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20 May 1839: List of Passengers by the Honble Companys Steam Packet Atalanta from Bombay: English: Revd M Davies

12 January 1854: A Correct List of the Poll, at the Election of a Knight of the Shire, for the Eastern Division of the County of Gloucester. Cheltenham Polling District: Parish of Cheltenham: Abode: 1 Tivoli Villas, Cheltenham: Henry Davies.

27 October 1866: The Register of Electors to Vote in the Choice of a Member or Members to Serve in Parliament, for the City of Gloucester, for 1866-7. Occupiers of houses in the hamlet of Littleworth: Joseph Davies for a house near the Tram Road. Occupiers of property in the parish of St Michael: Thomas Best Davies, for a house (jointly) in Northgate Street; Thomas Reynolds Davies of Clarence Street, for a house (jointly) in Northgate Street.

7 April 1879: Deserter from Her Majesty’s Service: A reward of from 5s to 20s is offered for the apprehension of Sidney Davies, [Reg. No:] 371, 37th Brig. Dep; [born:] Monmouth; [trade] carpenter; [age] 26¾; [size:] 5[ft] 6¼[in]; [hair:] black; [eyes:] dark brown; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] regimental; [date of desertion:] 14 March 1879 [at] Horfield; [marks & remarks:] female right arm;

Deserter from the Flint Militia —  absent from training: William Davies, [Reg. No:] 2594, Flint Militia; [born:] Hawarden; [trade] collier; [age] 25; [size:] 5[ft] 8[in]; [hair:] dark; [eyes:] hazel; [face:] dark; [coat & trousers:] —; [date of desertion:] 24 March 1879 [at] Mold; [marks & remarks: blank]

25 March 1880: County court judgment against David Davies, Colwyn, Denbigh, butcher

25 March 1880: Bill of sale by Elizabeth Ann Jones and Elizabeth Jones, 1 Wellington Road, New Brighton, eating house keepers, in favour of Ellis Davies; and a bill of sale by Joseph Davies, 61 Ingram Street, Wigan, clerk, in favour of Manchester. &c., Loan Office; and a bill of sale by Thomas Davies, 208 North Hill Street, Toxteth Park, Liverpool, chemist &c., in favour of Midland Credit &c. Co.; and a bill of sale by Elizabeth Davies, 26 Market Street, Shrewsbury, seamstress, &c., in favour of George Payne; and a bill of sale by William Davies, Greenfield, Bishop’s Castle (about to remove to Hen House, Brainstone), farmer, in favour of Edward James; and a bill of sale by Henry Coles, George Street, West Smethwick, baker and confectioner, (about to remove to Franchise Street, Perry Barr, Aston), in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by William McCutcheon, 4 Baker Street, Handsworth, enameller, in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by David Davies, 10 Ink Line Row, Taibach, Glamorgan, sailor, in favour of Louis Cohen; and a bill of sale by Thomas Thomas, Rallt, Llanfynydd, Carmarthen, farmer, in favour of Henry M. Davies; and a bill of sale by David Williams, 32 Clifton Terrace, Bridgend, Glamorgan, aërated water manufacturer, in favour of Edwin E. Davies; and a bill of sale by John Byworth, 35½ Constitution Hill, Birmingham, engineer, pattern maker &c., in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by William Heap, back of 91 Victoria Road, Aston, fireman, in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by David Thomas Jones, 28 King Edward Place, Broad Street, Birmingham, foreman, in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by James Morris, 11 Frank Street, Belgrave Street, Birmingham, bricklayer and shopkeeper (about to remove to Lilly Place, Conybere Street, Birmingham), in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by John Whybourne, 46 Stour Street, Birmingham, paperhanger and shopkeeper, in favour of David Davies; and a bill of sale by Joseph and William Davies, Woodsend, Aldbourne, brickmakers, in favour of Aaron J. Jacobs and another

15 June 1894: Hoylake Sailing Club. The first race of the season for the C class (decked yachts) came off on Saturday last. The starters were:- Irene, Mr C. H. Lancaster, scratch: Bedouin, Mr Fred Evans, 1 minute; Doris, Mr J. R. G. Langdow, 3 minutes; Kittiwake, Mr C. and J. Ridchalgh [sic]; Daphne, Mr J. Nelson Davies, 6½ minutes; Imp, Mr J. Halton Hall, 8 minutes; Gaiety Girl, Mr Fenner, 8 minutes. The two latter ships are the new Southport ¾-raters, designed by Mr W. Scott Hayward. The course was the outside one of about 11 miles. They were started at 2.30 with a nice light breeze about N.W., and Irene, determined to lose no time in wiping off her penalties, was first across the line, with Imp second and Doris last, a somewhat straggling start. It was a broad reach at R 3 Red buoy, and a close hand to Spencer Spit, then a run to L 1. Irene walked away all the time, and Doris, for the first time in her life, found herself beating Bedouin, while the yawl Daphne was hanging on to Kittiwake well. The two little raters were hopelessly out of it, but of the two Imp was doing best. There was no change in positions, Irene winning first prize and Doris second.

3 July 1907: Postcard to Mrs Maggie Davies, Gogerddan Arms, Tanygroes: ‘Dear Maggie & all   We are delighted to think you are coming down to see us   mind let us know what train so as to meet you   hope Tress[?] is coming   Love to you all from Geo[?]’

September 1909: Subscriptions for the Sunday School Treat: Collected by Miss Clifford – Mr Harding 3d, Mr Bishop 2d, Mr Sparrow 6d, Mr Brint 1/-, Mr Cole 1/-, Mrs Martin 6d, Miss Moreton 1/-, M. Ascough 1/-, Katie Davies 6d, Mr Barker 1/-, N. W. 6d, G. V. Preen 6d. Total 7/11.

January 1915: Miss Elisabeth Davies, contralto, 240 Castellain Mansions, Maida Vale (Tel: 3797 Hampstead)

April 1920: Annie Davies confirmed.

October 1922: Morpeth: On Wednesday 4 October, in the Memorial Hall, at 7.30 p.m., Miss Phyllis Dent, of the Sunday School Institute, London, will give an address on ‘The Church’s Work for her Children’. … John J. Davies

Examination Successes, 1923: Former Pupils: University of Manchester: Degree of M.Sc. – Florence V. Stephen; Degree of B.Sc. – Mona K. Davies; Second M.B. and Ch.B. Examination – Mary E. P. Mackay; Honours School of Botany – Selected Subject Chemistry – Elda Auld; Hon. School of History, Part I – Kathleen M. Hill, Hilda E. Wilson; Inter. B.Sc. – Ada Struthers, Bessie Chatterton; Inter B.A. – Marcelle W. Sugden;

November 1923: News of Old Girls: Winifred Davies (1919) writes to say that she has had great pleasure in receiving the Challenge Vase officially on behalf of the Withington Band of Hope [details]; Mona Davies (1920) has taken her B.Sc., and is now studying for the Teachers’ Diploma

Old Girls’ Society. Committee. President – Miss Field. Ordinary Members – [*Elected 1923] Miss Burns, Miss Gorsuch, Edith Church, Gertrude Clayton, *Kathleen Percival, *Zillah Taylor, Doris Brown, Marcelle Sugden, *Marian Raw, *Norah Thomas. Secretary and Treasurer – Miss Grace Blaikie, 16 Blair Road, Alexandra Park. Sub-Secretaries – [*New Sub-Secretaries] 1909. Sybil Walshaw, 157 Withington Road, Whalley Range; 1910. Olive Pearson, 29 Queen’s Road, West Didsbury; 1911. Miss Gladwell (née Alice Appleton), Isca, Wilmslow; 1912. Elsie Watts, Abbotsford, St Werburgh’s Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1913. Edith Church, 3 Filey Avenue, Whalley Range; 1914. Marjorie Ashley, 53 Nicholas Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1915. Winifred Davies, 32 Mauldeth Road, Withington; 1916. Mrs Sephton (née Florence Hallam), Deane, Chester Road, Poynton; *1917. Mamie Wald, 32 Warwick Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; *1918. Kathleen Percival, Edgecumbe Mount, Edge Lane, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1919. Francis Bowden, 16 Burford Road, Whalley Range; 1920. Doris Brown, 9 Talbot Road, Old Trafford; 1921. Winifred Jones, Eastleigh, Ryebank Road, Chorlton-cum-Hardy; 1922. Marcelle Sugden, 71 Sloane Street, Brooks’s Bar; *1923. Zillah Taylor, 113 Wilmslow Road, Withington.

August 1928: Holy Cross Mission Church: I must express the gratitude of Holy Cross for the answer to the appeal last month for someone to pay for the cost of keeping the Sanctuary Lamp permanently lighted. Mrs Conning and Mrs Bell (daughters of Mrs Davies in whose memory the lamp is dedicated) have consented to be responsible. But while they are responsible, I feel that many others might like to help. So in future any money placed in the box devoted to ‘Special Objects’ will be used for the perpetual Light.

1 April 1931: ‘About 800 dancers attended a complimentary ‘benefit night’ to Mr S. J. Fallon, the popular manager, at the Nottingham Palais de Danse last night.” “Tommy Lowe, the Nottingham eccentric dancer, and Victor Leopold, another local vocalist and dancer, also contributed, and Mr. Fallon and his partner, Miss Cissie Smith, gave an exhibition of the latest ballroom dances. At midnight Mr Fallon played an amusing ‘April fool’ joke on the company when Mr Harold Davies took the floor with a life-size ‘property doll’ – the work of the carpenter – and proceeded to give a laughable dance exhibition.’;

At Trent College, in A. P. Herbert’s The Gentlemen of Soho. ‘Effective characterisation was also brought to their parts by J. R. Swann (Duchess of Canterbury), J. N. Bowker (Hubert), Mr G. T. W. Crawhall (Lord Wilbers), J. B. Alexander (Topsy), M. C. Clear (Sneak), and R. Davies (a waiter).’

At Trent College, ‘Dolon, a Trojan, who volunteered to act as a spy, was played in a realistic manner by R. Davies‘, in the Rhesus of Euripides.

Urban council elections: Huthwaite: candidates: J. Davies, F. C. Sowter, A. Wilson, T. Goodall, J. Peters, D. D. Bonser, N. Betts, J. Iball, W. E. Hancock, W. Clarke, E. H. Lowe, H. A. Simpson, J. Potter, J. G. Wright, S. Allcock, A. Farnsworth, C. H. Coupe, W. B. Fidler, V. Henton, J. E. Towers, J. Slack, A. O. Tomlinson, A. Dicken, S. Speed, W. Parkin, F. Wilson, F. H. Leah, J. W. Gent, G. W. Dobb.

July 1933: Clapham Central School: Magazine Editors: Mr D. R. Davies, B.A., and Mr T. A. Beer, B.Sc.

January 1936: Parochial Organizations: Duplex Fund – Treasurer: Mr W. Mitchell, 3 Studley Road (to whom all forms should be sent). Secretary: Mr S. Davies, 9 West Hill Road

January 1936: Football: Southwick House: ‘Unfortunately only one or two good players (Davies is outstanding) arrived this year, but we hope that others will improve.’

17 May 1945: Next Week’s Calls. Moss Empires: Manchester, Palace. (R. 11) – Tom Arnold’s “We’ll Be Seeing You.” Hutch, Nat. Jackley, Ted Ray, Marianne Lincoln, Spence and Davies, Alan Kay and Partner, Eight Betty Hobbs Girls. (5.15 and 7.30). Howard and Wyndham, Ltd. Newcastle, Theatre Royal – Jack Hylton, Ltd’s “The Lilac Domino”, Marjorie Sandford, Anna Claire, David Dale, Leo Franklyn, Morgan Davies, etc. (Evgs. 7. Mats. Wed. and Sat., 2.)

15 April 1953: County court judgments against George Frederick Davies, 122 Oxton Road, Birkenhead, copper-smith; and against J. A. Davies, 60 King Street West, Stockport; and against Mrs Davies, Nethaway Cottage, Kingswear; and against Mr Stephen Davies, collector, and Mrs Sarah Davies, machinist, 455 Mill Street, Bradford, Manchester; and against Clement Davies, Glenwood, Llantarnam Road, Llantarnam, painter & decorator; and against Mr D. M. Davies, 16 Woolmer Road, Nottingham, dealer; and against Miss Davies, Cheerio Cafe, Peas Pottage, Sussex; and against Mr J. A. Davies, Hollywood, Llandyrnog, Denbigh, builder; and against Billy Davies, Bryn Bella Estate, Tremerchion, Flintshire; and against Mrs Barbara Davies and William D. Davies, 40 Gwendoline Street, Aberavon, labourer; and against John Wynne Davies, Brooklands, 4 Gore Terrace, Swansea, builder; and against William John Davies, 8 Cornwall Street, Aberavon; and against Mr J. Davies, Elm Villa, Gladestry, Radnorshire

15 April 1953: Bill of sale by Elizabeth Davies, widow, Hollwood, Bowling Green Close, S.W.15; in favour of John Roberts and another

January 1957: Members of the Amateur Fencing Association: H. W. R. Davies; Wilfred H. Davies

4 October 1963: Afan Davies, bass, Covent Garden Opera Chorus; Meredith Davies, conductor

7 December 1964. Notice of marriage between Christopher Michael Brain, 25, brewer, 32 Robinswood Crescent, Penarth, and Dianne Mary Davies, 22 [born 23 January 1942], spinster, nursing sister, “Pine Tops”, Rookswood Avenue, Llandaff, Cardiff: intended to be solemnized at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, West Terrace, Penarth.

8 December 1964. Notice of marriage between David George Anderson, 26, bachelor, communicator (Royal Navy), 168 Greenfield Gardens, Cowplain, Hants, and Lynn Carol Davies, 20 [born 15 May 1944], spinster, 7 Llewellyn Street, Gilfach, Bargoed: intended to be solemnized at East Glamorgan Register Office.

8 December 1964: Notice of marriage between Bernard Rowlands, 28, bachelor, painter and decorator, 1 Archer Terrace, Penarth, and Beryl Davies, 24, spinster, shorthand typist, 4 Archer Terrace, Penarth: intended to be solemnized at St Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, West Terrace, Penarth.

24 December 1964: Notice of marriage between David Keith Davies, 21, bachelor, 19309309 S.A.C. Royal Airforce, 1 Railway Terrace, Caerphilly, and Gillian Pearl Watkinson, 20, spinster, cook N.A.A.F.I., 49 Hill Street, Wisbech: intended to be solemnized at East Glamorgan Register Office.

28 December 1964: Notice of marriage between John Hewitt Carter, 26, bachelor, machine operator (motor car factory), 74 School Street, Llanbradach, and Beryl Davies, 21, spinster, supervisor (multiple stores), 42 Caerbragdy, Caerphilly: intended to be solemnized at Ebenezer English Baptist Church, De Winton Terrace, Llanbradach, Llanfabon.

2 January 1965: Notice of marriage between Raymond Loxton, 21, bachelor, bricklayer’s labourer, 44 Henry Street, Bargoed, and Annette Davies, 19, spinster, solderer (television parts), 29 Coedymoeth Road, Aberbargoed: intended to be solemnized at East Glamorgan Register Office.

2 January 1965: Notice of marriage between Anthony Davies, 22, bachelor, fitter and turner, 6 Holmes Street, Cadoxton, Barry, and Josephine Margaret Mills, 24 (25 on 25 March 1965), assistant at a dry cleaners, 36 Archer Crescent, Ely, Cardiff: intended to be solemnized at St Francis Roman Catholic Church, Cowbridge Road West, Ely, Cardiff.

1970: Postcard to master David Davies, 23 Fairway Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea: ‘Tuesday   Dear David, This is a picture from my calendar. I’ll send another one next month. Hope you are being a good lad at home. We miss you, but it won’t be long before we see you again. Much love, Aunt Lin xxxx. This is the castle where the Prince  of Wales was invested. Tell Mum my telephone number is 561221 Exten. 99’

30 April 1970: Postcard to master David Davies, 23 Fairway Gardens, Leigh-on-Sea: ’30th. April 1970,   Here is another picture from my calendar. Did you see the re-play of the Cup Final?  My team did not win. I wanted Jackie Charlton to win. Uncle E and I are going to stay with Derrin this weekend. We send our love to you. Did you go to the Cubs and Scouts Service last weekend? Write us a letter, sometime, do. Much Love, Aunt Lin xx’

20 February 1976: David Davies, footballer, Crewe Alexandra. “David Davies is another who followed Harry Gregg to Gresty Road from Swansea, and he has made such progress this season that his name has been linked with several clubs.”

18 December 1976: Dai/David Davies/Wyn Davies, footballer, Crewe Alexandra

7 May 1977: Wyn Davies, footballer, Crewe Alexandra

25 April 1979: List of footballers having played for Crewe Alexandra F.C. in the 1978-1979 season, includes Dai Davies

16 March 1982: Dr J. M. Davies, honorary medical officer, Crewe Alexandra Football Club

29 September 1990: Programme for a performance of Terence Rattigan’s Flare Path, at King’s Head Theatre Club, 115 Upper Street, Islington:

25 March 2009: Stewards signed up for Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, season 2009: Beverley Davies, Owen Davies, Suzanne Davies

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