Dorset Terrace, Leeds

Dorset Terrace, Leeds, 1934

c1905: Postcard to L. Mason, Esq., 71 Stretton Road, ‘The Fosse’, Leicester: ’20 Dorset Terr. Harehills Lane, Leeds   Dear L. We were very pleased to have a visit from a friend of yours  –  Miss Worrall  –  last night. Thanks very much for asking her to call. It was very kind of you. I haven’t quite forgiven you yet for not coming to see us married. We have decided to keep your Albun until you come for it. Then ‘Buster’ will earn his name. Kindest regards to Miss W. & …….  I am feeding Buster on Quaker Oats to get his muscles up   In haste   Mr & Mrs W H Brown’