Dugmore [042107]

15 June 1894: Local Yachting News, Cowes. Yachts visiting the Roads last week: Katherine, cutter, Mr Potter; Insect, s.s., Colonel Dugmore; Auriga, schooner, Mr Close; Lohengrin, Marquis of Carmarthen; Seaweed, yawl, Mr Harold Simpson; Morven, s.s., Mr J. K. Hoare; Chrysallis, s.s., Mr E. Salvin Bowlby; Vista, Mr Frederick Cox; Veldiz, Admiral Grant; Aziola, Mr H. D. Crosse; Susan, Major Finch; Dragon, Lord Dunraven; Paulina, Mr A. Shuttleworth; Luna, cutter, Mr T. B. Jameson; Nerine, s.s., Mr Cecil Murray; Christabel, Mr A. C. Rennard; Vivandière, Major H. N. Webb; Vista, Mr Cox; Corinne, Mr Goschen; Gabriell, the Hon. John Baring; Chloris, yawl, Mr Garfit; Dierdré, Lord Lonsdale; Inyoni, Lord Dudley; Orelia, Mr Forbes; Freelance, Captain Ellis; Matador, Major Finlay; Cassandra, Mr F. M. Huth; Assegai, Colonel Crozier; Wasp, Mr Stanley; Mera, Mr P. Ralli; Tambourine, Mr Spooner; Dycillio, Mr Joseph Mosell; Siesta, Mr William J. Brown; Ariadne, the Hon. Mrs Meynell Ingram; Vera, yawl, Mr Llewellyn; Wanderer, Mr Densham; Alvina, Mr Cave; Gladys, Mr Barton; Goshawk, s.s., Mr West; Violet, s.s., Earl de la Warr; Lassie, Mr Stevenson.

Southampton. At Luke’s yard, Hamble, Sphinx, yawl, is ready for sea. Mr Richard Bennett’s new boat was launched on Tuesday; she will be known as Apteryx, and is a cutter of 16 tons burthen. The new 15-ton cruiser is also ready for launching. Baladeuse, s.y., Mr Spencer Chapman, was launched and left for Southampton. Bianca, 24 tons, schooner, Mr Hewitt, is ready for sea. Daisy, yawl, has had her decks caulked, and was repainted, and will complete her outfit next week. Dormouse, s.y., Col. Dugmore, has had a new deck-house, and sundry other alterations on deck and below, and left the yard. St Bernard, schooner, Mr Macdonald, is awaiting orders to re-fit, after having undergone some extensive repairs. Ninette, s.y., Mr Rodewald, is hauled up, had her copper stripped off, and is being caulked and re-coppered previous to fitting out for the season. Coralie, cutter, Mr Tasker, and Amiasona, cutter, Major Bogle, are also fitting out; and Susan, cutter, Major Finch, and Daisie, cutter, Mr Croxhall, have left the yard. Mariposa has also left. Lady Ruth, cutter, Mr Trollope, went to Southampton to be measured, and sailed for Erith; and Charm, Mr Howard, returned to the yard after a short cruise. Other yachts fitting out are Azalea, yawl, Mr Wise; Cypreoe, sloop, Mr McAndrew; and St Joseph, s.y. This yacht has just been let to Mr Curtis, who has taken the Vicarage, Hamble, for the season. The firm have finished the ½-rater they had in hand for some time, and she will be known as Vie; the new house-boat for Mr Brown is also nearing completion.

Castle Yacht Club: This club had fine weather, with a hard south-westerly breeze, for their matches in the Solent classes on Monday. There was a large attendance of the members of the club and friends at the club-house to witness them. Luna proved that she is a good hard-weather boat, and she fairly beat all in her class, while Inyoni again showed signs of tenderness, as did Asphodel, in which her owner sailed. The 20-raters were much better represented than the other classes, but the sport was poor. Match for yachts over 18 and not over 20-rating. The entries were: – Deirdré, 20, Earl of Lonsdale; Asphodel, 20, Prince Henry of Battenberg; Luna, 20, Nr. L. B. Jameson; Dragon, 20, Earl of Dunraven; Inyoni, 20, Earl of Dudley; Thelma, 20, Mr A. B. Walker. These six started with housed topmasts and reefed mainsails. They had a run to the first mark, which they rounded in close order, Inyoni leading, with Luna next, then Asphodel, Thelma, Deirdré and Dragon. Leaving the mark it was a beat to windward, and in the second tack Thelma had to give up, owing to carrying away her bobstay plate. After Cowes harbour had been past it was a reach, and then Luna went with the lead, and Asphodel was left last. In the run from the western mark, Asphodel headed Deirdré in the broad reach, but before they had hauled round the Calshot Spit lightship Prince Henry’s boat was again last. In the second round the wind was somewhat lessened, and all sported gaff topsails save Asphodel and Inyoni, which sailed without them. Dragon gave up in the beat to Lepe, and went into Cowes Roads. The others completed the race as follows:- Luna, winner, 3h 24m 4s; Inyoni, second prize, 3h 29m 18s; Deirdré, 3h 31m 5s; Asphodel, 3h 32m 18s. In the 5-rating race the starters were:- Pente, Lieut.-Col. Bucknill; Fleur-de-Lis, Mr S. H. Montgomery; Red Lancer, Captain John Orr-Ewing. The times at the finish were:- Fleur-de-Lis, winner, 3h 19m 5s; Pente, second prize, 3h 25m 38s. Meneen, Mr A. Hardie Jackson; Mystery, Hon. H. L. Mulholland, M.P.; and Kismet, Miss Cox, were the starters in the 2½-rating class, and they finished as follows, Mystery and Kismet making a close race towards the end of the match:- Meneen (winner), 3h 12m 44s; Kismet (second prize), 3h 14m 59s; Mystery, 3h 15m 2s. Meneen was steered by Captain St John Hughes (South Wales Borderers), who has only just returned from Egypt. Fay, Mr T. M. Lord, sailed over in the 1-rating class. There were only two starters in the ½-rating class, viz Coquette, Lieutenants Vandeleur and Churchill; and Spruce, Mr J. A. Brand. The latter gave up, and Coquette finished alone. Among the company at the clubhouse were Count Metternich, Hon. Constance Waldegrave, Countess of Scarborough, Marchioness of Zetland, Lady Maud Dundas, Major the Hon. C. Colville, Colonel Dugmore, Captain G. Spencer Smith, Captain Haynes, R.E., Major Parry, Captain Cecil Drummond, Hon. W. Ruthven, Captain J. Orr-Ewing, Miss Hughes, Mr and Mrs Lord, &c.