannah Wood, died 1782, buried in Westminster Abbey. Among their children was George Wyatt baptised at St John’s, Westminster 1732, Elizabeth buried 1790 in Westminster Abbey, Mary baptised 1730 at St John’s, Westminster, and Hannah, buried 1807 in Westminster Abbey. Hannah married William Vincent

14 January 1832: To be sold by auction, by Andrew Gardner, on Wednesday 18 January 1832, on the premises of Mr Finch, at Holcut Moor Farm, near Salford, Beds.: about fifty tons of well-gotten hay, and nearly 70 acres of grass keeping, in four lots, until 6 April next, subject to such conditions as will be produced at the time of sale. The auctioneer begs the favour of the company to meet him at 12 o’clock at noon, as the sale will then commence.

1 February 1851: Ships entered outwards from the port of London: bound for Hambro, Countess of Lonsdale, [captain:] Finch, British, 397 tons, Hdn; shippers: Norman

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Avening Polling District: Parish of Avening. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Charlton Kings: Abode: Charlton Kings: Thomas Finch. Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: High Street, Cheltenham: John Finch; Abode: Redcliffe Street, Bristol: William Finch.

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Enoch Clark, 31 Castle Street, Coseley, fishmonger and miner, in favour of James Finch; and a bill of sale by James Clayton, 11 Poultney Street, Wolverhampton, locksmith, and Enoch Tarbuck, 13 Steven’s Gate, Poultney Street, Wolverhampton, locksmith, in favour of James Finch; and a bill of sale by William McLaughlin, 95 Bilston Street, Wolverhampton, coffinmaker, in favour of James Finch; and a bill of sale by Samuel Palmer, 40 Peel Street, Wolverhampton, bicyclemaker, in favour of James Finch

1882: Arthur Edward Finch [born 2 September 1856], of Stour Street, Cavendish, Suffolk, gardener, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Drew sick pay November 1927 to May 1928. Continued contributing until at least December 1929.

28 August 1891: For Sale: Strong 3 wheel perambulator, in good order, 9/-; exchange anything useful. Finch, Bocking, Braintree

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts visiting the Roads last week: Katherine, cutter, Mr Potter; Insect, s.s., Colonel Dugmore; Auriga, schooner, Mr Close; Lohengrin, Marquis of Carmarthen; Seaweed, yawl, Mr Harold Simpson; Morven, s.s., Mr J. K. Hoare; Chrysallis, s.s., Mr E. Salvin Bowlby; Vista, Mr Frederick Cox; Veldiz, Admiral Grant; Aziola, Mr H. D. Crosse; Susan, Major Finch; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Paulina, Mr A. Shuttleworth; Luna, cutter, Mr T. B. Jameson; Nerine, s.s., Mr Cecil Murray; Christabel, Mr A. C. Rennard; Vivandière, Major H. N. Webb; Vista, Mr Cox; Corinne, Mr Goschen; Gabriell, the Hon. John Baring; Chloris, yawl, Mr Garfit; Dierdré, Lord Lonsdale; Inyoni, Lord Dudley; Orelia, Mr Forbes; Freelance, Captain Ellis; Matador, Major Finlay; Cassandra, Mr F. M. Huth; Assegai, Colonel Crozier; Wasp, Mr Stanley; Mera, Mr P. Ralli; Tambourine, Mr Spooner; Dycillio, Mr Joseph Mosell; Siesta, Mr William J. Brown; Ariadne, the Hon. Mrs Meynell Ingram; Vera, yawl, Mr Llewellyn; Wanderer, Mr Densham; Alvina, Mr Cave; Gladys, Mr Barton; Goshawk, s.s., Mr West; Violet, s.s., Earl de la Warr; Lassie, Mr Stevenson.

At Luke’s yard, Hamble, Sphinx, yawl, is ready for sea. Mr Richard Bennett’s new boat was launched on Tuesday; she will be known as Apteryx, and is a cutter of 16 tons burthen. The new 15-ton cruiser is also ready for launching. Baladeuse, s.y., Mr Spencer Chapman, was launched and left for Southampton. Bianca, 24 tons, schooner, Mr Hewitt, is ready for sea. Daisy, yawl, has had her decks caulked, and was repainted, and will complete her outfit next week. Dormouse, s.y., Col. Dugmore, has had a new deck-house, and sundry other alterations on deck and below, and left the yard. St Bernard, schooner, Mr Macdonald, is awaiting orders to re-fit, after having undergone some extensive repairs. Ninette, s.y., Mr Rodewald, is hauled up, had her copper stripped off, and is being caulked and re-coppered previous to fitting out for the season. Coralie, cutter, Mr Tasker, and Amiasona, cutter, Major Bogle, are also fitting out; and Susan, cutter, Major Finch, and Daisie, cutter, Mr Croxhall, have left the yard. Mariposa has also left. Lady Ruth, cutter, Mr Trollope, went to Southampton to be measured, and sailed for Erith; and Charm, Mr Howard, returned to the yard after a short cruise. Other yachts fitting out are Azalea, yawl, Mr Wise; Cypreoe, sloop, Mr McAndrew; and St Joseph, s.y. This yacht has just been let to Mr Curtis, who has taken the Vicarage, Hamble, for the season. The firm have finished the ½-rater they had in hand for some time, and she will be known as Vie; the new house-boat for Mr Brown is also nearing completion.

19 September 1902: Mary Ann Finch [born 8 October 1870], of Stour Street, Cavendish, Suffolk, household duties, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Continued contributing until at least December 1929.

23 August 1912: Arthur Herbert Finch [born 16 July 1904], of 55 Cobden Street, South Norwood, general labourer, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Continued contributing till February 1929, when his account was transferred to Croydon, South Norwood.

27 March 1925: Arthur Frank Finch [born 5 April 1910], of Stour Street, Cavendish, Suffolk, works on farm, registered with the National Deposit Friendly Society. Continued contributing till at least December 1929.

July 1933: The following boys came top in their forms in the last final term examinations. Before the economy campaign the L.C.C. would have given each boy a book or some other valuable prize, but now these boys have to be content with a certificate. Form 9: 1 D. Peet; 2 R. Philp; 3 R. Hill; 4 G. Mayes; 5 E. Finch

12 June 1951: S. A. Finch, soprano, The Alexandra Choir

January 1957: Member of the Amateur Fencing Association: Cdr.-Bosn. J. P. Finch, R.N.

7 October 1968: H. Finch, Crewe Alexandra programme secretary

6 November 1968: H. Finch, Crewe Alexandra programme secretary

25 April 1979: Crewe Alexandra Football Club Official Programme, compiled and edited by Harold Finch.

16 March 1982: Harold Finch, programme editor, Crewe Alexandra Football Club